Seller financing is a powerful tool for real estate investors.

However, it can get complicated for someone without experience underwriting and administering loans.

The devil is in the details. Each seller financed deal has a lot of information to keep track of, and I've seen A LOT of folks stumble along the way.

This is why I created the Seller Financing Masterclass—to help you master seller financing and make it work for you.

What Is the Seller Financing Masterclass?

Seller Financing Masterclass LogoThis course is a living, breathing resource that will explain all the essential concepts you need to understand when buying or selling real estate with owner financing.

I made this course because I recognized the need for a complete, comprehensive education that was easy to understand and didn't leave any giant information gaps throughout the material.

What You'll Learn in the Masterclass

The course is divided into six modules, with more lessons and bonuses on the way. Here's a peek at what you'll find if you enroll:

Module 1: Seller Financing 101

We start with the basics, defining key terms and concepts so everyone's on the same page.

In the first module, I explain the foundations of seller financing, explore its benefits and potential drawbacks, and help you decide if it's the right tool for your situation.

We’ll touch on the key terms you need to know because if you don't understand the language of seller financing, the concepts will feel more confusing than they need to be.

Module 2: Underwriting and Loan Origination

This is where things get exciting.

In module two, we'll thoroughly review the underwriting and loan origination process, learning to assess borrowers and ensure they're a good fit for your seller-financed deals. We'll cover the importance of underwriting, how to evaluate potential buyers and the different types of loan documents you'll need.

Underwriting is a tricky beast, so I've brought in two heavy hitters: Max Bailey from and Eric Scharaga, author of Lienlord and Founder of Damen Capital Management. Our two experts offer the best advice on qualifying buyers, mitigating risk, and ultimately making the deal work for you.

Module 3: Closing the Deal

Closing seller-financed deals is much more convoluted than closing a simple cash transaction, so I designed this module to cover everything there is to know about closing the deal.

I'll walk you through the entire process and each document, explaining what it is, why you need it, and what to look for. I don't explain these details so that you can close your deals; I explain them so you can understand what your title company or attorney is doing when they close the deal.

We'll cover the importance of having a good title company, how to handle escrow, and what to expect at the closing table. We'll also discuss state-specific regulations and the importance of using the correct documents to protect yourself.

Module 4: Collections and Foreclosures

Once the deals are closed, it's time to manage them effectively.

In module four, we'll cover the often-overlooked aspects of collections and loan servicing. We'll also discuss various methods for a “set-and-forget” payment collection system to ensure a smooth and predictable income stream.

And yes, we’ll also tackle the sometimes unpleasant topic of foreclosures. This is where things can get messy if they aren't documented correctly from the beginning. It's also essential to have systems to handle delinquent payments and what you can do as a last resort to get your property back.

Module 5: Buying With Seller Financing

Many land investors only think of owner financing as a way to sell their properties, but there is also a whole other world of using seller financing to buy properties as well.

In this module, we'll explore strategies for buying properties with owner financing, opening up new possibilities for acquiring deals you might not have considered before. We'll also discuss the negotiation process with sellers and how you can present a compelling offer to benefit both parties.

Module 6: The Note Business

Did you know you can sell off your seller financed notes to other investors?

This module offers a deep dive into this exit strategy for seller financing. Whether you're selling off your notes or buying existing ones from other real estate investors, understanding this aspect can open a lot of new doors in your business.

We'll cover the different types of notes, how to value them, and how to sell them. We'll also explore the world of paper assets, including how to create and sell notes.

Even if you sell a property with owner financing and you have no intent to sell off your note, it's still important to know how to originate your loans the right way, so they're worth the highest possible value. This will help you make more money if you ever decide to sell them, and if even if not, this will help you create a much higher quality note portfolio you can depend on!

Bonus Resources and Support

On top of the core modules, you'll get access to a treasure trove of bonus resources:

  • Mortgage Calculator: One of the most powerful tools in the course is the REtipster loan calculator. Use this tool to help calculate the numbers on any deal. Just plug in the numbers, and it'll give you a breakdown of the cash flow, ROI, and more.
  • REtipster Podcast Episodes: Dive deeper into seller financing and notes with hand-picked interviews from the REtipster Podcast, where we've talked with industry experts who can share loads of insights about seller financing and the note business.
  • Creative Financing Forum: Connect with other investors, ask questions, and learn from their experiences in the creative financing category of the REtipster Forum.
  • Downloads and Assets: Access valuable checklists, calculators, and other resources to support your journey.

Take the Next Step

Many investors jump into seller financing without fully understanding its complexities. This leads to costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

You can avoid all of that with the Seller Financing Masterclass while taking your land business to the next level.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Learn from the best. I've interviewed leading experts to bring you their insights and proven strategies.
  • Avoid costly mistakes. Understand the common pitfalls and how to navigate them effectively.
  • Get the right tools and resources. Access valuable calculators, checklists, and a supportive community.
  • Become a confident seller financing pro. Master the art of structuring deals, managing your portfolio, and navigating the note business.

By the end of this course, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of seller financing and the tools you need to succeed. You can confidently identify and negotiate deals, structure financing arrangements, and manage your portfolio.

If you're ready to take your real estate investing business to the next level, you can enroll at

Remember, mastering seller financing can transform your real estate investing game. Instead of flailing through seller financing blindly, why not set yourself up for success? Get a headstart today. I'll see you in the course!

About the author

Seth Williams is the Founder of - an online community that offers real-world guidance for real estate investors.

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