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Dustin Heiner and I have known each other for a few years now and he’s been a great person to know in the real estate blogging space. He specializes in rental properties, and you can actually hear a fascinating conversation I had with him back in episode 55 of the podcast.

Dustin reached out to me a couple of months ago to let me know about a new real estate investing conference he’s putting together called the Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference.

Dustin’s going to tell us what this conference is all about, who it’s for, and why you might want to consider checking it out.

We’re also going to hear a little bit about Dustin’s story because it’s a really cool story and I think we can all learn a few lessons from what he's been through.

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Seth: Hey everybody, how's it going? This is Seth Williams. You're listening to the REtipster Podcast. Today I'm talking with my friend Dustin Heiner. Dustin and I have known each other for a few years now. And he's been a really good person to know in the real estate world and the blogging space. We do a lot of the same things, but just for different audiences.

Dustin specializes in rental properties, and you can actually hear a pretty fascinating conversation I had with him back in episode 55 of the podcast if you want to check that out. It’s I wanted to have Dustin back on because he reached out to me a couple months ago to let me know about a new real estate investing conference he is putting together called The Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference. It's going to be held on March 10th through 12 in 2022, at the Renaissance Phoenix Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dustin's going to fill us in on what that conference is all about, who it's for, why you might want to consider checking it out. We're also going to hear a little bit more about Dustin's story because it's a really cool story. We didn't get into it a whole lot. At least like the origins of his investing journey on the first conversation I had with him back in episode 55. So, we're going to touch on that a little bit as well, and I think you'll find it pretty interesting. Dustin, welcome to the show. How are you doing?

Dustin Heiner: I'm blessed, Seth. Thank you so much for having me on the show. It's always great to see you again, but then also just talk about real estate. It's just so much fun being able to bounce ideas off of other people like you because a lot of people that I talk to just run into off the street, they just don't get it. They don't understand real estate investing. Oh, my uncle did that and he lost his money. My grandma bought land and it was bad, and I'm like, “Well, you just don't do it right.” Anyways, long story short, I love talking to you about this. So, I really appreciate having me on the show.

Seth: Yeah, absolutely. Why don't you tell us about your origins here? I don't even know if I've actually heard this whole story about what you originally did starting out in your career and how you found your way into the real estate world.

Dustin Heiner: Yeah. I had an event in my life that literally catapulted me into real estate investing. And I'll tell you a quick story about it. Now, all my life, I've always been entrepreneurial, trying to start businesses and stuff. When I was young, I was 13 years old. I had my own paper route where I would ride my bike with bags on it.

Seth: Yeah, me too.

Dustin Heiner: It'd be awesome. Throw the paper and hit the garage door and bang it really loud, and you wake people up. So, I did that. I also had a graphic and website design company growing up. I had a skateboard manufacturing business. I had a convenience store and a pizzeria.

Seth: Really?

Dustin Heiner: Yeah, I literally did. At the same time, I was always told, just like we all are growing up, “You go to school, you get good grades, you go to college. Then you get good grades and then you get a career working a job.” I was doing that too on top of starting businesses.

With that, I was working in a county in California. I was doing IT work for one of the departments there in the county, technology work just a regular 9:00 to 5:00 job all the while having other businesses. And as I was working, my wife and I got married and then started having kid, after kid, after kid. Eventually, we got to our fourth child.

I got to tell this quick story. This is literally what catapulted me into becoming an investor. When my wife had her fourth child, her name's Faith, a beautiful little girl. She's eight years old now. She was born, and I went on paternity leave. Now paternity leave, that's where the dad stays home with a mom and bonds with the baby, changes poopy diapers, all that sort of stuff.

And so, I was home for about a week or so. And then I get back to work. In that week that I get back to work, I get a call from my bosses, bosses, boss's secretary, the top guy. I get a call from his secretary who says, “Dustin, would you please come to the boss's office?” And I said, “Sure.” And I hung up the phone and I paused for a second. And I thought to myself, “Why would they be calling me to the office right now? This is weird. This is not normal.”

And as I'm sitting there thinking, I thought back about a couple months before I went on paternity leave, there were some rumors or some rumblings that the department was running low on money, and there might be furloughs and layoffs. And I immediately shook that off. I'm like, “Now I work for the government. Nobody gets fired or laid off in the government. I've had great seniority. I kept 10, 12, 13, whatever years there. I get raises all the time. My bosses love me. There's no way.”

So, I get up and I start walking down the hallway to my boss's office. Now, this hallway isn't very long. It's actually rather short, but every single step that I take, it feels like that hallway gets longer and longer and longer. And it feels like every step that I take, my feet turn into really heavy lead bricks because the weight of possibly losing my job, being laid off was starting to weigh on me, and thinking about my kids and thinking about my wife was all really starting to weigh on me.

And as I'm walking down the hallway, thinking about all these things and then I turn in the corner and I see my boss' door. His door's closed, but I also see his secretary and the secretary looks at me, and sheepishly, she says, “Dustin, would you please have a seat?”

And she's a sweet, nice old lady. And she's consoling me with her eyes and greening because she knows everything about what's going on. I know nothing. I go and sit down, and as I'm sitting there, I start thinking about my family. I started thinking about my kids. I started thinking about all these years working for this career, that if I get laid off right now, was that all a waste?

And then I start thinking, “Oh my goodness, if I get laid off, how am I going to be able to put food on the table? How am I going to be able to pay for our mortgage? I got four kids now; what does that make me as a father? Does that make me a failure as a father? Does it make me a failure as a husband, as a man providing for his family?”

And so as I'm sitting there, my hands get all clammy. My forehead gets all sweaty, because the weight of everything is just crashing down on me. Then the door to my boss's office opens up. It opens up and out walks a lady, a co-worker of mine with a piece of paper in her hand. And she is noticeably distraught, noticeably upset, but she's not necessarily crying, but you can totally tell her world has been rocked.

As she passes by me my boss says, “Dustin, would you please come into my office?” Well, I go into his office, and I get laid off. And remember, this is the government. Nobody gets fired or laid off from the government, but I did. And so, I get my layoff notice, and I take that walk back down that hallway to my desk. And I sit down at my desk.

Seth, right then and there, I realized two things. Number one, I didn't get another job. I didn't get another way to provide for my family. Praise the Lord, I was able to find another department in the same county and transfer over it. I didn't actually get laid off. So, it was a huge blessing. I started working there and it was a great, great job.

The second thing as I'm sitting there at my desk, I realize I need to make sure that this never ever happens to me again. And nobody would ever have the ability to pull the rug out from under me so I could not feed my family. And so, right then and there, I realized that my value is not in my job. See, when anybody would ask me a question, “Dustin, what do you do?” I would say, “Oh, I work for the county. I do IT work for the county.” Basically, I'm just telling them my value is in my job.

Right then and there, I realized I am never going to tell anybody when they ask me what I do, where I work, what my job is. No, now I'm going to tell them I am an investor. Because I had one or two properties at the time, but I also had other businesses and my job. I was just trying to figure out what works, but I knew real estate investing was the right way to go. Because if I buy one rental property, one time, it makes money for me every single month until I sell it, which I never will. I literally give it to my kids. And so, what I decided right there was I am an investor. Now, it may so happen that my money comes from my job. But now that job is my part-time job.

Even though, like I said, 100% of my money comes from a part-time job, I am a full-time investor. My mindset changed.

For everybody listening to this, you need to realize that your value is so much more than your boss could ever pay you. I will give you the reason why. Your boss is only paying you just enough to keep you working without quitting, but not so much that it takes money out of their pocket.

What you need to realize is that your value is not in your job. My value comes from my God, it comes from myself, and from my family. And so, from that point forward, I literally started telling everybody, everybody that I knew, friends, family members, everybody, “I'm an investor.”

From that point forward, a couple years go by. I start buying rental property after rental property. Pretty soon, I had like 20 to 25 rental properties. And I realized, even though I'm working and making $75,000 a year here at this job. I call it J-O-B because you're living “Just Over Broke.” And so, I'm working just over broke, and I'm making $75,000 a year here. But I realized I was losing money because my value is so much more than they can pay me.

What I decided to do at my new job, it was a great department. I worked with the Sheriff's office. I went to my new boss and I gave him a layoff notice metaphorically speaking. I just said, “Boss, here's my two weeks. I'm done.” And my boss said, “Dustin, what are you going to do?” And I said, “Well, I'm not going to do anything. I literally don't need to work. I have rental properties now that make me money, cover my expenses. I can do whatever I want, go wherever I want.” And I left.

I'll round out the story by sharing this, Seth. If you remember that walk that I took down that hallway where my feet turned into lead bricks. It was the worst walk I've ever taken. And this last walk, leaving my work. Now, I work in downtown Fresno, parked a mile and a half away because I'm cheap or frugal. I didn't want to pay for parking. And so, I'm walking. I've taken this walk a thousand times, but I felt like I was walking on clouds because I knew I would never ever need to work a job, just a broke job ever again because my rental properties literally make me so much money that I don't need to work. All my expenses are covered. I'll pause the story right there and then let you ask a question because that's literally what catapulted me into investing.

Seth: Yeah, man. That's awesome. It's an amazing story. I feel like I have this question a lot with certain people in my life about this issue of security. As if security is the reason why they don't go and pursue their own dream or business or buy rentals or whatever it is. It's like, but that's just too risky? But I guess to me, it's a good illustration of how there really is no security period in life. There is no such thing, no matter what union you might be in, what governmental organization you're with. Everybody can get canned if the situation is just right. I guess it's just a good thing to be aware of. If you think your job is somehow protecting you, it's not.

Dustin Heiner: It's definitely not. And there's a saying that I heard when I was working at the county, working at the government, I heard this saying, and I said, no, it's not that true, but it is 100% true. It's not if you get fired or laid off or lose your job; it's when, because it will happen.

And like you were just saying, Seth, if you think that your job is secure, well, it's really not. What if there's another recession? What if there's a crash? Whatever it might be. I mean, back in 2008, when there was a crash, I started investing back in 2006, bought properties. And even though the marketing went up, down, or sideways, I still made money because I make money in passive income. But there were people that had jobs who actually got laid off, and I was blessed to get another job and be able to jump right into it.

But there were people that didn't, and they literally had to figure out something. They had to scramble and I don't know what they had to do.

But anyways, your job is definitely not secure. And I am much more secure with my rental properties. I have 30-plus properties now. They make me a minimum of $250 a month. This is the minimum of $250 a month in passive income. And because of those properties, I am literally so much more secure and I don't work.

I literally say if people have heard of The Four-Hour Workweek, I think The Four-Hour Workweek is for suckers. I don't work four hours a week. I don't even work 30 minutes a week. Maybe 30 minutes a month on my rental properties. I get the property management statement saying, “Oh, okay, looks good.” And then set it aside.

But all that to say, I'm so much more secure because I have control over my income, my properties, my business. From there, nobody can pull that out from under me.

Seth: Yeah. I was actually talking to a friend of mine who's also an entrepreneur, and I'm curious to hear your take on this. He was telling me, “Seth, what you're doing right now, it isn't going to work forever.” And basically, I think what he was saying is that any entrepreneur, whatever they're doing, like this idea of I can just sort of get in my groove and just do it and be comfortable and just do it over and over and over again. Basically, just saying that's not how the world works. And it's definitely not how the business world works. Things are always changing. Markets are changing. People's attitudes and thoughts and what motivates people are changing. And do you think that's true? Are there ever situations where you can get there and coast because you're set? Or do you always have to be looking at the horizon and thinking, “Okay, what's my next move when the world changes?”

Dustin Heiner: Number one, I would disagree with his statement that you can't just keep doing the same business model. Look at Warren Buffet. He literally says diversification is for people who don't know what they're doing. “I don't diversify,” Warren Buffet says, “I don't diversify. I literally put my money where I know it's going to make money.” He's done the same thing over and over again. And he's doing pretty well. Same thing with real estate, like land investing or rental properties. There's nothing new under the sun. We know that, the Bible says that. And as we're looking at land and real estate, it literally hasn't changed for thousands of years. Once you have real estate, land is tangible. Property is tangible.

Now the nuance that I would agree with what your friend was saying is different laws come or a nuance of Airbnb, short-term rental properties. Being able to grow and adapt in business, I think also in life personally, like I'm always growing. And there's a fun movie called Tommy Boy. Tommy Boy, Chris Farley was a star of it. The dad says for his business, you're either growing or you're dying. There's no third direction. I'm like, wow, that makes a lot of sense. I want to keep moving because if I keep moving, I can see things coming and be able to work around them. Whatever comes. I disagree, but at the same time, I do agree because I am always learning. I'm always growing.

But also, I got to quickly say that, when you get around people, because if we're land investors or real estate investors or whatever it might be, we're going to hear people like our friends and family members who are going to say, “I can't believe you're doing that. You're going to lose money.” They're naysayers, but what they're telling you is that they can't do that. They're projecting that onto you, saying that they can't, but projecting on you saying that you can't. It doesn't work that way.

You need to be around people that are actually of the same, like mind that already have the idea and the plan. Like with you and REtipster. All your courses, I went through your course, it's fantastic. I'm going to literally go through step-by-step to go through the course to buy land because it's already proven, it's already been done. So, I just need to follow that path. And then, at the same time, get around people like you and other land investors that we can all work together with. We can help each other out. We can network together.

We might think, “Oh, if I help somebody with land over here, that's one piece of land I can't get.” There's so much land. There are so many rental properties. In fact, I've taught and still teach hundreds of students how to invest in rental properties. I get students all the time, and all the time they're finding new properties, and I'm showing them the same areas. Long story short, you get around people that are like-minded, that want to push through, that aren't going to be the naysayers. You're going to have such a better time investing and building your business, making money for yourself and your family as opposed to just, “Oh, man, my aunt said it's a bad idea, so I'm not going to do it.”

I definitely suggest you listen to the REtipster podcast, watch them on YouTube to everybody that can access YouTube channel, it’s just fantastic. It's so much wealth of information there. Definitely check that as well. But you want to be around people that are going to help you get to where you want to be with investing in real estate.

Seth: Yeah. I heard a really interesting analogy just yesterday. This idea that in order for me to light my candle, I don't have to put out your candle. It's not one or the other. We can both have our candles, and for me to light you, that just puts more light in the room. It's not a zero-sum game where there are two boxes and a ring and one of us has to lose. And a lot of times everybody's better off because one person can spread the knowledge and the wealth of formation. I thought that was a good approach just to life in general.

Dustin Heiner: No, I completely agree with that. And I'll give a quick little side note about Master Passive Income. That's my brand that I have teaching people about real estate. I never talked to other real estate investors like you, Seth. When I first started, I was like, why would I ever talk and work with another brand that's actually investing online teaching? That's competition.

But then I got snapped out of it. I went to a conference that you and I have been to called FinCon. And then I realized that this conference about blogging and teaching and all that sort of stuff, how to help people, that conference literally catapulted my business, my Master Passive Income business, because of working with other people and helping each other out, not just going to take.

If you go to a conference, people will sniff that out a mile away. They're like, “Man, this person, I don't even want to talk to them.” But if you go in there with the attitude of giving and how can I help? And then obviously reciprocity, helping each other out, it just gets better and better. And from that first conference that I went to, obviously hanging out with you, you've been on my show. I've been on your show. Other people, other investors, we are working all together now because of getting the idea of, it's not a zero-sum game, we can literally help each other out.

Now I have so many friends that are influencers, that have their own brands, that are investors, very, very successful investors. They're like, man, we're all friends. Hey, let's do a meetup. Let's all get together. Bring all of our audiences together and help each other out.

That's literally what I'm doing now is creating that Real Estate Wealth Builders conference just because I know my students want to meet up, and I know all my other friends like you Seth and everybody else like yeah, our fans or audience and students want to meet up. I think, well, let me just put one together for all of us, then we could all get together and hang out together.

Seth: Yeah, man. Moving on to this conference. Who is it for exactly? I understand you've got an audience; a lot of us do. Would you say it's for beginner or intermediate, advanced? What is going to be talked about at this thing?

Dustin Heiner: Yeah. I teach real estate rental properties, specifically rental properties. I don't want to be flipping, wholesaling. I don't want to do any of that stuff. I just want to do rental properties. Same thing with you. You do land investing. There are other people that I'm bringing in to be speakers that literally just do syndication. One's a tax expert. One does Airbnb. One does mid-length, like six-month leases.

And so, when you're thinking about who it's for, I started really thinking, “Well, if I do a conference or an event or meet up just with Master Passive Income, just me, I'm just going to talk about rental properties. That's going to be boring for a lot of people. It's going to limit a lot of people.”

But then I thought, “Oh my goodness, I know Seth. Seth is a great land investor. I want to learn about land investing, let alone my students are going to want to learn too. So, what if I brought Seth in?”

And then I know my friend, Annie Dickerson who has Goodegg investments, she does syndications or multifamily homes. It's like, man, I would love to learn more about multifamily syndications or passive income. Why don't I bring Seth and Annie? And then my mind kept going and saying, man, there are so many other ways to invest in real estate.

Fast forward, now I have 20 of my friends that are coming in that's going to be all working together to teach you how to do all this stuff. Now, when you're thinking of, ‘What are the topics?” I have my page where I literally walk through every single topic, but it's everything from commercial investing to land investing, everything I've just said.

But at the same time, what we're doing, though, is not just teaching. We can get teaching. Everybody could just go to YouTube and do that. What we're building here with obviously, Seth's included, and everybody else that we're bringing on is we're building a community, not just networking for the sake of networking. But we're trying to actively get us working together and have a community of other investors. It doesn't matter if one's land or one's multifamily, we're all investors. We could all help each other out.

The ultimate goal is to build a community, and the outcropping or the thing that's going to bring us together is the event, which is the conference. That's the big, broad picture. Literally everybody is welcomed. And if you go to the conference page,, you can see all the people that are speaking there as well. You can see Seth is in there. You can see the topics that we're going to be covering.

But what it's really going to do is we're going to build this on hopefully, Lord willing, year after year, do another conference and then another conference, and then keep bringing more people. And so, I'm really looking forward to it, even just getting together and hanging out with friends, like you Seth and Annie and the other like David Pere who is Military to Millionaire. Anyways, long story short, we're going to have so many great people there to build a community.

Seth: Yeah. And that's actually significant for me. I've been to a handful of different real estate investing conferences over the years, and that kind of thing. But I like the fact that this one is new. It's at the ground level, like we can all kind of get in and see this thing on its first day and how it evolves. And this will be my first ever appearance anywhere ever as a guest speaker. I'm kind of nervous about it, honestly.

Dustin Heiner: I'm pumped about it. I think you're going to do great.

Seth: I'm nervous, but I'm also looking forward to it because I think it's going to be fun. And at this point, the most I know is it'll probably be something about land investing 101, that kind of thing. I wouldn't tell people to expect this to be a land conference, that's not what this is, but there will be a pinch of land in there as I'm up there talking about it. And really, I think it's going to be cool just to see people. Whoever out there from the REtipster audience is able to join, it would be really cool to meet up with you guys. And if you guys do show up, don't be shy. Come talk to me, say hi. It'd be really cool to meet you. And we'll probably do some separate meetup at some point during the conference as well.

Dustin Heiner: Yeah. I'm even working out because remember, the goal is community. The goal is networking. Investing is so hard when you're by yourself. Whatever you're doing, whatever type of investing, it's so hard when you're by yourself. It's so much better when you have other people around. I'm even going to pair people up. When you come, hopefully, I may be able to pair you up with a buddy investor because I know you go to a conference. You're like, “Oh, I don't know anybody.” Well, we're going to hopefully start that out.

And another great thing is I'm going to also hopefully create like little mini masterminds of three to four people, pairing people together. But here's another great thing, like you said. You said something that was really key. Getting on the ground floor of this conference. What is amazing is I'm bringing 20 fantastic investors who are influencers, have their own channels, and all that sort of stuff. Literally coach people how to do this.

And we're having very few people actually coming. This is going to be so intimate, which means you're literally going to be rubbing shoulders with all of us great investors. I definitely want to be more humble. Seth is a much better investor than me. So, you're going to hang out with Seth as well as all these other great investors as well.

What it's going to be like is so intimate. It's not going to be like 2,000 people, 3,000, 5,000 people. It might get there in 15 years down the line. But right now, we might even just have like 200 people. With 200 people, you're literally going to meet everybody. And you're literally going to be right next to Seth the entire time, which is fantastic. And I even talked with Seth a little bit before this interview.

And I was thinking, what if we had a specific room set up for the brand, like REtipster hour. If you want to hang out with Seth and all the REtipsters have a meetup just for everybody, that's a part of REtipster. And if you are interested in REtipster, go to this room at this hour. Seth will be in there with all the other students. It's a meetup time. And so again, it's not going to be just like teaching, teaching, teaching, because I know, when you actually communicate with other investors outside of a lecture, a teaching, which is good, don't get me wrong. The community and the relationships that you take away from the conference are going to help you so much more. Plus, we also have everything recorded, too.

Everything else like the tax tips, I definitely am looking forward to learning from the real estate investor tax expert that I'm bringing in. All this sort of great, great information, but so much great community building and literally REtipster meetup. So, I'm pumped. I might even go hang out with the REtipster meetup up too.

Seth: You better.

Dustin Heiner: Awesome.

Seth: Yeah, man. It's really cool, though. Because I think of all the conferences I've ever been to, like you said, the teaching part is cool, but really the things that I remember the most and the things that meant the most and things that still benefit me to this day are the people I met. And a lot of them I wasn't even expecting to meet. I didn't know who they were ahead of time and either we ran into each other or they scheduled a meeting with me beforehand and made a point of meeting and you're somebody like that. I didn't really know you before FinCon and I feel like the time we had together really helped us build some kind of a relationship.

And I can say the same for about half the people that are showing up as speakers to this conference. I know them. And the only reason I know them is because of conferences. There's a lot of big things that can happen just by rubbing shoulders with people who are doing the same thing. Maybe they're further along than you are, maybe not, but there are lots of similarities to any mastermind group. If you guys have ever been in one of those, it's amazing the brilliance that can get extracted from that, even from places where you wouldn't expect it just by talking to people. So, it should be pretty cool.

Dustin Heiner: Yeah. I'm really pumped. It's going to be in Phoenix, March 10th in the evening is when we are going to start doing check-in through the 12th, Friday and Saturday. Because I know most of us investors, we have full-time jobs, we have kids in school, and so we're trying to disrupt your life as little as possible. So, it'll be on a Friday and Saturday. Those are the conference days. And Phoenix is absolutely beautiful in the winter. So, it'll be March 10th as the starting of it.

Seth: Yeah, that's true.

Dustin Heiner: It's going to be gorgeous. Yeah. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous here. And the hotel that I got, I'm super pumped. It's a fantastic space for the event that we're putting on. The ballroom's great. Oh, I'm also going to have a lot of vendors or sponsors that are going to be there. Seth and I both use all of these different companies to help our businesses get better. So, if you want to learn what other software, what other projects out there, whatever apps are out there or services, they're going to be there as well. Yeah, as best as we can, I'm trying to build a big community for every type of investor.

Seth: Yeah. I would concur with you. Seems like most of the times I've been to Phoenix has been around the February, March time of year and it's amazing. Yeah. It's beautiful. If people want to go to Phoenix for some other reason and piggyback on this conference, what is the stuff there to do in the near vicinity or just in Phoenix in general?

Dustin Heiner: Yeah, I love that question because I personally lived here for about five years. Remember, I used to live in California, now I live in Phoenix, and I have a lot of friends that come into Phoenix, especially during the wintertime. I literally have a laundry list of things that you can do. And I'm like I said from the very beginning, I'm frugal and I have four kids. And so, I'm not going to put a list of paid things. Like going to LegoLand. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to give you hikes that you can go on. I'm going to give you, let's say Sedona, like an insider tip or a local tip of what to do at Sedona. There's the Grand Canyon, which is absolutely amazing. I'm going to have a big, long laundry list of things that you can do if you bring the family as well so that you can make it a longer trip and see a lot of great things here in Phoenix.

Yeah, be on the lookup for that as well on the conference base because I definitely want you to take full advantage. I love Arizona. I came from California, came and lived in Arizona. And I just realized, even though it gets hot, but it gets hot in other places. But man, the wintertime, like literally from October all the way to May is so amazing. And plus, we get sun, at least all day every day. And so, Arizona's fantastic. It'd be great to have you. We have amazing golf. So, here's what I was thinking. I don't know, Seth, do you golf?

Seth: I have, I wouldn't say I do it well with any excellence.

Dustin Heiner: I was thinking maybe in a future year conference, we might just continually do it in Phoenix in this time, but there's literally this is like the golf Mecca. This is the homeland of golf and there are so many golf courses. And I was thinking, “Well, if we did something and in a future year, on a Thursday we have a group con meetup for golfers and we all go golf.” I'm thinking of lots of stuff just to continue to build community. Because when you have a community of other investors, it just makes life and investing so much easier.

Seth: Yeah. As you're talking, it might be fun too, I probably shouldn't even say this because I don't know what we would do, but rent a van and take some tipsters from the audience after the Grand Canyon or something or go to a baseball game. Is baseball going on at Chase Field this time of year?

Dustin Heiner: That is spring ball. There is so much spring baseball here. Like literally teams fly here into where I live. I live in Peoria. I'm maybe a mile away from the Peoria Sports Complex. I can't remember which team it is, but anyways we have a surprise. The city of surprise has like four baseball teams that practice and play there for spring ball. We have Phoenix and Peoria, even Scottsdale. This is like the baseball Mecca. I think it'd be great if you checked out the Grand Canyon, I can give you tips all the way up there. Baseball's here, golf's here. It's an amazing, amazing area.

Seth: Yeah. Grand Canyon, I was there about 10 years ago and man, I can't think of many places I've ever seen where I'm just like, “Oh my goodness.” The view is just stunning. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. You can see so far. It's way better than pictures when you're there in person.

Dustin Heiner: The pictures make it look like garbage. If you hold a picture and you're looking at it there, you're like, “Ugh, this picture is horrible.” Just because it doesn't show the depth. It doesn't show the grandness of it, the grandeur of it. Yeah, it's amazing. Even if you're going up to Grand Canyon, like I said, I have stops along the way of what you can do just to stay here for about like an hour and soak this in and then on your way up, then you go to Grand Canyon and then it could definitely be a day trip. It's terrific.

Seth: Yeah. In terms of signing up, if people want to sign up, is there some kind of a discount for REtipster members? Remind me how that works?

Dustin Heiner: Absolutely, 100%. Yeah, I definitely want everybody who is a part of REtipster to get a discount as well as the hotel. It's going to be the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown hotel. If you go there right now, it's literally like $350, maybe $400 just to rent one room in March during that same time. I've worked out with the hotel to get you $229 per night at this hotel where the literary conference is at. I personally love staying at the hotel where the conference is at because I'm literally out till like midnight. And it's just so nice just to take the elevator and go to the room. And the reason why I'm out till midnight is because I'm talking to so many people, I'm learning, I'm growing.

So, from there, I got a huge discount for you in the conference hotel itself. But also, just for the conference, I have a special $50 off code for you. It's super simple. Just type the word in “SETH.” You don't have to do REtipster or anything like that. Just type the word in “SETH” and you'll get $50 off of the conference at whatever package. There's the basic, there's the pro pass, and then the VIP. The VIP is literally you get all included dinner with all of us investors, influencers who are going to be there too. Yes, use the promo code “SETH,” when you're going through the checkout, it'll give you $50 off.

Seth: Yeah. And I'm going to set up just a shortened link for this as well, If you guys want to check it out through that as well. I'm also going to have this in the show notes. This is episode 120, Is there anything else we should know about the conference, Dustin? Or does that kind of cover all the basics?

Dustin Heiner: That definitely covers all the basics. Well, here's one last thing. I definitely have to say this. I should have said this from the very beginning, but this is a no sales pitch-type conference. If you've been to any other conference, usually real estate conferences. If you go to a Grant Cardone, you'll pay $100. For Grant Cardone's conference, you'll pay $100. Then you'll go to a session and you'll get pumped up. They're really hyping everything up. And then they'll say, “Okay, the session's over. Now run to the back and go get me $20,000 on your credit card. - What? I didn't learn anything, and now you want me to pay you more money?” This is not like that.

This is the 100% opposite. You're going to come here. And this is what you're going to get. You're going to get everything that you need to get started investing or continue investing, meeting new people, all that sort of stuff. This is 100% a no sales pitch conference.

Now, if you come here and you're like, “Hey, I really like this person with their coaching. Let me go ahead and work with them.” You can do that afterward, but this is not where you're going to actually have something tacked on top of that as well.

Seth: Yeah. And I'm going to be absolutely sure in my presentation to not pump anybody up and be very uncharismatic. I'm going to mumble the whole time. You probably won't hear half of what I'm saying, so it's not going to be like Grant Cardone at all. I'm kidding.

Dustin Heiner: I know. I think you will do fantastic. But here's also another thought. Grant Cardone is a salesman. I'm not going to knock him. It's his own business, but he will not ever be at the Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference. He just doesn't fit the community. I'm building a community. I'm not just building something to make sales. I would easily say he would never be invited. Even if we got to thousands of people, he wouldn't be invited because he just doesn't fit the community. This is the type of people that we're trying to bring on Seth, myself. We're just givers.

And honestly, for everybody listening to this, when I thought maybe I want to do a conference for a giving audience, to give back or give to our audience, Seth was literally the first person I thought of. And I thought, you know what? I got to call Seth. If he's for it, then it might be a good idea. Let me move forward. Because I don't want people speaking at this conference who are takers. It's the type of their personalities, it feels like they're punching you in the face. That's not who the type of people that we're bringing on. I'm bringing on people who are givers, who just want to help, who literally become successful investing in real estate, and are like, “Man, I just want to help people too.” Yeah, that's what we're all about. It’s literally about building community and being all about givers. If you're a taker, have that transition in your mind, like I'm going to be coming to give, at the same time, you know you're going to receive because we have so many great people here.

Seth: Yeah. Awesome. I'm looking forward to it. I hope at least a handful of you out there can make it. And if you do, again, be sure to come up and talk to me and maybe shoot me an email before you show up just so I know you're going to be there. But yeah, it'll be a lot of fun. Again, if you guys want to check out details on the conference. Thanks again for coming on, Dustin. It's great to have you again.

Dustin Heiner: Thanks, Seth. I really appreciate it, man.


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