20 Things I’ve Never Told You

20 Things

(Published August 2018)

For several years now, I've been spilling my guts on this blog about everything I know on the subject of real estate investing.

Most of it pertains to the investing niches I enjoy the most (i.e. – land investing, rental properties, lead generation, website building, direct mail strategies and the like), but I haven't spent much time talking about who I am.

Maybe it's because I've assumed most people don't care, or maybe I've wanted to protect my privacy (maybe both), but every now and then it occurs to me that most of my readers have no idea who I really am, so I wanted to take a few minutes and shed some light on “Seth's Story” with a small collection of random facts about me.

1. I'm 35 years old.

At this point in my life, I've experienced some notable things and seen a lot of what life has to offer. When I reflect on everything I've been involved and associated with, I can finally say I'm not a total novice anymore.

At the same time, there are a lot of things in the world I still haven't seen and I think this puts me in a unique position. In many ways, I can identify with both the young and the old, the experienced and the inexperienced, the confident and the humble.

For the most part, I love my life where it's at. If I could push the “pause” button at any point in time, it would probably be right about now.

2. Music is a big deal to me.

sethguitarMusic has always been one of the great joys of my life. I appreciate some genres of music more than others, but I think when it's done well, there is value it just about anything.

I don't just enjoy listening to music, I enjoy playing it too. At different stages in my life, I've played the violin, guitar, I've been a singer and I've tinkered around with the ukulele a bit too (it's a pretty easy instrument to learn).

When I was in high school (before reality set in), I actually considered going pro as a guitarist. I even released a few self-produced albums of instrumental guitar music. Unfortunately, I never had the gift for songwriting, so most of my recordings were just covers of other songs I liked. Either way, it was still a lot of fun.

Here's a quick sample…

3. I'm pretty disciplined about physical exercise (but even so, I still kind of hate it).

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was really overweight. It was a big physical, mental and emotional burden for me.

One day, I decided I'd had enough and decided I would stop eating, cold turkey for one full week.

It was one of the hardest things I'd ever done, but once I got through it (and lost about 10 pounds in the process), I thought… why not keep going?

About a month later (after severely restricting my diet and working my butt off in the weight room), I had lost about 40 pounds and some people didn't even recognize me.

Was it a ridiculous stunt? Maybe… but I proved to myself that if I wanted something bad enough, I could move mountains with my motivation and that was an important discovery for me.

4. I'm a hammock camping enthusiast.


I've always enjoyed rustic camping in the wilderness. I've camped out in all kinds of crazy places, but the sleeping accommodations were never that great.

Luckily for me – I discovered hammock camping and it has completely changed the camping experience for me.

A good camping hammock (when sized right and paired with the right gear) is WAY more comfortable than any tent/pad/sleeping bag will ever be. They're light-weight, far more comfortable, dryer, warmer and allow for better sleep than any tent ever will.

5. I'm NOT a person who oozes with confidence.

My level of self-confidence (or lack thereof) has always been an issue for me. Maybe it's because I know what “arrogant” and “cocky” looks like and I really want to be different (or at least, that's what I tell myself).

Whenever I'm facing big new challenges or hurdles in life, my natural tendency is to quickly conclude that “I can't do it” or “I'm not good enough“.

Some people find my humility endearing, but the truth is – it has held me back from a lot of things in life… in an unhealthy, self-sabotaging kind of way.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be completely free of it, but as with any problem, the first step towards overcoming it is with the awareness that the problem exists (and at this point, I'm definitely aware of it). I think the trick is to surround yourself with people who will empower you rather than focusing on your limitations. I've found that the right influencers and encouragement can make a BIG difference in the long run.

6. I'm an Enneagram Type 6

This past year, I discovered the Enneagram test. It's a fast (and free) personality test that can quickly reveal A LOT about your inherent strengths and weaknesses.

When I took it, I found that I was an ultra-strong Type 6, which means I'm a loyal and committed person, but I also spend a lot of my time battling fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

What I love about this test is that it's QUICK (seriously, you can get through it in 5 minutes) and in my case, it's pretty darn accurate. Even though it's not fun to read test results that cut to the heart of what you're bad at, it's invaluable to see clearly where your weaknesses are, so you can recognize when they start getting in the way of your everyday decisions.

What's your Enneagram Type?

7. My wife is the most financially responsible person I know.

I didn't fully realize this when I married her, but my wife is extremely frugal with money (and as a result, she keeps our whole family in line).

She is a CPA by trade, so she understands the details behind the numbers. Ultimately, this is a very good thing (because the devil is in the details), but sometimes it feels like a drag when she forbids me from going on a reckless spending spree.

I have to tell you though… her frugality has worked wonders for our family. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Whenever I hear other people complaining about their car payments or how hard it is living paycheck-to-paycheck, I am immediately reminded of how lucky I am to have a wife who helps me (sometimes forcibly) to live a financially responsible lifestyle. I wouldn't say it's fun or easy to live with this kind of discipline, but there are HUGE benefits that come with the package. Laying the groundwork takes real effort, but it also eliminates all kinds of unnecessary problems that don't need to be there in the first place.

8. Some people still think my real estate business (including this blog) is a joke.

Ever since I started working for myself, there have always been people in my life who haven't taken me seriously. To this day, whenever I talk about land investing or blogging – a lot of people just don't get it.

I'm not sure what these people need to see in order to take me seriously – but fortunately, their opinions are the least of my concerns. What I care about is having total autonomy, doing meaningful work and knowing that I'm changing lives (including my own) in the process.

Don't get me wrong… I love it when people show their support and offer encouragement (it really means a lot to me), but if this kind of validation was required in order for me to take the next step, I never would have gotten anywhere with my endeavors.

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9. I hate reading.

It may sound odd that someone like myself – who spends hours every week writing for various blogs – doesn't enjoy reading, but there's an important distinction to make here:

I hate reading when I'm not interested in the subject matter.

My life was greatly enriched by both of the universities I attended for graduate and undergraduate studies… but let me tell you, getting through 6+ years of college (with ENDLESS reading about subjects I would never specialize in) was torturous at times.

Sitting down for hours on end and reading, just for the heck of it, is something I almost never do. Unless it's a book like this or some other subject I legitimately want to learn more about, reading is NOT something I do for fun.

As a source of media, I've found that audiobooks, podcasts, and videos are much more enjoyable for me, probably because I can multi-task and get other things done while I'm absorbing the content – which helps keep me sane.

10. I'm a natural introvert, but I know how to turn on the extraversion when I need to.

I've always been a relatively quiet person in social settings, but I know how to become much more outgoing when the time calls for it. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the introvert/extrovert scale (1 = extreme introvert, 10 = extreme extrovert), I'm probably somewhere around a 3.5.

I don't usually vocalize my thoughts to the world unless I'm really comfortable with the people around me (and in those cases, it's hard for me to shut up). Sometimes this works against me, but more often than not, I'm perfectly content with being a person who carefully thinks through their words before speaking. If I said whatever was on my mind, I'd probably look really stupid and offend a lot of people.

I've learned that introversion can be an asset in some settings and a liability in others. While I personally don't think there's anything wrong with being a quiet person, I do think it's important for introverted people to find their voice and learn how to speak up when the time calls for it.

Over the past decade, I've gotten more comfortable with this by taking some Dale Carnegie classes and being a member of Toastmasters. While these outlets aren't intended solely for the purpose of helping introverts come out of their shell, I've found that both were helpful in doing this for me.

11. Academics have never been my forté.

For about as long as I can remember, I've always struggled in school. From about 3rd grade up through my college years – I constantly felt like one of the dumbest kids in my class.

In retrospect, I don't think this was actually true, it's just how I perceived the situation (and the fact that I attended one of the most academically rigorous colleges in my state probably didn't help).

The weird thing is… when I was in my early 20's, I took an IQ test and scored a 133 (not far off from ‘genius' territory), but for some reason, this has almost never revealed itself in the form of good grades in a classroom setting.


Perhaps the academic world isn't the only way to get a clear picture of a person's intelligence?

12. I am right-leaning politically, but I generally hate politics altogether.

10350425_10152651489265197_3819681215917694921_nI seem to be one of the few people I know who can identify with BOTH liberals and conservatives on a number of issues.

I certainly have my opinions on many things, but I almost never think someone is “the devil” just because they think differently than I do. Even when I disagree with someone, I can usually understand and even appreciate their opinion (and I don't think they're crazy because of their viewpoints).

Honestly though… after years of listening to some of the blatant ignorance from both the liberals and conservatives in my life, I've grown to despise political debates altogether. I don't think any issue is one-sided, and it really bothers me when the media plays off people's emotions by turning everything into a polarized fight.

I've found that most political issues are vastly complicated and have many different facets to consider. Whenever I hear someone giving an over-simplified answer to a problem that is anything-but-simple, I can't help but roll my eyes. The world can become a dangerous place when people stop thinking critically.

13. I really, truly want to help real estate investors succeed.

If you've ever tried your hand at blogging, you know that it can be a pretty thankless pursuit (especially in the beginning). There is only one reason why this blog has survived as long as it has – it's because I really care about real estate investors.

I remember what it was like when I first got started, and I know how it feels to struggle. I'll never forget how many unanswered questions I had and how much time, effort and energy it took me to figure out what I was doing. It took forever, and it wasn't easy!

From the very beginning, my goal with this blog was to create the resource that I needed in the beginning (because at the time, there was nothing out there quite like this). It has been amazing to hear the feedback from readers as I've been working on this website – because it has shown me that maybe, just maybe, I'm actually making a difference.

14. My brain likes to remember a lot of pointless facts and details while forgetting the stuff that's actually important.

It drives my wife crazy (and I don't blame her), that I frequently forget things almost immediately after I've heard them.

The good news is, I've learned to live pretty successfully with this mental deficiency of mine. I use the “Reminders” and “Calendar” apps on my iPhone religiously, because my brain just can't retain all of the little things I need to do unless someone (or something) is reminding me about them.

I've also learned the importance of doing things immediately. The sooner I can get a thing done, the sooner I can allow myself to forget about it.

15. I get easily annoyed by people.

Not all people, but certain people – and I think it gets worse and worse the busier I get.

When I was younger, I was naive enough to think I could get along with anyone. As I've gotten older, I've been disappointed to learn that some people are like oil and water, they just aren't going to mix.

I think we all meet certain people in life we simply cannot get along with. Have you ever known someone like that? If you're normal on any level, I think you know what I'm talking about.

It's a sad reality and I wish humans didn't have to work this way, but it doesn't necessarily mean people have to constantly be at war with each other… it just means someone's gotta change or someone's gotta go.

16. My wife and I have two kids.

For the longest time, I wasn't sure whether I wanted kids, whether I was ready to “give up my freedom” or whether I'd even be a good father. It's something my wife and I deliberated about for years… but within moments of our first child being born, it quickly became evident that this was hands down, the best thing we had ever done.

At the time of this writing, our daughter Nora is 4 and our son Luke is 18 months old. They have both given us FAR more than we could ever give back. The sheer amount of joy and love they have brought into our lives is almost unbelievable (I used to hear people say this kind of stuff before I had my own kids, but now I finally get it).

I was never much of a “baby person” in my 20's. I was pretty uncomfortable holding other people's babies and I almost never felt more awkward than when I had to entertain a toddler for even 30 seconds.

The funny thing is – when MY first kid was born, everything was different. Things started to click into place almost instantly, and I suddenly had this innate parenting ability I never knew was in me.

If you've got 8 minutes to spare, here's a quick look at one of our family vacations in Pentwater, MI.

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17. I'm a Christian and I'm serious about my faith, but I've never been big into proselytizing.

photo-1434077471918-4ea96e6e45d5-768x495I've been extremely fortunate to grow up in a Christian home, going to Christian schools and attending a Christian church. I'll always be thankful for the opportunities I've had to know my creator, who cared enough to save me from myself. It means everything.

One of the few unfortunate things about growing up around so much Christian culture is that I've seen a lot of examples of Christians who are doing it wrong – and I'm guessing you've probably seen it too.

I think a lot of the world's non-Christian population sees a great deal of hypocrisy in those who call themselves “Christ-followers” – and it's tragic. Even more unfortunate is that I think they're right. I see the hypocrisy too… even in myself.

I've actually struggled with this a lot. I don't ever want to be seen as that “clueless Christian guy” who is full of advice for the world but has no real compassion or understanding for what the world is going through.

The world doesn't need another Christian pointing their finger, but it desperately needs some better examples of what Christ-like behavior actually looks like (honestly, I don't think some people have ever seen it exhibited well). My goal is NOT to shout at people with a megaphone and demand that they believe the same thing I do. My goal is to live the best life I can, and hope that someone will see a difference in my behavior and understand where it's coming from.

18. My life is WAY busier than it should be.

As much as I talk about the importance of time management, it's still something I wrestle with a lot. I think it's because I've got this “achiever” mentality and no matter what, I'll always find something to fill up my time with.

I find a lot of meaning and motivation in my work and I care about doing things that make a difference. I get frustrated when my work feels pointless, so when monotony sets in, I keep adding things to my plate until I feel like I'm doing something significant again.

As much as I try to automate and streamline everything I do, I still find it difficult to pay adequate attention to everything that's going on around me. I'm honestly not sure what the solution is, but I'm hoping I'll figure it out soon.

19. No matter how much money I make, I still worry about not having enough.

time is moneyMaybe it's greed, maybe it's a lack of faith, maybe I just need a lesson in contentment. Whatever the problem is, I've always found it interesting that even though much of the world lives on less than a dollar a day, I still have trouble living on hundreds of times more than that.

I'm not proud of this. I'm sharing it because I think many of us struggle with it. After all – why are any of us investing in real estate if we have enough as it is?

20. My success as a real estate investor has been modest at best.

Some people think of me as this “amazing success story” and I'll admit, I've had my share of grand slams as a real estate investor… but there are TONS of unsung heroes (some of whom have learned their exact investing strategy from this blog) who have achieved far more success than I have.

I know how to make a ton of money in real estate and I genuinely enjoy sharing these ideas with the world, but at the end of the day, knowing is not the same as doing. It's the doers who will actually take home the bacon.

One of the critical lessons I want people to take away from this website is that learning is important, but action is critical. The right knowledge really is a legitimate prerequisite to your success, but it's also important to remember that knowledge is just a multiple of action. In other words – if you have a million dollar idea and you multiply it by zero – do you know what you'll have in the end? ZERO.

As you consume every piece of content on this website, I want you to constantly ask yourself – “What could I accomplish if I actually put this into practice?” The answers may surprise you.

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Seth Williams is a land investor and residential income property owner, with hundreds of closed transactions and nearly a decade of experience in the commercial real estate banking industry. He is also the Founder of REtipster.com - a real estate investing blog that offers real world guidance for part-time real estate investors.

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  • Jeff says:

    Great post, Seth. Not always easy to open up like that but I think a lot of us really appreciated it. Thanks for all you do!

  • Glenn W. says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Seth; it’s great to get to know the man behind the blog on a more personal level. Sounds like you and I have a lot in common, especially being an introvert, our political views, our faith, our love for music (although I’m not nearly as talented as you), and being easily annoyed by people (LOL). I also love your thoughts about being a father; I have a 2 1/2-year-old daughter myself and I know exactly what you mean; it is an amazing blessing and it really does come naturally once you have a child of your own. (Beautiful family by the way!) If our paths ever do cross one day I would love to go have a beer with you (or whatever adult/non-adult beverage you prefer) and chat about life as well as land investing. Have a blessed day! Glenn

  • JT says:

    Great Article, Thanks for sharing it out again!

  • Jim Mayhew says:

    Dear Seth,

    Your videos have been a great inspiration to me, Seth! At a time when this has been needed! I plan to take your course shortly- I am overwhelmed at the moment with a fixer-upper house I bought in Michigan City, Indiana to be near the lake.

    I love that you love music. I had a cognition that your Son Luke was Peter Tchaikovsky in his most recent past incarnation and that he has come back to bless the world again with his wonderful consciousness and abilities and bring more harmony to the world. I was trained as a ballet dancer and classical pianist at Interlochen many years ago now. Recently I started working on some lovely piano music by Tchaikovsky that is rarely played, inspired by my cognition that your Son may have been Tchaikovsky.

    I grew up in Detroit, Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield and I love Michigan and Pentwater. It was a delight to see your family video, Seth! Thank you for sharing it.

    I am further inspired to take your course now and look forward to any association we might have in the future!

    Jim Mayhew

  • Tim Sabo says:

    I read and re-share a lot of your stuff Seth on my own real estate blog, and I’ve learned from you, so thank you. But this was the most enjoyable thing I’ve read of yours, I think, because of the personal nature of it. You allowed yourself to be vulnerable, a trait truly necessary to grow. I loved the guitar; where can I get some more of that easy listening sound? Perhaps I should send you some of the lyrics I have written-I have had the lyrical talent but not the musical one. So, keep up the great work.

    • That’s great to hear Tim! Thanks so much for reading. Good lyricists are worth their weight in gold – a crucial component of the songwriting process. I haven’t attempted to write any songs for several years now, but if I ever do, I’ll definitely keep you in mind!

  • Sheik says:

    Heh – my twin brother! 🙂

  • Ken says:

    Love the blog, Seth. Love the music. And thanks so much for sharing!

  • Gary Shaw says:

    wow, I am thinking this was hard for you to write, but much appreciated. I need to push my self out of my comfort zone like this
    more. I hope I can I live by your example. I truly do. Maybe I wouldn’t be working a job I dislike so much.
    Congrats again.

    • Thanks Gary! I appreciate the kind words. I know it’s a huge burden to feel “stuck” in a job that isn’t your dream… but that’s where almost everyone starts.

      We’ve actually got some content coming up in the next few weeks that discusses this issue pretty directly – I think you’ll find it useful. Stay tuned!

  • Tarun says:

    This is great post – I am pretty much like you . Introverted , type A , high achiever and so on . You have covered lot of aspects , but one thing I would like to add even if its not the topic of the blog is the mental health piece an dhow brain chemistry influences it. Its a very very simple equation . Serotonin makes you happy , Dopamine makes you motivated. Its almost as simple as if you cut your throat you will die. But i feel bad seeing how our epigentics makes us to behave in a certain way and that there is lot of help , but lot of people dont know and sepnd years and years of their life- and sometimes their whole life living with issues.

    This just doesnt mean – pop a pill , even though its not a permanent fix , popping a pill has its own place , lets say you have a super important 1 Million dollar meeting , if there was something that would help you concentrate better , reach better or process the information better – would we not take it ?

    So anyone who reads this, please consider researching more

  • Incredible post, Seth!!! I had no idea that you were a hammock camping enthusiast!! I’m not but still think it’s cool. 🙂 Seriously great of you to share this somewhat personal information so that we all know more about you. Very inspiring.

  • Charlie Hutson says:

    Seth, your truly an inspiration to us all. One of the things that distinguishes you from the others at least for me, is how much you give and how you seem to genuinely want to help others succeed in this business. There’s a saying that, Successful people help others Succeed! You’re a true reflection of someone who is successful and not just in money either. Like I said before in an email I sent you, your the real deal. Thanks for all your helpfulness!


  • Stumbled onto your blog late last year after signing up to learn land investing. Your video about how to use AgentPro247 was a god-send! This “personal” article was really great to read on so many levels. 1) I never would have guessed you are my oldest daughter’s age; 2) I never would have guessed you suffer from your own insecurities (but then, who doesn’t, really?); 3) Most of all, I’m so grateful for people like you who are willing and able to share their successes with other people to help other people succeed!

    Thank you! Your emails in my overloaded mailbox don’t always get read, but they are ALWAYS WELCOME!

  • Doug Wareham says:

    Hello Seth,

    I like your blog alot and you seem to give usable information which others do not. Good guitar playing too. I have a 1965 Martin D-35 Acoustic and other electric guitars, like my Paul Reed Smith, Sweet Electric. I was on ERA Records back in the 1960’s, and recorded at RCA Studios in Hollywood. Of course that was when the Beach Boys, Sam & Dave and the genre was Surfer Music. If you get time you could google me Doug Wareham or The No-Na-Mees, that was the Bands name and you can listen to my song. I wrote both sides and sang on both sides and played Lead Guitar. Don’t forget, that you will be listening to 1995 style music. I toured for 5 years and played in Hollywood, back east and all over the Western U.S.. It was fun. Now I’ve been a Real Estate Broker for over 42 years with my own offices. Some day I’ll continue this conversation if you want.

    I am interested in your REtipster Club. I understand a great deal about Real Estate, but I have had to close my office for the past few years due to my health. I’m back now and had to make a decision as to open up another office and spend 50 to $100,000., hire sectaries and put Agents to work again and then baby sit. NOT what I want to do, So, I’ve decided to do what I have helped clients do, and that’s to be an investor.

    I am already involved in purchasing Tax Liens and Deeds, but I’d like to branch out with vacant land also. I understand it, but want to fast track the vacant land approach and believe that you are one who could mentor me in setting up a successful program, rather than me doing what you did at the beginning of your vacant land venture. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, especially when I see you have taken the time to do it and you can confirm to me that your system works. At least I would have a lot of the work done and you could connect the dots that would cut down on a lot of the work on my end, and help me set up a successful vacant land business to go along with my other Tax Deed and Lien business.

    So, please give me a call or an email so that I can ask you a few questions that are on my mind and then get started learning your program.

    GOD Bless you and your family and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Doug Wareham
    209-416-0120 Office
    209-679-5873 Cell
    Email: realtyresource7@att.net

    • Seth Williams says:

      Hi Doug – wow! I’m listening to your music on YouTube now, very cool! What an epic time to be in the music scene at such a high level… I’m sure you have all kinds of cool stories to tell!

      I’ll reach out to you shortly regarding your other questions. Thanks again for the comment!

  • Connie W says:

    I hope you update this to fill us in on your latest adventures! Always an enjoyable, thought-provoking read. Thank you

  • Austin H says:

    Loved this post! I can relate to quite a few things in this blog post, great to read. Your desire to truly help other investors is greatly appreciated and you’ve been a great help in doing my first few investment deals myself.

  • Brian Reddington says:

    This is a post from 2015 but it is fresh and current as I read tonight. Great real stuff! Though I am in my 60s there is a lot here to relate to, notably the unanticipated electric power of pure love at the moment of fatherhood. I liked your blog before but will read it differently hereafter.
    Your blog is becoming very helpful to me as a beginning land investor. Thank you.

    • Seth Williams says:

      That’s great to hear Brian! Thanks so much for reading the post – I’m glad some of this stuff resonates with you. The power of love is an incredible thing… and it only grows with time. 🙂

  • Dean Muriby says:

    Great to know more about you Seth!

    It is amazing how most of us find similarities and can identify with one another in so many ways ! I suppose we are all one species after all 🙂

    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me Dean! Totally – I think if we all took the time to hear each other’s stories, we’d probably find that we have more in common than not. 🙂

  • Jerry Hoagland says:

    I really appreciate the fact that you are a Christian. I believe this is the most important decision that any of us can make.

    Your humility comes through loud and clear in your presentations. Thank you for your help with this business.


    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jerry! My faith is pretty much the bedrock of everything I do – I’m glad you’ve noticed a difference in the way I try to run things… that means a lot. 🙂

      • Jerry Hoagland says:

        I thought you were a Christian before you told me you were – your Christian heritage shows up in your demeanor.

  • Austin Hall says:

    Hey Seth, thanks for sharing! We have a lot in common. I love hammock camping and music as well. I play guitar and mandolin. I am also a Christ follower.

    “Knowledge is just a multiple of action.” Well said!

    Your site has been very inspiring. I am closing on purchasing my first piece of land in about a week!

  • Deloy says:

    Thanks for sharing this stuff, and for opening up a bit of transparency. There’s a lot to which I could relate. I appreciate the items you’ve shared on your blog and am working through it to find the ‘technical’ ones to help me get going. Keep up the great stuff, and have a wonderful Christmas season.

  • Danny Johnson says:

    Awesome post, Seth!!!

    We are a lot alike. 🙂

    I also have a Taylor guitar…but I haven’t played in years and probably couldn’t even play a single song. Someday. Though I’d like to learn how to play piano.

    • Seth Williams says:

      That’s awesome Danny! Honestly, I don’t play my guitar a lot these days either… other priorities have simply gotten in the way (I’m sure you can probably understand). Maybe some day (when we’re both 80 and have time on our hands), we can get together and jam. 🙂

  • Dede says:

    I have similar personality traits and “drivers” which keep me focused.
    Woot woot! Keep up the good work. Now I don’t feel so badly, pulling out of the Bay Area rental market to pursue a much less financially stable rental market in Oahu. It’s because I take chances and can’t take all that rental income with me when I die. Priorities changed when I had my last birthday ??

    • Seth Williams says:

      Good perspective Dede – changing priorities can be healthy in a lot of respects. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Mark Strayer says:

    What a great blog in regards to learning about you. I was reading and had hit the play on your guitar and all of a sudden it ended. It was like oh wow that was really calming. I’m always happy when I see an e mail from you. I’m just starting. But happy to say just opened escrow on my 1st. House from a bandit sign. I joined rebogates from your u tube and my mailing campaign will hit boxes next week. 1k a month post cards for 6 month.

    Your one of the good eggs from the craziness of those gurus out there. Keep it up.. BIG FAN

    Mark strayer
    Palm Springs Ca.

    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks for checking out this blog post Mark! I’m glad you liked it – and I appreciate the kind words about what I’m doing here.

      Best of luck on your direct mail campaign! There are always lessons to be learned, whether it’s your 1st or 500th attempt. 🙂

  • Ivan Nogalo says:

    I truly enjoy all of your articles and how you approach real estate entrepreneurship. I want to thank you for sharing bits about yourself that we didnt know.

  • TS says:

    “…….knowledge is just a multiple of action. In other words – if you have a million dollar idea and you multiply it by a value of zero – do you know what you’ll have in the end? ZERO.”


    Strong conclusion.

  • Michael Lee says:

    I just found out about you but I can identify with part of your article. I think it was great that you wanted/needed to do it. Thanks!

  • Brian Stephens says:

    Seth, love the post to learn more about you. Gives more context to the guy behind the blog and I appreciate it. I can relate to much of it. Your comments on your daughter strike home. I was always okay with other people’s kids, but my wife never made a big connection. But with our first kid…wow, what an amazing connection! The light bulb goes off and we “get it.”

    We now have 4 kids…all girls! I’m doomed! I still get people asking me if we are “going to try for the boy.” I tell them that was four tries and we got girls…that’s all she wrote. Total change in perspective for me, having all girls in the house. I don’t have a man cave, but real estate investing might provide me the funding to build my own.

    Thanks again for all your work here on the blog. It shines as well thought out work. I blogged for over 2 years about cycling, and it’s thankless work, but rewarding as you say, if you can have an impact helping others. Means a lot when you reach someone who registers with your words.

    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks so much Brian! I’m glad you enjoyed this article – it was a surprisingly fun one to write.

      As for your daughters – I know what you mean, and there was a point when I thought I was doomed too, but I found this article and it helped change my perspective A LOT for the better. You should check it out! I think you’ll like it.

      • Brian Stephens says:

        That’s a great article, Seth! So many times I hear the “your doomed” stuff about having all girls, and I parrot it back all the time too. Hearing “it only gets better” is great.

  • Eurica Dick says:

    Great! and very insightful info, some of those challenges I can definitely relate to. Now I know that am not alone. Thus, I’ll continue to forge ahead because there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Eurica

  • John anderson says:

    I have been reading you az much as possible I am trying to retire but still.working full time and doing realestate as much as I can . I thank you for the education and remember that little one will not be little for long so take lots of pictures and slow down and enjoy her.

  • Jason says:

    I like how you’re aspiring to be remade in the Image we were originally made in. If the awareness of human frailty is coupled with the knowledge that we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us, we can live a life of humility with cofidence, and God can receive glory through His kids and we can get a big hug from him now and later as He says… “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

    The lack of pretense and authenticity drew me to you at first watch, keep up the good work bro!

  • Tyson says:

    Best post I’ve read in a long, long time. Thanks for your honesty! ***bonus points in the credibility jar***

  • Clare De Graaf says:

    I love your transparency. It’s refreshing and rare!

  • Rob says:

    Thanks for sharing authentically, Mr. Williams. I especially appreciate #17.

    John 15:5,

  • Dan Weiman says:

    Hi Seth !
    You are obviously a Christian…. you have a very kind and giving nature.
    You are also incredibly wise beyond your years. You are a credit to your generation and your faith. Keep up the great work !!
    Thank you,
    Dan Weiman

    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks so much Dan, that really means a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to check out this post and I hope I’ll keep seeing you around the blog in the future!

  • Steve Brown says:

    Have spent quite a few hours reading your blogs. The “20 things” , I put off because I thought it was not relavant. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Ir turned out to be very important because, I could have written it about myself, except for the reading part ( I am an addicted reader ).

    I especially liked item # 17. That did it for me.

    Earlier I wrote that I was FAST BECOMING A FAN. I am now a totally committed fan.

    Thanks, Seth

  • Alex says:

    It’s nice to know a bit about the man behind the blog. I think it’s cool that you don’t need to hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Thanks for the time you’ve spent on this blog it’s been enormously helpful!

  • Rich says:

    Seth, First time comment here in your blog (normally I just email you). I appreciate the the style and content of your blogs. They all seem to hit home so well. This was especially helpful seeing the “other” side of you. Even though we are not close in age (20 yrs plus), there are many similarities in our backgrounds, maybe that’s what has drawn me to your blogs? I just became a grandfather 8 months ago, and that has opened my eyes up much like your new daughter has for you. Enjoy her! Anyways, thank you very much and keep up the great job!

  • Susan Chagalian says:

    My impression of you has always been of a person of excellence and integrity. I think I’ve shared this with you sometime last year?

    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks so much Susan, I appreciate the kinds words. I honestly don’t remember if you’ve shared that before, but I appreciate you sharing it now!

  • Jenny Bell says:

    Almost everything you said I could have written about myself!
    interesting read

  • Luke Miller says:

    Great post Seth! Thanks for sharing some personal info! Really enjoying your blog posts! As a newbie in the realestate investment world it is amazing to be able to learn so much from generous people like you! Keep it up!

  • gudelia says:

    hi seth ,what a nice and inspiring life story!in such a short 20 things you have captured my attention as well as my imagination and realize what a young successful guy and investor and
    a perfect blogger at that!.i don’t want to bore you with my personal details but i would give you some information that i think i would be comfortable for me to share.i am a registered retired nurse who had worked her butt for so many years making people well not only mentally but also physically and psychologically.i am not fully retired still working in one of active hospital unit cath. lab where during my full time days i come for emergency condition to prevent a heart attack.passed that, now i am not as stressed anymore.
    for some unknown reason i must have been so bored or stressed out to even consider switching from my
    florence nightingale job to real estate w/c i know nothing about ,you can say dumb as dumb went to seminar and joined ,at his point no regret with the learning ,never thought of quitting only the fact that i am doing all the newbie things by myself cuz nobody would even think of doing and facing this kind of complication beyond their wildest dreams!!!!!!that being said ,i think i am better muchMmmmm much better now .i really appreciate you open-mindedness and desire to help what a noble thought .i know i am on my way to success ,just a matter of time and faith and belief .thanks again for sharing. GUDELIA

    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your story Gudelia. I’ve actually been in the hospital a few times over the past year (mostly to help support other family members) and I know for a fact – the work that you do is VERY important, noble and even heroic. I’m sure it takes a toll mentally, physically and emotionally to maintain that kind of job for so many years, but hang in there – good things come to those who wait (and work) for it!

  • Tim Bishop says:

    This was great, thanks for sharing. Puts a human behind all of the great info.

  • Bryce says:

    Another great post Seth! Thanks for sharing a little bit about your personal life, I think it is important to take the business hat off every once and a while to express who we really are. Really like the hammock camping idea, haven’t heard of it but I’ll definitely look into it. I love to play guitar as well, music has always been a passion of mine! Keep on rockin’!

    • Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Bryce! Sounds like we have at least a couple things in common – that’s great to hear. Thanks for checking out the blog post!

  • David says:

    Great site. I like this article on things we don’t know about you. We have many similarities. I’ll be sure to visit the site often.

    • Seth Williams says:

      That’s great to hear David, thanks for checking out the blog post. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you out!

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