What characteristics do great realtors have in common?

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    Surely we’ve all encountered a few licensed agents who didn’t bring much value to the table (I know I have), but some of them can really play a pivotal role in making deals happen.

    I’ve worked with a few who have done amazing work and provided solutions that I couldn’t have found on my own.

    What do you think makes a good realtor/agent? Do you think there’s a way to reverse engineer this profile to find the good ones in any given market? Jaren Barnes did a blog post on this for land specialized agents a while back... but I’m talking ANY kind of real estate broker here.

    Obviously, any self-respecting realtor will say great things about themselves, but is there a more objective way to figure out which ones are actually the best and get them to work for you?

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    Seth Williams I think the biggest thing for me is communication, promptness and a sharp mind. 

    Most agents just get a listing and mindlessly list the property. They don't go through the effort of thinking how to frame the property from a marketing perspective. 

    A good agent should get back to you within a few hours top, be very strong in their communication skills and have the sharpness to think like a marketer. 

    Hard to find, I know but that's the truth. 

  • Seth Williams I agree with Jaren Barnes and specifically in regards to communication and promptness, which ultimately go hand-in-hand for me.  Another couple qualities would be well-networked and a true willingness to help.  As an example, I just met a realtor this past month who sold my property the same day she put up just a "Coming Soon" sign.  The reason she sold it so quickly was b/c she already had a network of retail buyers and builders in the area that were already interested.  Leading up to the sale, she took the initiative to light a fire under the surveyors that wouldn't respond to me but did respond to her b/c of her relationship with them, as well as scheduled and met with a land clearing company that she was in network with.  AND she only charged 6% commission, but I ended up giving her 8% just for her extra help.  Better believe I will be looking to market more in her area of coverage just to work with her on more deals.

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    Tae Cho that’s a great real-world example! Sounds like you’ve got a rockstar agent on your side.

  • I agree with Jaren Barens. The characteristics that are common in every realtor is their communiaction skill, problem solving mindset and their ability to take risk.

    A good realtor should be honest and he has the ability of making network of connection. He should understand their local market completely.

    That's all I think.Thanks

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