Newb question: How many postcards to send out the first time?

  • Hey all;

    I've finally taken the plunge and have embarked on this land flipping thing!  I'm super excited to get up and running. I’m just doing some final QA on my website and a few other things.  Question for you veterans out there: 

    How many postcards should I send out on my first time?

    I've pulled a list from Datatree using Seth's vid on how to pull data. I was aiming to send out in the neighborhood of about 400 for the first time.  A friend of mine with slightly more experience (like, 3 months more) said I should be sending out closer to 1200.  My sense is, my list is more targeted and smaller is better.  My aim is about a 5% response rate, which should give me a property of some type to purchase, first off.


  • 1000 would be better.  And it would be much better to send offer letters in my opinion.

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