twitter for real estateWe sourced the web for some of the hottest real estate individuals and organizations who regularly blog and tweet about their experience with selling, buying and/or renting properties.

To be honest, there aren't many real estate bloggers or thought leaders on the internet worth mentioning or following, but the ones we found are included below for you to keep an eye on.

We wanted these men, women, and media outlets to meet 3 main selection criteria:

  • They had to be active on Twitter and share practical advice on real estate topics.
  • They had to have the guts to tell the truth and talk from personal experience.
  • They had to make real estate fascinating and educational.

Enjoy the post and be sure to connect with these folks yourself. Learning from each other is one of the best ways to improve your business, your brand, and your future.

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Al WilliamsonAl Williamson / @Twitter

~ Landlord. Author. Speaker. Helping other apt landlords find new income streams, reduce expenses, and grow their equity

Organize a local email directory of property owners and landlords, “inspire” someone to keep your block litter-free, or sponsor an annual block party.

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chad carsonChad Carson / @Twitter

~ Author: Retire Early With Real Estate Investing | Weekly Podcast & YouTube videos | dad, husband, trail builder, traveler

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Ali BooneAli Boone / @Twitter

~ Engineer turned Real Estate Investor. Founder of Hipster Investments.

Whether you are the one finding tenants for your properties or you have a property manager finding tenants, I really encourage every rental property owner to at least be up on why a good tenant is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

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Andrew FortuneAndrew Fortune / @Twitter

~ REALTOR® and owner of Great Colorado Homes, Inc. Enjoy working with people, creating unique content, and learning about new website design ideas.

Every house has a story to tell and buyers love to see and hear this story in an online property listing.

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Anita ClarkAnita Clark / @Twitter

~ Residential real estate agent, helping both buyers and sellers with their middle GA real estate needs. My blog

Sometimes you can get a rent reduction or a buy-back from the owner when you vacate the property.

Armando MontelongoArmando Montelongo / @Twitter

~ Sharing success is what I do best. My company and I teach people how to flip homes and begin a fortune in real estate investing.

When working in high-income neighborhoods, there is definitely the possibility for a larger return, assuming you are able to sell the home quick enough so that it doesn’t start eating into your possible profits as you continue paying the monthly mortgage.

Barbara CorcoranBarbara Corcoran / @Twitter

~ NYC Real Estate Queen and Shark Tank Shark

Your business partner will be one of the most important relationships you will ever have in life. Your decision should not be based solely on finding someone who thinks and acts exactly like you do.

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Bill GassettBill Gassett / @Twitter

~ One of the top 5 RE/MAX agents in MA for the last decade. Social media/SEO junkie.

There are a lot of fees that come with a home purchase above and beyond the mortgage. Insurance, repairs, association fees, property taxes – you should have the income and the budget to handle all of these things if they are relevant to your purchase.

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Brandon TurnerBrandon Turner / @Twitter

~ VP of Growth @BiggerPockets | CoHost of the Worlds #1 Real Estate Podcast, Active Real Estate Investor, Avid Reader, Entrepreneur, and Enemy of the Status Quo.

Look for an agent who is willing to spend the time needed to help you get the perfect deal.

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Bret CalltharpBret Calltharp / @Twitter

~ Director of Talent Attraction at @BHGRealEstate | @InmanNews Ambassador/Contributor | Star Wars Aficionado | Runner | Jolly Good Fellow (Which Nobody Can Deny)

Planning is a key component to becoming a more successful agent, but be careful of “paralysis by analysis.”

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Brian PersaudBrian Persaud / @Twitter

~ Author of Investing in #Condos and Real estate agent. Seen on HGTVs #incomeproperty

No matter what closing costs you have to pay for, it’s important to do your due diligence and find out which ones your builder is including in the purchase price of your unit.

Cathy TurneyCathy Turney / @Twitter

~ Award-winning Real Estate Author and Broker. Laugh your way to real estate success at

Do not cheap out when it comes to inspecting the biggest investment of your life. Intuition may work fine for falling in love with a human, but houses…not so much.

Chris AlstonChris Alston / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Agent in Silicon Valley! Dad, technology NERD, NBA watcher, blogger, sci-fi/comic movie junkie, pundit, outdoorsman, warped sense of humor.

The biggest reason why sales go sour, is because buyers often discover something during the escrow period that they did not know about when they made an offer.

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Chris ClothierChris Clothier / @Twitter

~ Investor, Author and Entrepreneur. Find Courage. Take action.

Remember: there are endless variations in the types of real estate investment. If neither single or multifamily investment properties excite you, maybe something else will.

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Christina KronerChristina Kroner / @Twitter

~ RE/MAX Realtor and Multi-Family Investor. I love: design|travel|cars|my MINICoopers|photography|discovering.

When you sell during the winter you have an opportunity to buy during the spring, when many, many more homes are on the market.

Clayton Morris / @Twitter

~ Real estate investor, educator and former co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend on Fox News Channel and a former co-host of The Daily Buzz.

Financial Freedom Fighter. Real Estate Investor. I help people build wealth one rental property at a time.

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Clint CoonsClint Coons / @Twitter

~ Nationally recognized real estate asset protection attorney, speaker & author. I will help you protect your investments and minimize taxes.

If you have an onsite property manager it would be wise to keep a record of his hours and enter into a formal contact with the manager. The contract should specify the manager’s duties, compensation, and expected time commitment.

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CRE OnlineCRE Online / @Twitter

~ Creative Real Estate Online is THE hub to find everything you want to know about real estate investing.

Wholesaling is simply tying up a deal, then reselling it to another investor for a fee or profit. But, as they say, “The devil is in the details.

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Danny JohnsonDanny Johnson / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Investor| House Flipping Blogger| Real Estate Investment Podcaster| Software Developer| Husband and Father #realestateinvestment #houseflipping

Anybody can ask anything for a house, what they end up actually getting for it is what is used to determine the real value.

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Darren Philippy

Daren Phillipy / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Coach & CEO at Keller Williams Vegas, Host of Realtor Roundtable Podcast Founder RE Tech Training Site

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Dave LindahlDave Lindahl / @Twitter

~ David Lindahl Commercial Real Estate, Investing, Hard Money, Private Lending, Managing The Manager, Apartment House Riches, Bestselling author. #1minuteguru

Your first multi-family property will outperform in profits what your single family investments can do.

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David CronninDavid Cronnin / @Twitter

~ Your #1 Central Indiana Real Estate Broker. Follow me for tips, listings & Indianapolis and metro area community news!

Staging your home is one of the easiest and most impactful things you can do to sell your home quickly AND for the right price.

David JDavid J / @Twitter

~ I am a Real Estate Investor based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Always looking for interesting ideas and people to network with!

Rent to own property is an excellent option for those who can not afford to mortgage loans or do not qualify for loans to purchase their own properties.

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David LeonardDavid Leonard / @Twitter

~ Licensed in Wisconsin, Illinois & Minnesota. Offers First Time Home Buyer, FHA, 203k, VA, Refinance, HomeStyle, Jumbo, No Money Down, Reverse & USDA NMLS 248526

Down payment option could easily allow many borrowers to move up in home and open up more homes for sale to first time buyers and middle class earners looking for a slightly better home.

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David OnoDavid Ono / @Twitter

~ Kansas City Real Estate Broker/Agent, property manager, wholesaler, rehabber and landlord. Helping people buy, sell, rent, & invest in homes throughout KC area.

A lot of things can affect a home’s value such as the school district, crime levels, or even other properties located nearby (such as those burnt in a fire or properties that were a bank sale).

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David R.David R. / @Twitter

~ Enthusiastic buyer of real estate in Raleigh NC, avid reader of non-fiction, real estate expert , beagle lover, cash for homes

If you have decided on what type of property you are looking for and where you are buying a vacation rental or investment property then you are going to look at how you are supposed to manage it once it is yours.

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Debbie DrummondDebbie Drummond / @Twitter

~ Loves #Vegas desert: sunshine. swimming pools, shows, good food & wine. Full time Realtor delivering happiness one home at a time!

Working with a local Realtor who specializes in the Luxury Home Market will make it easier to purchase from afar. They’ll make sure you aren’t just buying a “pretty picture” that may now live up to reality.

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Deborah Lamb-NaplesDeborah Lamb-Naples / @Twitter

~ Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year for Excellence in Naples Residential Real Estate Services. 2010-2015 FIVE STAR Real Estate Agent.

The environmental issues that exist in Golden Gate Estates are very complicated. Make sure you find a real estate agent that is very knowledgeable and hands on with these issues.

Dennis FassettDennis Fassett / @Twitter

~ Cash Flow Real Estate Investor, Author, Teacher, Dad. Like scotch, cigars, Red Wing hockey, MacBooks, Malta. Catholic USC grad. Silicon Valley & Lake Tahoe alum

Today’s real estate crowdfunding platforms provide transparency and agility often lacking in the more traditional providers.

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Don R.Don R. / @Twitter

~ Canadian Real Estate Insights from Best Selling Real Estate Author, Investor and Senior Market Analyst. Analyzing & forecasting markets since 1993

The real estate market works in cycles, and the tactics you are going to employ for your investment business are going to be dependent on the phase that the cycle is in.

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Engelo RumoraEngelo Rumora / @Twitter

~Founder . Quit School at 14. Bought “Australia’s Cheapest House”, is a motivational speaker and soon to be author

To date, Engelo has been involved in over 350 Real Estate transactions along with successfully founding and running 3 businesses in Toledo, Ohio.

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Grant CardoneGrant Cardone / @Twitter

~Rated 10 Most Influential CEO's in World NYT BestSelling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Husband, Father, Creator of BizNetwork.

Spend to get, don't spend to have.

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Greg RandGreg Rand / @Twitter

~ CEO of OwnAmerica and Real Estate Investing contributor for Fox News and ABC Radio. I found my purpose in life. Sweet.

Now, institutional landlords looking to prune their massive rental property portfolios present an opportunity for investors to own institutionally built, professionally renovated, tenanted and managed properties.

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Ilyce GlinkIlyce Glink / @Twitter

~ #Money and #realestate expert, bestselling #author, #podcast & #YouTube series host. Yahoo/CBS News contributor. Owner @ThinkGlinkMedia.

Investing is a tricky business, whether you’re buying and selling stocks or property.

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Invest FourInvest Four / @Twitter

~ Realtor, investor, flipper, car lover. Creator of

If wielded properly, the trust can minimize title issues, limit liability exposure, facilitate future transfers, and shield ownership. The key is in understanding its benefits and limits.

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J ScottJ Scott / @Twitter

~ Education for Serious House Flippers

A good wholesaler must be a strong negotiator and marketer, as he is merely turning around and selling the exact same property he just bought, but for a profit.

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Jake and GinoJake and Gino / @Twitter

~ Get your free eBook at

Be willing to negotiate every aspect of real estate, including vendors, bankers, and tenants.

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Jason B.Jason B. / @Twitter

~ Broke Bankrupt Street Cop turned Real Estate Investor that's helping others to succeed in this market!

In my opinion, flipping property is the best way for a brand new person to start investing in real estate bar none. It requires little to no cash, absolutely no credit, and carries the least amount of risk.

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Jim IngersollJim Ingersoll / @Twitter

~ Author, Real Estate Entrepreneur and Coach!

Once you have identified the house just call the seller on the phone or email them. Ask them why they are selling, what their price is, the condition of the house, etc. If it is a house that looks good to you, set up a time and meeting to see it in person.

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Jimmy MoncriefJimmy Moncrief / @Twitter

~ Adventure-seeker, ice cream connoisseur, author, real estate investor, banker #realestate #author

When underwriting and analyzing real estate investments I always like to create two financial models a base case scenario and a stress test scenario. When you create two separate spreadsheets for this and save them, you are able to go back several years later and see how accurate you were with detailing the financial projections.

Joe FairlessJoe Fairless / @Twitter

~ Host of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever show– . #Realestate Investor. #Author. #BestEver fan. Owner of @investfairless

I recommend that you educate yourself with books first and inexpensive seminars, then get to the point you have intellectual knowledge on fundamentals.

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Joe ManausaJoe Manausa / @Twitter

~ Tallahassee Real Estate Agent & Broker, Homes for sale expert in Tallahassee, Florida. Check out our award-winning Tallahassee Real Estate Blog

Any money that you invest in changing your home for the purpose of getting it sold falls under the category “risk capital.”

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Joe SamsonJoe Samson / @Twitter

~ REALTOR® in Calgary, Marketer & Real Estate Blogger

A home inspector is a licensed professional who is responsible for telling the client if there are any potential problems within the home. They provide an independent review, which means they are not biased to help either the buyer or the seller.

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Joe StamponeJoe Stampone / @Twitter

~ Philadelphia sports, real estate, tech, entrepreneurship, in no particular order – jack of all trades for @AtlasREP

Auto investing solves the issue of investors having to analyze individual investment opportunities, review deal structures, and underwrite sponsors, by allowing them to set their investment criteria, then using proprietary underwriting algorithms the platform will automatically allocate them into investments that fit those parameters.

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Joe ThomasJoe Thomas / @Twitter

~ Professional Real Estate Investor, Master Hypnotist, Entrepreneur, Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

The home appraisal is a very standard process these days in any real estate transaction involving a mortgage loan, it should be taken serious, you should know how the appraisal works and what the value is based upon, if you feel your home is undervalued you can speak with the appraiser and make your case or get a second opinion.

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John FedroJohn Fedro / @Twitter

~ John has been investing in real estate since 2002 with a passion for making passive cash-flow w/undervalued homes. See what he's up to live in the trenches.

As a mobile home investor, many of the deals you will close may take days, weeks, or even months to come to fruition since the time you originally met the seller.

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John WakeJohn Wake / @Twitter

~ Geek-in-Chief at Real Estate Decoded. Real Estate Agent at HomeSmart. Former International Ag Trade Economist.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in 1, 2 or 3 months, right now start telling everybody you know that you’re planning to sell your home in 1, 2 or 3 months or whatever your timeline is.

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Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller / @Twitter

~ #Housing analyst, #realestate #appraiser, podcaster/blogger, non-economist, Miller Samuel CEO, family man, maker of snow and lobster fisherman (order varies)

For most of the U.S. housing market, rising home prices, limited inventory and tepid wages are not a great match for rising interest rates. As it turned out, that car sounded great, but it never got out of the garage.

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Joshua DorkinJoshua Dorkin / @Twitter

~ Founder of & host of BiggerPockets Podcast. Living and breathing real estate, politics, tech, startups, entrepreneurship, marketing.

So I quickly realized that there is more to real estate investing than kind of the basics, you know what I mean. You can analyze numbers; you can crunch numbers and pick up a property but then what?

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JustAskBenJustAskBen / @Twitter

~ Father and husband. Real Estate entrepreneur. Motivational speaker and teacher. Educating people to PLAN FOR and TAKE ACTION to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

The nature of estimating value of income property requires the appraiser to underwrite the income and expenses, and then to capitalize a value. Guess where they are getting all of the numbers – from you.

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Keith WeinholdKeith Weinhold / @Twitter

~Host of the Get Rich Education podcast. Rental SFHs, residential four-plexes, larger residential multifamily properties, offshore real estate investing, producing agricultural property, vacant land, real estate education.

Invest primarily for cash flow with professionally-managed properties from single-family homes to larger multifamily buildings.

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Kevin BuppKevin Bupp / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Principal with 14+ Years Experience | Expertise in Multi-Family Acquisitions, Turnaround & Value Creation

Owning the land and not the trailer is the preferred form of ownership, as there is less management involved with the land.

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Ken McElroyKen McElroy / @Twitter

~ Investor, Entrepreneur, Best-selling author of four books, Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor.

Many investors are watching rising real estate values with a sense of urgency to purchase while the deals are still good. However, I would argue that while increasing prices are definitely a motivating factor, rising interest rates are just as, if not more important to watch.

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Kyle HiscockKyle Hiscock / @Twitter

~ Born & Raised in #Rochester NY, Sport Fanatic, Traveling Aficionado, & Licensed #RealEstate Salesperson, REALTOR, e-Pro @HiscockSoldTeam @RochesterREBlog

Since the majority of home buyers are beginning their search online, another benefit to staging a home is that in most cases a staged home will look better in photos when comparing to an empty home.

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Larry GoinsLarry Goins / @Twitter

~ Larry Goins, Real Estate Investor, Speaker Best Selling Author, provides Coaching and Mentoring. Social media interactions are not to be considered endorsements

A good mentor not only teaches you the mechanics of how to invest and help you in the areas you need help most, but they also hold you accountable to what you need to do to become successful.

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Laura Al-AmeryLaura Al-Amery / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Investing Coaching & Mentoring. Real Estate Training, Real Estate Bootcamps, Real Estate Funding, Real Estate Software, Real Estate Clubs, & More.

It is important that you recognize that buying a foreclosed home means also becoming its sole owner. Just the same way you get to enjoy every benefit that comes along with it, so you do become responsible for any of its flaws.

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Laura MonroeLaura Monroe / @Twitter

~ Brand Strategist & Industry Engager. Director of Marketing for @RealSatisfied. Contributor at @InmanNews. Speaker. Social. Blue jeans. Football. Real Estate 🙂

The best course you can take to proactively be in control of your online reviews, is to ask for feedback within 7-10 days after the close of a transaction.

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Leo KingstonLeo Kingston / @Twitter

~ Founder/CEO , Visionary, Leo's passions include health, politics, animals, and the thrill of winning in real estate.

The best way to keep the heat in your home is to insulate. The insulation in your walls and attic keeps the warm and cool air in your home.

Leon YangLeon Yang / @Twitter

~ Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor In Las Vegas.

Every time I come up with an investment thesis (in this case, it has been mostly related to real estate), the market conditions changed so drastically that whatever I had planned for went out the door.

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Lucas HallLucas Hall / @Twitter

~ Landlordologist. Property Investor. Project Management Professional (PMP). Puppy-daddy. Community Manager @CozyCo

If you can leave a month between tenants to make sure they’re out and to give you plenty of time to ready the place for the new tenants, you’ve greatly reduced the problem of not having your rental ready for new tenants on move-in day.

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Lynn PinedaLynn Pineda / @Twitter

~ Coral Springs Realtor delivering Real Estate promises while selling homes in Southeast Florida – it's what I love to do! Keller Williams Realty

A pre-approval is a letter than can set you apart from other home Buyers presenting their offer without a solid pre-approval letter. Your offer will be held in high regards with your offer being perceived to be of greater value due to your ability to show the home Seller that you’re able.

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Marko RubelMarko Rubel / @Twitter

~ Marko Rubel is an industry-recognized, real estate investing expert. The inventor of ProfitGrabber & Short Sale Excelerator, Real Estate Investor software solutions

The price of the property is not the only expense against it. One has to pay taxes, maintenance charges, prorating fees, insurance payments and mortgage payments.

Marty BoardmanMarty Boardman / @Twitter

~ Real estate day trader (unless it's dark outside), immersed in fatherhood & sports while dabbling in photography. I also enjoy fitness, mostly when it's over.

No matter how many books, guides or blog posts you read, no matter how many videos you watch and no matter how many seminars you attend the inconvenient truth is you cannot really learn how to fix and flip a house until you fix and flip a house.

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Mat PicheMat Piche / @Twitter

~ Real estate investing expert, specialized realtor, professional carpenter and author of 3 books. I love business, raw foods and LIVING an amazing life!

The biggest pro for multi family properties are the fact that they generally cash flow MUCH more than a single family property. So if you’re looking to retire soon and quit your job, multi family may be the best avenue for you.

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Matt DanielsMatt Daniels / @Twitter

~ Principal Broker / Owner @ The Mortgage Advisors Mortgage Advice You Can Count On!

You should consult a mortgage advisor before breaking your mortgage. A mortgage will probably be the most intricate contract you will sign and there are a lot of moving parts involved in the process.

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Michael BlankMichael Blank / @Twitter

~ Learn all about apartment building investing with a focus on raising money from others. Download free eBook and check out Articles, Podcasts, Videos.

My passion is being an entrepreneur and helping others become (better) entrepreneurs.

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Michael BorgerMichael Borger / @Twitter

~ Co-Owner/Front Office @mc2inspections #Denver #ColoradoSprings #Colorado #Indianapolis #Indiana #HomeInspection

When a house sold “on the market”, that means it’s usually listed by a real estate agent and sold after several potential buyers have seen the property and at least one has made an offer. Houses sold on the market will often be sold for approximately the same amount that other similar houses in the area have sold for. This is called “market price”.

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Michael OtrantoMichael Otranto / @Twitter

~ #Hawaii & San Diego real estate investor. House flipper @oahuhomebuyers @mercuryhomebuy. Entrepreneur. Science Nut. Critical Thinker. Director of @funthingsapp

If I encountered an agent who suggested covering up or hiding damage I would run the other way. Anyone who lies for you for will lie to you.

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Mindy JensenMindy Jensen / @Twitter

~ Community Manager for Real Estate Investor. Personal Finance Nerd. DIY Girl.

I love almost every aspect of real estate, and am so happy to have found a place where similar people hang out. I don't know anyone in real life who likes real estate like the BP community. Sometimes I can't believe this place exists!

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Mortgage UpdatedMortgage Updated / @Twitter

~ #MortgageUpdated strives to provide the best #RealEstate & #Mortgage information from the blogosphere! Follow us on Facebook

Many banks can offer a discount to their existing customers for a mortgage loan. However, it is quite possible that a local mortgage broker will offer a rate as good, or better, than any of the local banks.

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Nawar NajiNawar Naji / @Twitter

~ Helping clients invest & cash flow in real estate with our turnkey system; Investment Properties Simplified. Family, triathlons & coffee.

Increased demand equates to strong appreciation and higher rental prices. Positioning your investment for future needs is key when building your long term wealth via real estate.

Paula PantPaula Pant / @Twitter

~ Former news reporter who quit her job, traveled to 35+ countries and invests in real estate. Founder of award-winning site Afford Anything.

Here’s the funny thing about rental real estate income: the revenue mostly stays the same. Most other businesses have active day-to-day operations, which makes their revenue numbers fluctuate a lot more. There’s more activity and change.

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Pete BuonocorePete Buonocore / @Twitter

~ #LosAngeles Real Estate & #Architecture Specialist. Golfer. Foodie. Owner and CEO of Core Group LA realty.

Buyers today are aggressive, motivated and quick to act. You must compete with these folks if you are serious about becoming a homeowner in a competitive sellers’ market.

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Phil PustejovskyPhil Pustejovsky / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Mentor, Investor and Author passionate about changing lives through the power of creative real estate investing.

Since houses were intended to be used as a primary residence, the two best ways to typically make money on them are: (1) To build from the ground up and then sell to a owner occupant (this is what builders do), or; (2) Find a gerat deal on an existing house and wholesale or purchase, renovate and resell.

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Randy RamadhinRandy Ramadhin / @Twitter

~ Author of Investing in Condominiums. Portfolio manager and Strategy expert advisor to real estate investors.

Whether you’re buying a new or pre-sale condo, the purchase agreement is the legally binding document that spells out what you’re getting and the conditions of the sale. It’s full of fine print and legal-speak, and if you sign without legal representation, you risk being bound to terms you don’t understand or don’t want.

Regan HagestadRegan Hagestad / @Twitter

~ As the Director of Mortgage Banking at Watermark Home Loans, I am dedicated to working with the South Bay real estate community.

For potential homebuyers, rate volatility creates an anxious situation. If rates move up by 10 basis points, buyers will face a monthly mortgage payment that is 1.2 percent higher.

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REIClubREIClub / @Twitter

~ THE real estate investing site for creative real estate investors! #real estate investing #real estate investors

Every time you underwrite a property to buy that requires renovations, whether it is an office building, retail center, self storage building, or whatever, ask your-self this question, “What financial benefit am I going to get as a result of the CAPEX expenses I have modeled?”

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Rich CederbergRich Cederberg / @Twitter

~ Albuquerque Real Estate is what I do when I'm not blogging or playing and listening to music.

Even if you make a full price offer the bank may comeback and ask for more. That's because they will not tell us Reatlors how much to list the house for.

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  • Should I Buy a Short Sale?
  • Do Pool Homes Sell for More Money?
  • What is the Down Payment on that House?

Rich DanbyRich Danby / @Twitter

Is a full-time Real Estate Investor, Speaker and Coach. Owner of Rich Ottawa Investments Inc.

If your monthly rental income isn’t enough to cover the expenses and you have to manage the property yourself, it may be time to consider a different city.

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Richard PayneRichard Payne / @Twitter

~ Halifax Real Estate Investor & REALTOR – Helping clients succeed in profitable real estate investing. Focus on education, opportunity & superb service.

Relocating to another city may seem daunting but once you come to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia you will fall in love with all the City has to offer.

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Sam SoukasSam Soukas / @Twitter

~ Better Call Sam… Your Real Estate Guardian Angel… Toronto has been my home since 1984… Now let's go find your home!

A Buyer Representation Agreement is a contract between you and the Brokerage at which your agent works.

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Scott McGillivrayScott McGillivray / @Twitter

~ Renovator, Real Estate Investor, Host of the Hit HGTV Show Income Property!

DON’T expect your renters to live in a time warp. People often fill their vacation homes with old, second hand furniture that’s shabby and outdated. This is a huge mistake.

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Scott TrenchScott Trench / @Twitter

~Building an Entrepreneurial Foundation – Personal Finance + Private Wealth – Real Estate Investing – Blogging – Startup Strategy – Sales and Marketing

I'm passionate about personal finance, and dedicate as much time as possible to showing people the power of basic, sound personal finance strategies through writing and helping the BiggerPockets community grow and prosper.

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Sean TerrySean Terry / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Investing Mogul & Mentor has Bought & Sold Over $160 Million in Real Estate. Host of the #1 Real Estate Podcast in iTunes #wholesalehouses

As a Realtor you representing, and as an investor, you’re acting on your own behalf.

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Seth PriceSeth Price / @Twitter

~ Work: @Placester, Marketing Speaker & Host of the Podcast | Play: Happy husband, father and lover all things cooked and crafted.

Highlight the fastest-growing businesses in your area and how someone might get a job there.

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Sharon VornholtSharon Vornholt / @Twitter

~ #Real estate investor, #entrepreneur, #internet marketer #realesateinvestor #coach, #Podcaster, #blogger, mom and life long learner.

Finding the best rental property often requires a big time commitment up-front but may pay off in the long run.

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Spencer CullorSpencer Cullor / @Twitter

~ Biz Owner, Entrepreneur, Resource for making more money through real estate investment, education, consulting, and private money. CBB & Jayhawk fan

Tenant turnover is a major challenge in multifamily investments. Occupancy will change monthly or even daily. If you don’t keep your properties full, they will not produce the income you want.

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Jump In Real EstateTyler | Jump In Real Estate

JumpInRealEstate / @Twitter

~ A lot of deals look AMAZING on a spreadsheet. Remember, there's a lot more to a deal than your Excel formulas looking pretty.

Don't feel bad about holding people accountable. Tenants, employees, friends, business partners, everyone.

Tahani AburanehTahani Aburaneh / @Twitter

~ Bestselling Author | Entreprenuer | Real Estate Investing Educator | Realtor Trainer | International Speaker | Land Developer | Proud Mother

Once you start matching investment properties with what tenants are already looking for, you’ll not only save time and money searching for tenants, but your property will continuously be rented, giving you the cash flow and profits you want when you want them.

Terry ParanychTerry Paranych / @Twitter

~ Real Estate Expert. Hockey Coach. Speak the Truth. Not Afraid to Stir it Up. Opinions are my own.

Even if you're selling in a hot market, you should never anticipate your home selling overnight or even within a few days. This type of anticipation only leads to disappointment and frustration for both you and the agent.

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Than MerrillThan Merrill / @Twitter

~ A&E's Flip this House, Real Estate Investor, Speaker & Teacher. Than Merrill is also the founder of @FortuneBuilders.

In short, prehabs award you the ability to get in an out of a property in a relatively short period of time, but offer slightly higher returns than a traditional wholesale. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about your money being tied up too long and having to miss out on future opportunities.

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Tim RandleTim Randle / @Twitter

~ Husband and father, real estate investor, information marketer, student of life,

Directional arrow signs work well for a number of reasons. First, they are targeted to the neighborhood where the property is located so the folks who will actually see them are the buyers or tenants who are already driving the neighborhood looking for properties.

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Tom FerryTom Ferry / @Twitter

~ Husband to 1, Dad to 2 Young Men. building, & Ferry Ventures while Video Blogging, Speaking & Consulting.

Starting the meeting with a story that immediately captures interest and differentiates you from the rest.

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Tom WheelwrightTom Wheelwright / @Twitter

~ Founder and CEO of ProVision, a CPA firm specializing in helping individuals and business owners create generational wealth.

The tax law is meant to help you, not hurt you.

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Tony GilbertTony Gilbert / @Twitter

~Real Estate, SEO & Online Marketing excite me! Broker Coldwell Banker Danforth, Seattle.

Making big purchase prior to buying a home is often a mistake – unless one truly has ample savings.

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Tracy RoyceTracy Royce / @Twitter

~ Always torn between donuts & kale. Investor, rehabber & agent. Social media enthusiast. Wicked good at distressed real estate.

Unless you’re in a percolating market where multiple offers are the norm, overpricing a home can be a major deterrent.

Tyler ZeyTyler Zey / @Twitter

~ Family, dogs, & @EasyAgentPro. I help real estate agent get awesome results and more leads. Coffee & NFL

The way to win on Google involves creating Keyword Mountains on your website.

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Walter MonteiroWalter Monteiro / @Twitter

~ Real Estate (Sales Representative) & Mortgage Agent in Cambridge, Kitchener Waterloo Ontario. Real Estate & Mortgage Investor.

Major home improvements should be done for your own personal enjoyment, not as a tactic for preparing your property for sale.

Xavier De BuckXavier De Buck / @Twitter

~ Top-producing #Northcliff real estate agent with #PamGoldingProperties. Nationally recognized & awarded for exceptional property sales. Love real estate & tech!

With the last tenants having moved out, it’s now time to properly prepare the property for sale.

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