Starting from scratch with a team....

  • Hello all!! So excited about finding this little Gem.
    So....Riddle me this Batvestors....
    I want to get a group together and create a RE 'team'. I want us all to contribute funds in order to get a better investment. But, I want us to LEARN in the process. So here are my questions:

    1. What is a good amount of money to start with to get our feet wet. Open to the why's of the amount too. For instance, $25k if we want to wholesale, $50k to acquire a fix and flip and then find an investor to put it the money to flip etc.

    2. Where can I find a mentor. Not just a here's the information do what it says and it will work mentor. But a hands on one. Is WITH us every step of the way. Whether they charge a fee, or want a portion of the profit, I want to make sure that we are not just a bunch of people feeling around in the dark.

    3. Should we wait for the market to flip back around and just get prepared right now? I think investors will be in upswing again in a few months.

    Thanks for the help ya'll!!!

  • TaQuia I've been thinking about this as well and just trying to learn about partnering with another dealer, but a group could be much more powerful. There are already coaching plans available but you could also just reach out directly to any seasoned land dealer and ask about mentorship.

  • TaQuia are you talking about Land, Residentials, Commercials? From your bullet points, it looks more like a residential/commercial-focused thing...

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