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    Hi everyone, this is my first topic in this forum. I'm not a real estate expert myself, but I would like your opinion on this really interesting (if somewhat uncanny) property I found while browsing Redfin, which some corners of the internet call "the Endless House" or the "real" House of Leaves. I found it by way of YouTube, where a guy livestreamed himself doing Redfin's 3D walkthrough of said property.

    Here's the property on Redfin: https://www.redfin.com/KY/Louisville/8800-Blue-Lick-Rd-40219/home/84240362

    (Redfin apparently disabled the 3D walkthrough—probably because a lot of people were touring the house virtually—but you can find it here.)

    I did some digging and found it had, uh, history. Like this one and this one. It looked to be a hoarder's hovel, or else a warehouse full of shoplifted stuff, but the layout is simply weird. I actually tried the tour myself and got lost and promptly panicked, because it's like it was designed by an AI that doesn't understand how actual humans lay interiors out.

    As real estate experts, what's your take on this? If someone tries to sell you this kind of property, how would you react? Conversely, if you were to sell it, how would you go about it? Is there any way to make it sort of palatable for buyers given its history and strangeness? In any case, what's your personal and professional take on this property? I just found this really interesting and was wondering if you have insight on these kinds of properties.

    As for the title, this house reminds me of that horror novel called House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, where the house in question is bigger inside than it is outside, with all sorts of creepy shenanigans.

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    Something about that place feels really unsettling. Maybe because of how big and messy it is, and that I could actually get lost wandering through there.

    I have to imagine, though, if you cleared out all of the junk... it would feel a lot less creepy and you could probably see a lot more potential in it. If I inherited this thing as-is and was tasked with selling it, the first thing I'd do is hire a crew to empty out everything until each room was bare and clean. Those huge rooms could be pretty useful if they weren't so cluttered up and hard to navigate through.

    The exterior, while it doesn't seem to be in terrible shape, seems to lack character. I'm not sure how to fix that without spending a small fortune to redo the façade. I would imagine whoever buys this thing would probably use it for some kind of business (so hopefully it's actually zoned appropriately).

  • That is a perfect horror movie house. It’s not so obviously evil that everyone can tell at first sight, but take a walk through and you’ll start to see it’s more sinister nature.

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