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It doesn't take a pessimist to realize we live in a fallen world.

Bad news sells. Lies, rumors, and negativity spread like wildfire, and no matter how successful we may strive to be, there is no escaping the inevitable disappointment and heartbreak, which is deeply interwoven with every human experience.

But there's still hope.

While the world may have its flaws, there are still a lot of good things happening among many kind strangers in the world. Whether they're simple acts of kindness or heroic feats that require considerable effort, courage, and commitment, much of the good goes unseen.

If you need encouragement and inspiration on how YOU can make your world a better place, I'm going to share 50 heartwarming stories (all pulled from r/HumansBeingBros on Reddit) that prove there's still hope for humanity.

1. Kellie Harrington, the absolute champion.

Irish boxer Kellie Harrington wins gold at Tokyo Olympics, invites her opponents to share the winner's podium
by u/FOURCHANZ in HumansBeingBros

2. Not all heroes wear capes.

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
by u/bgould17 in HumansBeingBros

3. Remember his name.

This is Anthony Borges. He saved the lives of 20 of his Parkland classmates by using his body to keep the shooter from coming in to kill them. In the process, he was shot 5 times.
by u/greek_stallion in HumansBeingBros

4. Happiness is infectious.

This seven-year-old girl shows friends her new prosthetic leg for the first time
by u/_Soter_ in HumansBeingBros

5. Nice save, indeed!

Nice save
by u/fubigem in HumansBeingBros

6. Sometimes, the new generation can teach the old a few things.

I saw a man on the train who noticed an older man struggling to find directions on his phone. He asked if he could help and spent the next 20 minutes teaching the him how to use google maps, gps, and direction services. What a stud!
by u/Dex2Dex in HumansBeingBros

7. A father to humanity.

This foster dad provides a loving home to children who need it the most
by u/pp0787 in HumansBeingBros

8. Love is its own language.

Kids sing happy birthday in sign language for deaf custodian
by u/banana_man825- in HumansBeingBros

9. No teddy bear left behind!

Hotel staff sends photo updates to a boy who left his teddy bear behind
by u/cookiesallgonewhy in HumansBeingBros

10. The kindness of strangers.

Bristol University students donates £1500 for the very much loved cleaner so he can visit his family in Jamaica
by u/Haarif in HumansBeingBros

11. Sometimes, respect is given.

We need more people like this
by u/UNlQUENAMELESS in HumansBeingBros

12. Hug your grandma today.

Off-duty firefighter helps old lady down the steps at a ball game, then carries her back up when she's having difficulties later
by u/Crankyoldhobo in HumansBeingBros

13. “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – MLK.

There are good people out there.
by in HumansBeingBros

14. This is the sign you've been waiting for: go mend fences.

Your fence fell down? No problem
by u/alejandro462 in HumansBeingBros

15. Reason 77,717,000 why we don't need wars.

North & South Korean Soldiers Shaking Hands at the Border
by u/Triple_Theta in HumansBeingBros

16. Now let's hope Mama Bear appreciated that!

Saving a bear cub from falling from the tree
by u/BickKattowski in HumansBeingBros

17. They're only kids once.

Check yes or no.
by u/ashthecat15 in HumansBeingBros

18. Not even a grown man can hold back the tears.

Kids in Elementary school hold a surprise party for their beloved school custodian
by u/tanzaniteflame in HumansBeingBros

19. And get this man a promotion!

We forgot to run our bin to the road last night. This man was an absolute bro!
by u/nrprus88 in HumansBeingBros

20. Saving a child? No problem!

Hero climbs a building with bare hands and no security equipment to save a kid
by u/Allezxandre in HumansBeingBros

21. Saving a child (part 2): Where credit is due.

Appreciation and gratefulness.
by u/pandaking_2 in HumansBeingBros

22. That's what grandmas do.

That's what grandmas do.
by u/stale_memer in HumansBeingBros

23. More cities should follow this example.

City of Fort Worth, TX provides a job for homeless people to clean litter off streets so they can display a work history to make them more employable for future jobs
by u/SeattleMana in HumansBeingBros

24. Core memory unlocked!

Best graduation ever.
by u/mygirlfriendisacuck in HumansBeingBros

25. Altruism is the natural state of human beings.

Helping others is need is the greatest thing one can do
by u/pp0787 in HumansBeingBros

26. These workers are building not just roads but the future.

"These workmen are awesome. This man has sat down for a few minutes to explain to our boys all about the road works"
by u/iBleeedorange in HumansBeingBros

27. True sportsmanship.

Athlete wins gold then carries his injured opponent off the mat
by u/shecandoboth in HumansBeingBros

28. Fruit > Hate.

Italain street artist Cibo of Verona covering up neo-nazi graffite with fruit.
by u/TheBubbaJoe in HumansBeingBros

29. A superhero origin story.

A HERO Just seconds before the train arrived, a good Samaritan jumped onto the tracks to save a man in a wheelchair
by u/jt1509 in HumansBeingBros

30. The “Good Night Lights” of Providence, RI.

Hundreds of Bros and Lady-Bros show up at a Detroit hospital to shine flashlights from outside, up to the pediatric patients inside, to wish them a happier (and healthier) holiday season. Crowds of varying sizes do this every evening in December and the kids shine lights back from inside.
by u/Stratiform in HumansBeingBros

31. Sad, but reassuring.

A lovely way to care for someone.
by u/Lowcrbnaman in HumansBeingBros

32. A cure for all ills.

A kiss makes everything better
by u/mikelax85 in HumansBeingBros

33. The best Christmas ever.

Boy with a troublesome home life gets the ultimate Christmas present
by u/istrx13 in HumansBeingBros

34. Have you thanked your teacher today?

400 students sing to teacher fighting cancer
by u/IncandescentlyHappy in HumansBeingBros

35. Work stops being work when you're surrounded by family.

One of our coworkers had his bike stolen, so all of us pooled money to get him a new one.
by u/scuffery in HumansBeingBros

36. Kindness transcends borders.

Canadians being Canadians?
by u/ChiefOfSinners777 in HumansBeingBros

37. A cold one never hurt anybody.

Just some dudes offering a cold one to a farmer on a hot day
by u/thereasonthatyoucry in HumansBeingBros

38. It took a while, but this sloth family is whole again.

Baby sloth reunited with its mom
by u/PhilDesenex in HumansBeingBros

39. We're all citizens of one planet.

I wonder how long it's been on there, poor thing
by u/fwoggyboboggy in HumansBeingBros

40. Squirrels are precious.

Man spots tiny little creature on the ground and decides to try and save its life
by u/AdCreative4977 in HumansBeingBros

41. This lady who saved a family from a fiery disaster.

Doorbell camera footage captured the moment a stranger saved a couple and their eight kids.
by u/Creepy_Citizen in HumansBeingBros

42. Let's thank him for his service.

Wholesome marine streamer
by u/IdkHowToDie in HumansBeingBros

44. A daughter's love is forever.

Dad finds out his anonymous kidney donor is his daughter
by u/westcoastcdn19 in HumansBeingBros

45. The real MVP.

While the child entering the field is being escorted off the field by the security guards, the football players see the situation and intervene.
by u/MostlyKelp in HumansBeingBros

46. Mangy cats deserve a fur-ever home, too.

Rescuing a cat suffering with mange
by u/druule10 in HumansBeingBros

47. Be an angel to somebody.

The opposite of r/ChoosingBeggars – my wife trying to sell her car.
by u/JeffTrav in HumansBeingBros

48. One act could echo across an entire lifetime.

Made me tear up
by u/jackzilla1123 in HumansBeingBros

49. Happy feet!

BBC crew rescues trapped Penguins
by u/Ryanchri in HumansBeingBros

50. Bosses being bros.

This guy being a true boss
by u/cub3dworld in HumansBeingBros

What's your inspiring, feel-good story that you've encountered lately?

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