Need Help for vacant Land Questionnaire from Costilla County's assessor.

  • Seth Williams 


    It may be a small thing but I think I need some help. 

    We bought vacant land from an auction website a few weeks ago. Now, we received a vacant land questionnaire from the assessor of the county.

    Following are some questions, I m juggling with scarce information I have from invoice and warranty weed and county website

    Q1. What is the intended use of the property?

    My thoughts: We have bought it for investment purposes. Not sure of the pros/cons of stating that. Or what is the appropriate way of answering it?

    Q2. How would u describe land at the time of sale? and if any development, what was the total land development cost? 

    My Thoughts: We haven't seen it. The website at the time of sales stated those are not real images. And again nothing mentioned in the warranty deed or invoice? So, I m lost here as well.

    Q3. do u consider sales price to be market price, If yes/No then why?

    My thoughts: I would want the market price to be higher than the sales price. But is that where I should research the area nearby land and give them logics like school, or some mall.. etc...

    Really would appreciate your help, as this is my first time doing this kind. Need to send it back ASAP...too.

    Thank you to all of you who are reading this and intend to share your wisdom with me.



  • I usually don't fill these out.

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