For as long as I can remember, I've always been on the lookout for wisdom.

The funny thing about wisdom is that it comes in many different forms, it can be gleaned from all kinds of situations and you'll hear it in all kinds of places.

One unexpected place where I've found MANY such examples of this is from LifeProTips on Reddit. There is some CRAZY good advice here!

After several months of collecting the best nuggets of wisdom I could find, I decided to compile 30 of them here on the blog, because I think they're all worth taking to heart.

1. Reread it the next day with fresh eyes

LifeProTip24 - reread it the next day with fresh eyes

via Reddit

2. Ask your employees

LifeProTips23 - ask your employees what the hardest part of their job is

via Reddit

3. Never expect to get lent money back

LifeProTip22 - never expect to get lent money back

via Reddit

4. Tell them while they're still alive

LifeProTip21 - tell them while they're still alive

via Reddit

5. When the walls are too thin

LifeProTip28 - 10 minutes of silence

via Reddit

6. Be a problem solver, not a problem creator

LifeProTip26 - be a problem solver not a problem creator

via Reddit

7. Change the form of communication

LifeProTip25 - change the form of communication

via Reddit

8. Never pay a company to work for them

LifeProTip27 - if you ever have to pay a company to work for them, it's a scam

via Reddit

9. The Spent Giftcard Trick

Life Pro Tip 1 - Spent Giftcard Trick

via Reddit

10. Change the Locks

change the locks

via Reddit

11. Pay Full Price

business owner friend

via Reddit

12. The 10-10-10 Rule

10-10-10 rule

via Reddit

13. Taking Unsolicited Advice

unsolicited advice

via Reddit

14. When You're Approved for Credit

credit approval

via Reddit

15. When People Make Mistakes

anger mistakes

via Reddit

16. You Get What You Negotiate

negotiate not deserved

via Reddit

17. Find Your Dream Job

working backwards career

via Reddit

18. Buy a Book Instead of a Card

book instead of card

via Reddit

19. If you have something nice to say about someone, say it!

LifeProTip11 - if you have something nice to say about someone, say it!

via Reddit

20. Keep one extra day.

LifeProTip12 - keep one extra day after vacation

via Reddit

21. Say something you like about them.

mention something you like

via Reddit

22. Ask them what they're passionate about.

LifeProTip14 - ask what they're passionate about

via Reddit

23. Don't talk about an achievement until it's 100% set in stone.

LifeProTip15 - don't talk about an achievement until it's complete

via Reddit

24. Admit your mistakes.

LifeProTips16 - if you make a mistake admit it

via Reddit

25. Establish common ground.

LifeProTip17 - when debating establish common ground

via Reddit

26. When someone says or does something that makes you happy, tell them!

LifeProTip18 - when someone makes you happy tell them

via Reddit

27. When you get great ideas, do them right away.

LifeProTip19 - write down great ideas and do them right away

via Reddit

28. Focus on the error and not the person.

LifeProTip20 - when someone makes an error put the emphasis on the error

via Reddit

29. Don't put your life on hold waiting for closure.

LifeProTip29 - don't put your life on hold waiting for closure

via Reddit

30. If something scares you, do it three times.

LifeProTip30 - if something scares you, do it three times

via Reddit

Do you have any great LifeProTips that everyone should know about? Share them with us in the comments below!

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