YouTube is an incredible place to find free education and inspiration about the real estate investing business.

When I think of how much information is available now compared to ten years ago, it's really astonishing. With a few clicks and searches, you can find legitimately useful and actionable information about almost any real estate niche you can think of.

As a content creator working in this space, it's only natural that I watch a lot of videos from other people who are talking about similar things in similar subjects as what I'm talking about.

The average viewer usually doesn't realize how much work goes into ONE solid video on YouTube.

  • You need to have something worthwhile to say.
  • You have to say it well.
  • You need to be presentable in how you look.
  • Your video needs to be shot in the right surroundings, with good audio and lighting.
  • You can't go on too long or be boring, but you also have to explain it well enough so that it's thorough.

When I see videos from other people who execute these things well, I really respect that kind of work, because I know how hard it is to do it right.

I have a lot of respect for each of these people… and if I think it's worth my time to watch their videos, it's probably worth your time too!

1. Ken McElroy

Ken McElroy is a well-known and well-respected figure in the real estate investing space online. I first learned about him over a decade ago when I read his book The ABCs of Real Estate Investing and it blew my mind. Take a look at any content he's written or topics he has talked about and you'll probably see pretty quickly, he's very good at explaining complicated topics in a way that is easy to understand.

Every time I start watching Ken's YouTube videos, even when I don't think I'll care much about what he's discussing, I always get “hooked” and end up watching the whole thing, because he's a great communicator and he knows his stuff very well. If you're not already subscribed to his channel, be sure to check it out, and you can visit his website here.

2. Max Maxwell

If you want to see a real estate investing content creator who is killing it on YouTube, look no further than Max Maxwell. This guy has some fascinating and engaging videos that are a lot of fun to watch.

It's clear he has put a lot of effort into making great videos, and if you're looking for some inspiration, his channel is absolutely worth subscribing to. You can also check out his website here.

3. Clint Coons

I've followed Clint Coons for a lot of years now, and he's probably the most prominent attorney figure I know of who focuses specifically on the issues that real estate investors care about. He speaks directly to A LOT of the ongoing issues we all have to face in the real estate business.

The tricky thing about legal issues in any business is that, if you're not actually an attorney (and most experienced real estate investors are not), you can't give “legal advice” unless you want to invite all kinds of liability. That's where Clint shines because he is an attorney, so he's actually got the knowledge and credibility to say things that carry some weight, and his advice is always on point!

If you want to learn more about him, you can also find his website here.

4. Kris Haskins

Kris Haskins has been putting out videos for a lot of years no, and he's got tens of thousands of loyal subscribers for good reason. His videos are pretty basic with no fancy camera tricks or high-end production value, but that's part of the magic. The value is in what he's saying and the fact that he's one of the closest things you can find to a real-life mentor online.

Whenever I see his videos, I feel like I'm sitting next to an experienced coach who explains all the tricks of the trade and tells me what I need to know, what I need to watch out for, and what kinds of things are worth my time to pursue and figure out.

I don't think I've ever seen one of his videos without getting a BIG, helpful takeaway from it. This channel is definitely worth subscribing to! You can also find his website here.

5. Chad Carson

Chad Carson has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, and after hanging out with him at several different conferences, I can say he really is the same guy on-camera as he is off-camera – very humble, down-to-earth, and ready to show you the reality of what does and doesn't work for house investors.

As a BiggerPockets author, blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, and speaker – he's developed a loyal following because he has a lot of practical advice to offer.

6. Matt Faircloth

I've watched a lot of Matt Faircloth's videos over the years and he does a great job of helping people see opportunities and giving his audience a real-life glimpse of how to create value and make money with real estate.

I especially like his videos when he gives walkthrough tours of properties he's working on because I can get a glimpse of what is involved in the day-to-day of his business.

The guy clearly has a gift for showing and explaining how he's making his business work. This is a great channel to subscribe to!

7. Kristina Smallhorn

I discovered Kristina's YouTube channel this past year when I was searching for information about modular homes, and WOW, this lady is a wealth of information on that subject. I felt like I was a pseudo-expert on the subject after watching just one of her 7-minute videos.

Kristina is a licensed real estate agent in Louisiana and she talks about a lot of other things on her channel as well, including tiny homes, market trends, DIY projects that can add value to a home, and a lot of other things. She does a great job with her videos and her channel is a great one to subscribe to.

8. REtipster

I couldn't finish up this list without including the REtipster YouTube channel. If you haven't subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?!

On our channel, we talk a lot about the real estate investing strategies we know the most about. We also do a lot of reviews on the software and services available to real estate investors and we have a lot of videos that explain some of the confusing terminology and jargon used in the real estate industry.

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