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I’m Seth Williams, the Founder and Creator of REtipster.com.

If you're looking for the fastest, no-nonsense way to start and grow your real estate investing business, this page is for you.

I don't like wasting time, nor do I like working harder than I have to – and the primary focus of this blog is to help you avoid both of these things by spending your time and energy on the strategies that work.

What is this website all about?

Throughout this website, I'll show you how I've built my real estate businesses through some powerful investing techniques that most of the world is completely oblivious to (and with any luck, you'll learn how to do the exact same thing).

Stick with me and I'll explain how some of these largely overlooked strategies can be used to tap into some INSANELY profitable opportunities that most people can only dream about.

Through some fairly straightforward steps, I'll show you how to build passive income that will last a lifetime (and beyond) and how you can do all of this on a part-time basis, without risking your life savings. We'll dive deep into the details on the investing techniques that have worked for me – and with a little bit of action, you can put these same things to work in your life today.

How does your business model work?

My business isn't about any single investing strategy (though a few of them are particularly important). Rather, the goal of my business is income diversification.

In the beginning, it's great to have one or two “engines of commerce” that generate the lion's share of your income, but your long-term financial fate shouldn't be determined by the success (or failure) of any single business enterprise.

This is why diversification is so important. My goal is to have dozens, even hundreds of streams of income (and ideally, most of them will work even when I don't). If you want to live a life that's truly free, you should build this kind of business too.

How My Business Model Works

As you can see, this is a model that generates several sources of income that function independently from each other. Make no mistake – it takes some serious time and effort to create this kind of system, but once it's established, you can earn an amazing income that stays strong in good times and in bad (because it doesn't live and die by the fate of any ONE business endeavor).

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Popular Posts

There is a pretty extensive library of articles throughout this blog. While you’re welcome to browse through all of them at your leisure, I wanted to draw your attention to some specific articles that have been particularly popular since this blog first went online in 2012:

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Quick Start Guide

Want to follow my exact business model? If you're looking for a full-blown course that covers every essential aspect of how my business works, you'll want to check out the REtipster Club – a separate membership website with a 12-module course (and much more) that discusses all of this in great detail.

If you'd rather stick to the blog for now, here’s an abridged “quick start” guide that will get you started…

If I were starting my business today, I would start with these 3 things, which I consider to be the “basic infrastructure”.

To start finding motivated sellers (which is the first real step), I would start by getting a delinquent tax list, sorting it, and starting my first direct mail campaign, using these postcard templates.

When the calls start coming in and prospects start visiting my website, I’d start making offers using these kinds of numbers. Before buying anything, I’d be sure to watch out for these issues and verify that I valued the property correctly.

After closing my first deal, I would then list it for sale following these principles and promote the property to my buyers list. I would probably consider offering seller financing and some creative pricing strategies to help appeal to more buyers. If the property didn’t sell within the first month or so, I would keep these things in mind.

The links above cover some of the basics of how my land investing business works. Get familiar with these concepts and you’ll be equipped to go pretty far.

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In the end, this blog isn't about me. It's about you. YOU are the reason I've poured thousands of hours into this website, and a great way for us to stay connected is through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and G+.

Seriously – I love to interact with the people who read this blog, so if you haven't already, be sure to reach out to me on social media!

Lastly – Please Know This

There is nothing particularly special about me or my story. I'm just a guy who has tried and failed at many things – and finally started working smarter rather than harder. My goal is to share as much of this knowledge with you as possible. Hopefully I can do my part to make the internet a better place for real estate investors.

Thank you so much for your support – I look forward to connecting with you soon!