As the readership of this blog has grown, I've heard skeptical comments from time to time about what I've claimed to do in my real estate business.

To be fair, I understand the skepticism – I really do.

The first time I heard about the concept of buying properties for a fraction of market value and reselling them (sometimes very quickly), without making any improvementsfor several times the initial investment… I remember feeling skeptical too.

For the longest time, I resisted the nagging feeling that I needed to show “Testimonials” on my website. For some reason, I felt like it would come across like I was trying to “sell my system” or convince people that the investment methods I talk about are the best.

I eventually came to the realization that testimonials are very important. The average person hears hundreds of sales pitches on different systems and programs throughout their lifetime – and it's not easy to know where to turn when so many people aren't straightforward and truthful about what they're selling.

My goal with this page ISN'T to convince you to do what I do. I'm simply showing you that there is a great deal of legitimacy to the things I'm talking about… so IF you decide to dive in, you'll know that you aren't just chasing after some pie-in-the-sky dream.

I get emails pretty regularly from people who have used my blog to make money on their own (many of them without paying me a dime). Most of the testimonials below are from people who have reached out to me over the years or have simply posted their experiences in public forms (in the majority of cases, with no prompting from me).

Jeff Johnson

Part-Time Land Investor

Hello friend. Just wanted to say thanks for the info you put out. I have been able to purchase several properties. One property was 5.95 acres I bought for $2,500 sold for $11,000 within a few days. I have bought 5 more today and with a realistic potential of about 10 times return on my investment on each. Pray for us! – Jeff Johnson


Gary Horton

Real Estate Investor

Seth, I owe you a huge thanks as I first heard about land investing on your podcast. I was a struggling wholesaler at that time and now do very well in the land flipping business. I absolutely love it and have enormous room to improve and grow. Thank you for the awesome content you provide I’m sure there are many who appreciate and benefit.

Roman Northcut

Land Investor

Its been about 7 months since I reached out to you last….this was when I was just starting to send out some letters.

Well, 7 months later and I'm happy to say I have put under contract and acquired about 60 properties at this point. 60! Holy crap I never would have thought! I’ve sold about 25 of them and many with seller financing.

First I want to again say thank you for your contribution. It is a HUGE help to a newbie like me. When I started, I didn’t know what a deed was…now my goal is to have one of the top land websites on the net.

Victor Noriega

Part-Time Land Investor

We have learned so much from Seth. My wife and I got into land investing and studied all the content for about a year. With very little money to start with, we sent out our first direct mail campaign which resulted in two deals. We took a leap of faith and purchased the two properties after completing some due diligence. We sold one property almost immediately for a $7,600 profit.

Now we have a business that is generating $3,000 per month on average. We have completed 7 purchases, 4 sales, and 2 pending buys.

Greg Srader

Part-Time Land Investor

I found your website and sent my first 250 postcard mailer in June. I received a 6% return rate and had a chance to purchase 4 properties. Three of these were in a subdivision with high HOA fees and 1 was in a flood zone. I decided that none of these was a good fit for me.

I modified my list from the same county, deleted the owners who were in these subdivisions, and sent my second mailer of 440 postcards. I received a 7% return rate and had the chance to purchase 4 more properties! Two were in a very rural area with limited access, and one was in a flood zone. The 4th property was a beautiful .5 acre wooded lot in a sought after school district! This lot was appraised for $40,000 and we purchased it for $1500 + $1300 in delinquent taxes and $750 in closing costs. We sold this today, 40 days later for $9500!

I just sold 1 lot in 1 week for $2,500, which paid for the land and left me with a $1,500 profit.

I closed today on the other 21 lots for $35,733.55 which brought my total profit to $37,233.55!!!

What does this do for my family? It pays off $36,000 in student loan debt freeing up $630 in monthly payments! This also allows our entire monthly budget to be paid by my income!

We are having a baby in April, and my wife does not have to go back to work!

Harry Asnien

Real Estate Investor

After following Seth’s blog for a year, I took the plunge and followed his guidance. Within a couple of months, I had bought and sold a 4-acre property (from the comfort of my own home) for a profit. THIS IS ADDICTING.

Seth’s training course will change people’s lives like it has changed mine. The no hype, no BS approach to teaching all the nitty gritty of land flipping makes learning this business enjoyable and fairly easy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to add extra income and financial security to their life. My only regret is that I didn’t take action sooner!

Billy Rogers

Part-Time Land Investor

(With the money from land investing) I’ve paid off a rental property, taken a few vacations, helped pay for a relative’s funeral, set aside taxes and reinvested the rest. Paying off the rental was a big goal for me. I enjoyed the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Oh, I almost forgot I’m paying for laser eye surgery next month with some of my profits.

I hope none of this sounds like bragging because I really just wanted to say thank you to Seth because you were the inspiration for me getting into land flipping and it has really made an impact on my life.

My future goals are to acquire mobile home parks and small apartment buildings….and quit my job:)

Karl James

Part-Time Land Investor

In just six months, I have done 8 deals and made $180,000 in profit. I also have three other parcels under contract, with buyers interested in all three and waiting to close. These deals look like another $80,000 – $100,000 profit on all three combined.

The four-person staff at my title company are amazed when they see how much I am making on each deal, but I’ve sworn them to secrecy!

What is so cool about this material is that once you learn the concepts and methods, they are flexible enough to adapt to fit one’s own needs or approach.

Dave Fritch

Real Estate Investor

I had tried flipping houses and had done okay. When I first heard Seth interviewed on the Biggerpockets podcast I was excited because land flipping eliminated the 2 biggest headaches I was experiencing; financing and rehabbing.

Seth has unquestionably been the biggest and best source of information and leadership in building a part-time business that has yielded fantastic financial returns. I made a decision to follow Seth’s methods pretty closely and not try to reinvent the wheel. I think it was a smart move. My first mailing I bought two parcels from one seller for $9,000. Within 6 months I had sold them for $24,000 total. About 9 months in I bought a parcel for just under $2,400 and sold it for $14,950 within 60 days.

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