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A “squeeze page” (also known as a landing page or an opt-in page) is a single web page, designed for the purpose of capturing information from visitors (usually a name, email addresses, and occasionally, a phone number).

The idea behind this type of single-page website is to squeeze a person’s email address and/or phone number in return for something of value.

We’ve all stumbled across this type of website before. They’re generally seen as an annoying, spammy gimmick of the internet (because most of them are pretty poorly designed), but the fact is – a well-designed squeeze page (one that looks good and provides some compelling reasons to sign up) can be extremely effective at building a buyers list for a real estate business.

Many investors (myself included) use this type of website for the purpose of building a list of like-minded investors who have expressed interest in hearing about the upcoming property listings being brought to the market.

This kind of list can also be used to let people know about other products or services that may interest them if it’s done sparingly, and in a way that is clearly relevant to the audience that signed up for the list.

Why is a Buyers List Important?

A buyers list is a great way for you to take control of your sales process.

When most people list their property for sale, their control is very limited. All they can do is post it on as many sites as possible and hope and pray that the right buyer will stumble across their listing. This approach can certainly work in time, but if the property isn’t the best of the best deals on the market (a highly desirable property at a price that is far below market value), it can also take a lot of time and patience for properties to sell this way.

REI landlist

The beauty of a cash buyers list is that you can blast your property listings out to hundreds of people at a time and make them see what you have to offer (rather than waiting for them to notice you). If you’ve ever been stuck with a property on the market that just won’t sell (one of the most helpless feelings in the world), you can probably imagine how important and powerful a good buyers list can be.

Instead of posting, re-posting, and re-re-posting your listings all over the internet and waiting for people to contact you… what if you could take control of the situation and sell your properties with one email?

Building an audience of hungry buyers can have a HUGE effect on how quickly your properties sell! Now, let’s talk about how to start building one for yourself.

How To Create A Squeeze Page

I’ve used a few different types of websites and WordPress themes to build this type of landing page in the past.

If you know what you’re doing (what words to use, what kind of value you can offer, how to design a beautiful page), it’s always feasible to achieve the desired end result, but the process of getting there can be much harder with some systems, and much easier with others.

In this video, I’ll show you how to put together your landing page with a few of the latest squeeze page templates from REI Conversion. If you’re a subscriber to this service, it will be pretty straightforward to make it happen – but even if you’re using something else, a lot of the same principles will still apply.

If you aren’t already an REI Conversion user, you can sign up through the REtipster affiliate link. At no additional cost to you, REtipster will receive a small commission, so we can continue putting out blog posts and videos like this.

Sign Up for REI Conversion!

Also, here are some affiliate links to some of the other resources mentioned in the video above:

Email Marketing Platforms

Text and Ringless Voicemail

  • Textiful (use this for getting sign ups by text, and sending out text blasts)
  • JustDeliverIt (use this for ringless voicemail drops)

Video Creation Services

  • Lumen5 (a more expensive video creation service, but easier to use)
  • InVideo (a less expensive and more flexible video creation service, but also less user-friendly)

As you can see from the video above, this process isn’t complicated. You can get your landing page set up in a matter of minutes.

Why REI Conversion?

rei conversion logoREI Conversion is certainly not the only way to create a landing page like this. There are a TON of other ways to create a single-page website that exists solely for the purpose of collecting phone numbers and email addresses.

That being said – if you’re a land investor like me, it’s the most plug-and-play option and the best way to kill a few birds with one stone, by using it to create not only a squeeze page but also a buying website and a selling website.

You don’t need to know anything about building websites in order to get these things set up. They provide best-in-class customer service and even if you get stuck on something (which isn’t likely, because they’ve already made it pretty easy), they have plenty of resources they can point you to, and depending on which level you sign up for, you can even get personalized assistance to set everything up.

Most of us specialize in real estate investing, NOT website development. Why should you have to become an expert in a whole other field just to get a simple website up and running?

I’ve actually been fortunate enough to work directly with Jessey (Founder of REI Conversion) on designing several aspects of how their websites are laid out. Whenever he and his team start creating new website types and layouts, they ask for my input, I give it to them, and they actually implement a bunch of my suggestions!

With this service, you’ll have the ability to create a website for both the buying arm of your business AND the selling arm of your business (which can also serve as a tool for collecting email addresses and phone numbers for your buyers list). Each one comes with a TON of value-added resources:

  • The system uses a “mobile responsive” design, so your site will look great on any device.
  • With the Ninja Forms Zapier Add-On, your website can integrate with email marketing providers like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, MailerLite, and more.
  • REI Conversion sites are built specifically for real estate investors, by real estate investors.
  • Comes equipped with dozens of video tutorials on how to edit and optimize and your site.
  • Includes multiple skins for your theme, so you can make your site stand out and look more unique on the internet.
  • In-house support is available by phone and email.

If you’re looking for the right solution for setting up your websites, I can vouch for this one. REI Conversion is a great resource to have at your disposal.

Do You Need A Squeeze Page?

Let’s best honest about this, do you absolutely NEED a squeeze page for your real estate business?
No. You don’t absolutely need it.
A website like this won’t solve all your problems, and it’s not a requirement to get your properties sold. However, if you want to build a solid list of buyers (one that will make it much faster and easier to sell properties, saving you months of lost time, money, and energy along the way), a well-designed squeeze page can be a very effective way to do it.
You can certainly live without a squeeze page, but it’s not so much a question of,

“Can I live without it?”

as much as it’s a question of,

“How much is it costing me to NOT build a buyers list right now?”

This is an extremely helpful tool to have at your disposal, and at the end of the day, it’s a huge time-saver and a money-maker.

BONUS: Seth’s Traffic Toolkit

real estate seo guideSince I’m a referral partner for REI Conversion (i.e. – I make a few bucks if/when you make a purchase through the various links above), I wanted to give you something extra special if you decide to use either of these services.

I took some time to write a detailed report explaining the in’s and out’s of how I’ve managed to generate a lot of quality traffic for my various websites (several thousand unique visitors per month and growing). I want to show you how to generate the same kind of traffic for your website.

If you sign up through any of the links above, simply forward your receipt to me at, and within 24 hours, I’ll email you back with a link you can use to download a copy of this guide.

I could easily sell this report right here at the bottom of this post, but instead, I want to make it available as a special “thank you” for those of you who are helping me keep this site afloat.

Traffic Toolkit1

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