I Should Have Done This A Long Time Ago (Better Late Than Never)!

By January 2, 2017Just For Fun

When I first started this blog, I had no idea what the world wanted to read, watch or hear about… so I just started writing about the areas of real estate where I had the most experience.

Luckily, the blog started to pick up steam and over time, readers found value in it!

At the same time, I've always had this nagging suspicion that I'm completely missing the mark when it comes to creating and delivering the most relevant content that matters to you.

I can make guesses and assumptions all day long about what I think you want to see (and this is precisely what I did in the beginning), and many of the topics I write about do come directly from the emails and questions I get from readers… but after all this time, I've never taken a formal survey of my audience, so YOU can give me more specifics on things like:

  • What you care about.
  • What you want to see more of.
  • What you're struggling with.
  • What you like about this blog.
  • What you don't like about this blog.

So today – I'm going to change that…

If you have 3 minutes, I'd like to invite you to click here and complete this short survey. Your answers will be collected anonymously, unless you indicate otherwise at the end of the survey.

The survey won't take long (I promise), and it will be a HUGE help as I try to pack the most value into this site in the months and years to come. You can take it right here!

Thanks in advance for your responses and honesty! This survey will be open for just a few weeks, and I'm really looking forward to hearing more from you and analyzing the results. With any luck, we can help take this site to the next level!

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  • Patrick J says:

    Question on taxes… I’m struggling with the idea of starting a RE investment business versus just buying and selling properties in my own name. the main struggle is for tax purposes. i live in massachsetts (taxachsetts) and quite frankly, I think Im better off just buying and selling in my own name so i don’t have to write a check to the GOV as long as I’m under the capital gains threshold. However, i think there will be less valuable properties in my future that could be bought and sold through my potential business entity. Eg. several small land deals etc… i do plan on running my business through an ira & a self directed ira with checkbook access as well… can you help me with the pros and cons of each by comparison? perhaps I’m just better off operating through all 3 ways… thoughts?

  • bill says:

    Using land trusts as a platform for creative real estate investing… I’ve used this in the past with success (opens up every form of creative finance possible). However, the Land Trust is treated like some sort of “scam” by many title companies who regard it as too creative for them to insure title- unless and until the settlor is put back on title. While they agree there is nothing illegal…they simply have made a policy decision to not insure the title! Do you know of any title companies who will insure title to a property held in the name of a corporate Trustee which is being sold to a unaffiliated 3rd party?

  • Carl White says:

    I am signed up and have not received the Ivester Hacks

  • J. Gordon says:

    Survey Complete!

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