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One of the best ways to sell properties quickly is to establish your online credibility with a well-designed website.

When your website and property listings look great and are easy to use, people will find it much easier to engage with your property listings and ultimately, buy what you’re selling.

Making a great first impression with your website will give you instant credibility – but how are YOU supposed to pull this off?

In a world where big-time real estate firms pay tens of thousands for a top-notch website, how can you create something that stands out from the crowd?

REI landlistLuckily, there is a WordPress theme designed for people just like you and me. It’s called REI Landlist and of all the real estate WordPress themes I’ve seen over the past decade, this one is BY FAR the easiest, most plug-and-play theme I’ve encountered to date.

After you move a few small pieces into place (which I’m about to show you), you’ll have a gorgeous platform on which you can showcase your properties to the world.

Part 1: Creating Your Website

For a quick refresher on how to get your website online (starting from square one), this first video will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Registering Your Domain
  2. Hosting Setup
  3. Installing WordPress (your website building platform)

Get Started with Bluehost!

Part 2: Building Out Your Website

Once you’ve completed Part 1 – it’s time to put together your selling website. In the next video, I’ll take you through the following steps:

  1. Installing REI Landlist
  2. Installing Plugins
  3. Integrating MailChimp (or your email service of choice)
  4. Adding/Editing Listings
  5. How to make edits, change pictures, change text, etc.
  6. How to update each of the pre-made pages

I’ll show you how simple it is in the video below…

Get Started with REI Landlist!

Plugins, Pages, Layouts, and Content

Part of what makes this theme so great is that it’s easy to use.

It’s also built specifically with land sellers in mind – so it doesn’t include loads of irrelevant functionality that doesn’t apply to the land business. You’ll find all of what you actually need and virtually nothing that you don’t. This will save you a ton of time and make the whole process much less complicated.

If you worked with any other WordPress themes before, you’ll know that they’re almost never “plug-and-play” simple. There are usually a TON of extra tweaks and customizations you have to make after installing the theme files and plugins. Even when a theme is branded as a “real estate them”, most of them are still like wandering through a maze to get your website put together the right way.

REI Landlist has eliminated 90% of the steps you’d normally have to worry about when setting up a new website. It’s really a pretty incredible thing they’ve put together.

This is the only theme designed specifically for the land investing business and built to work with WordPress. It was built with the intention of helping you scale and save time. It can be a great solution for land investors looking to flip, wholesale, or rent out a vacant land property.

Updates to REI Landlist

Another great thing about REI Landlist is that it’s NOT a 5-year-old WordPress theme that doesn’t work in today’s environment. It is constantly evolving, being improved, and optimized for how users behave today.

In 2020 alone, a lot of new features and functionality has been added to this theme to ensure it performs at the highest level.

Google My Maps

A great new feature that is especially useful in the vacant land business (where properties can be notoriously difficult to locate) is the addition of Google My Maps which allows you to map out all of your properties on Google and on both the homepage and property listing page.

google my maps

This can be hugely helpful in allowing your potential buyers to see precisely where each of your properties is located, what they’re located near, and how to get to them.

Property Content Lock

Another major opportunity you have on your selling website is the ability to build your buyers list.

This just got A LOT easier with the property content lock, which is a 100% optional feature you can turn on. It requires visitors to sign up for your buyers list in order to see more details about your property listings.

property content lock

Normally, you would have to create a whole separate landing page to accomplish this (and there can be some benefits to this approach), but if you don’t want to maintain yet another website, you can easily turn on this feature to capture new contacts for your buyers list right from the selling website you already have.

This opt-in form is 100% customizable (so it can say whatever you want) and you can have it pop up on either the home page or limit it to each specific property listing page.

Customizable Property Features and Property Information

REI Landlist always did a great job of displaying land-specific property features on each listing, but if you want to get even more specific about what information is displayed about your properties, this theme now allows you to include customizable icons and information on each listing.

property feature icons

These extra creative touches can make a listing much easier to read and comprehend, which ultimately leads to more people saying “YES! I’ll buy it!”.

Zapier Property Listing

If you’re a fan of automation, you’re going to love this feature. You can now list your properties directly to your REI Landlist website from your CRM system with the Zapier Property Listing plugin. You can see an example of how this works with Trello (as one of many examples) in this video…

This can save a lot of time and get your inventory listed on your site significantly faster.

New Skin: Clarity

The original REI Landlist theme already looks pretty great, but if you’ve ever wanted to change up the look and feel of your website, REI Landlist has a new skin called “Clarity” that will allow you to customize the look of your site even further.

This definitely isn’t a “must” for your website to do its job, but if you’re one who obsesses over the aesthetic of your websites (like I do), this could be a great new feature for you to use.

Integration with Pebble

If you haven’t heard of Pebble yet, it’s a GREAT new software (built by REI Conversion) that can vastly improve your direct mail, lead tracking, and a lot more (it’s really worth checking out).


For those who use Pebble for their mailing, it now integrates directly with all REI Conversion websites as well.

Ease of Use

Probably the most remarkable thing about this theme is how easy it is to use. Compared to every other WordPress theme I’ve used, this is BY FAR the most intuitive one I’ve seen.

My skills and knowledge with WordPress are intermediate at best (I’m not a total novice, but definitely not an expert). When I installed this theme for the first time, most of what I needed to do was pretty easy to figure out, and if something didn’t automatically “click” for me, it was covered very well in the REI Landlist Knowledge Base.

The tutorials are very easy to follow, and if you just take the time to understand each step, it’s pretty hard to get lost.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a few different pricing options available for the REI Landlist theme.

You have the option of doing an annual subscription OR making a one-time payment, so you can literally own your website, and not lose it if/when you decide to stop your subscription.

While each option is a bit more expensive than you’d usually see for one of the lower-quality real estate themes out there (you know… the kind that will only get you halfway to what you actually want), I think the value is still pretty obvious when you account for what you’re getting here.

  • You’ll get a website URL you actually own (not something you’ll lose access to if you decide to cancel your subscription).
  • A huge range of customization capabilities that aren’t available in some of the more expensive subscription services.
  • You’ll get a theme designed specifically for land investors, by land investors – with none of the useless functionality that bogs down your website.

True Story: Back in 2008, I hired someone on Elance (nowadays, it’s known as Upwork) to build my website. I paid $1,500 for my selling website… and it wasn’t even that useful. It looked great and made me look credible, but it lacked most of the basic features and functionality I needed. At the time, I wanted something that looked pretty and I didn’t understand what my website actually needed to do in order to perform well.

If I’d had something like this theme at my disposal back then… WOW, just wow. I would’ve been FAR better equipped to run the selling side of my business.

What you’re getting here is all the functionality you’ll ever need, no matter which pricing option you choose, which brings a value that FAR exceeds the cost.

Making Your Website Unique

REI Landlist will give you an excellent framework to work with, but you need to fill in the blanks.

web design

Part of what makes this theme so easy to work with is that you’re getting a fully functional website with just a few clicks. Much of the content is pre-loaded for you (images, buttons, sample listings, etc). However, if you want your website to look different from the other REI Landlist users out there, here are a few easy ways you can customize your site and make it your own:

  • Get a great company logo and add it to the header and footer (check out Fiverr, 99Designs, and/or Squarespace for some very cost-effective options).
  • Fill out all the pages on your site and provide excellent information about your company and how you operate (on the About, FAQ and Contact pages).
  • Customize the colors to match your brand (a website like is a great tool for this)
  • Review and update ALL of the text throughout your site. Don’t just use the canned content that comes with the theme, make it your own!
  • Include some beautiful, high-quality images in the background and header sections of each page (hint: a website like Unsplash or PikWizard is GREAT for this – all the images are free to use!)
  • Change the fonts and your website will have a much more distinctive look to it (see this tutorial).
  • Get great pictures of every property you list.
  • Add maps, videos, features, and additional info to each property listing (i.e. – try to answer every feasible question that prospects will have about your property).

Of course, if you want to go even further but you don’t have the time/desire to learn it all yourself, don’t be afraid to hire a developer from a website like Upwork or Fiverr. If you have a few hundred extra dollars to invest, you can go crazy with extra features and customized layouts that will take your website to the next level and look 100% unique to your company and brand.

RELATED: Outsourcing Your Way to Success

REI Landlist really does get you most of the way to where you need to be – leaving very little room for improvement (and that’s not something I can say for 99% of WordPress themes out there), but if you’re willing to go just a little bit further, your website truly can be one-of-a-kind.

Every Website is a Work-In-Progress

The biggest takeaway I hope you’ll get from the tutorial is a basic understanding of how WordPress and REI Landlist works.

As time goes on, you’ll probably recognize new ways to change the look and layout of your website (I make small changes to mine all the time). Take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment. The more you’re willing to test things out, the more you’ll learn about how to fine-tune your website to better serve your customers.

A great website is NOT a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of tool (though many people treat it this way). It’s something that should be constantly evolving to meet the needs of your company and your customers. With the basics covered above, you should be able to get started and be well on your way to creating a great website that will make you look like the pro you are.

Do You Need A Selling Website?

Do you absolutely need a selling website for your real estate business?

No – you don’t absolutely need it.

A selling website won’t solve all your problems BUT, if you want to create a great online representation for your company and the properties you are trying to sell, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be using this kind of tool.

I know of a few investors who have never gone through the motions of creating one. They have survived, but I think it has also made their selling process more difficult than it needs to be. In my mind, it’s less a question of “Can I live without it?” and more a question of, “How much harder will my selling process be if I ignore this?

Trust me – this is an extremely helpful tool to have at your disposal. That’s why I’m promoting these resources here on the blog because I know how powerful good a selling website can be for your business (because it has been a game-changer for mine).

BONUS: Real Estate SEO Guide

The Real Estate SEO GuideSince I’m a referral partner for both Bluehost and REI Landlist (i.e. – I make a few bucks if/when you purchase something through either of these links), I wanted to give you a little extra bonus if you decide to use either of these services.

I took the time to write a detailed report explaining the in’s and out’s of how I’ve managed to generate a lot of quality traffic for my various websites (i.e. – several thousand unique visitors per month). I’d like to show you exactly how to generate this kind of traffic for your selling website as well.

If you make a purchase through any of the referral links above, simply forward your receipt to me at, and within 24 hours, I’ll send you a link that you can use to download a copy of this guide.

There is no extra charge for this report – I just want to make it available as a special “thank you” to those of you who are helping me keep the REtipster Blog afloat.

Traffic Toolkit1

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