A Day in the Life of Seth Williams

Earlier this year, I conducted a survey of the readers of this blog.

To my surprise, one of the most common questions/comments that came up was this…

What does Seth’s typical work day look like?

In other words…

  • What do I do all day?
  • What does it look like to work in my business?
  • What do I spend all my time doing?

As I thought more about this, I started to realize – I’ve wondered the same thing about some of the bloggers, authors, and influencers I follow. Wouldn’t it be interesting to ride along with THEM for just one day and get a look behind-the-scenes at what they do?

With this in mind, I decided to thoroughly document one full day of my life. Come along for the ride as I pull back the curtain and show you what the adventure looks like!

Of course, no two days of my life are ever exactly the same (which I suspect is probably the same case for you), but overall, I would say this is a fairly accurate portrayal of what my average day looks like. If anything, most of my work days are probably even less eventful than this (because I don’t usually visit my rentals or drive through downtown Grand Rapids like this).

Here’s a quick recap of my schedule (note: this video was recorded on 6/10/17).

7:00am – Wake up. Stare into space for 45 minutes. Get dressed.

8:00am – Eat breakfast. Hang out with the wife and kids.

9:00am – Get in car. Stop by Pakmail to check mailbox.

9:15am – Get to gym. Workout.

10:30am – Drive by duplex to check on recent concrete project.

11:00am – Arrive at my “office” for the day. Respond to emails and answer questions.

12:00am – Renew all ads on Craigslist, review and update all marketing material.

12:30pm – Check in with the forum and answer questions at REtipster.Club.

1:00pm – Mastermind Meeting with Lucas Hall (Landlordology.com), Jaren Barnes (SimpleWholesaling.com) and Al Williamson (LeadingLandlord.com).

2:30pm – Follow up with buyer on eBay.

3:00pm – Respond to emails from interested buyers of other properties.

3:30pm – Respond to new emails from REtipster Blog.

5:00pm – Drive home and have dinner w/ family.

5:30pm – Play time.

6:00pm – Drive to the local “Start of Summer Celebration”.

7:00pm – Get home. Put kids to bed.

8:00pm – Watch Netflix with my wife.

9:30pm – Put self to bed.

Finally, it’s worth noting that some aspects of my work day are very boring. To avoid YOU having to watch me type away at a computer for hours on end (which is literally what would happen on most work days), some of those less-exciting parts of my day were cut out of this video.

Thanks for watching!

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About the author

Seth Williams is a land investor and residential income property owner, with hundreds of closed transactions and nearly a decade of experience in the commercial real estate banking industry. He is also the Founder of REtipster.com - a real estate investing blog that offers real world guidance for part-time real estate investors.

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  1. Rajkumari Dixit says:

    I’m always busy in my daily work no time any other activities then i do But your blog is Amazing i like it thanks for sharing about daily routine schedule.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks for checking it out! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Dan says:

    Haha! We also have our sacred TV time built into our schedule in the evening.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      It’s important! Isn’t it?

  3. Rod says:

    Yep, my day is exactly the same for the 7am part only. Ha ha. What time of day or time of the week do you write and is it always the same? My bet is it’s not first thing in the morning.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hahaha, well I’m glad we have at least that much in common Rod. My writing days vary from week to week (and yeah, it’s usually in the late-morning and/or afternoon). A lot of it tends to happen from Wednesday – Friday (simply because I try to meet my self-imposed publishing deadline of Monday each week).

      1. Ivan Terrero says:

        No devo time?

        1. Seth Williams says:

          Good catch Ivan. You’re right, I totally missed this… looks like I dropped the ball that day. I need to do a better job of actually scheduling that time in my calendar.

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