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There are a lot of amazing resources on the internet today. Unfortunately, most people will live their entire lives without knowing about 98% of them.

As you'll probably notice, only a few of these websites are targeted toward the real estate industry, and most are quite versatile. Nevertheless – they all have a specific application, and you can start putting them to work in your real estate business today. Here they are (in no particular order)…

50 Useful Websites You've Never Heard Of

  1. pandadoc.com – Upload digital contracts and get legally binding signatures online.
  2. realtyshares.com – Invest in crowdfunded real estate from your phone with as little as $10
  3. bombbomb.com – Use your webcam to create and send instant video emails.
  4. followupthen.com – Easy-to-use email reminders.
  5. landwatch.com – The premier marketplace to buy or sell land.
  6. epa.gov – Find out about environmental issues near your property (tutorial).
  7. unsplash.com – Free high-quality images that require no attribution or royalties.
  8. primopdf.com – Convert any document to PDF from any file type.
  9. meetedgar.com – Automate your social media posting on multiple platforms.
  10. fundrise.com – Invest in crowdfunded eREIT real estate funds around the U.S.
  11. voiceshot.com – Phone & text broadcasting – great for communicating with your buyers list.
  12. join.me – Share your screen over the web.
  13. spokeo.com – The fastest way to find a person's phone, email, and other contact information.
  14. onlineocr.net – Recognize text from scanned PDFs – see other OCR tools.
  15. wetransfer.com – File sharing, when you need to share HUGE files online.
  16. polishmywriting.com – Instantly check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors.
  17. marker.to – Highlight the important parts of a web page for easy sharing.
  18. highrisehq.com – Keep track of business contacts in a cloud-based platform.
  19. mlcalc.com – Figure out your monthly payment with this simple mortgage calculator.
  20. tenantcloud.com – Free property management software for mom & pop landlords.
  21. canva.com/photos – A huge selection of free and premiums stock photos.
  22. similarsites.com – Find other websites similar to the ones you already use.
  23. mindjet.com – Virtual collaboration & project management suite for your entire team.
  24. mikogo.com – A remote desktop tool for your online meeting and web conferencing needs.
  25. faxzero.com – Send a fax online for free.
  26. bubbl.us – Create mind-maps and brainstorm ideas in your internet browser.
  27. zipmap.net – Find the exact boundaries of any zip code in the United States.
  28. msc.fema.gov – Find out if your property is located in a flood zone.
  29. tinychat.com – Setup a private chat room in seconds.
  30. privnote.com – Create private text notes that self-destruct after being read.
  31. ewhois.com – Find the other websites of a person with reverse analytics lookup.
  32. hootsuite.com – Connect all of your social media accounts in one easy-to-use platform.
  33. disposablewebpage.com – Create a temporary web page that self-destructs.
  34. sxc.hu – Need stock images? You can download these for free.
  35. scribblemaps.com – Create custom Google Maps easily.
  36. downforeveryoneorjustme.com – Check to see if a website is down or if it's just you.
  37. postermywall.com – Find plenty of high-quality video templates.
  38. safeweb.norton.com – Check the trust level of any website.
  39. deadurl.com – You’ll need if your bookmarked web pages are ever accidentally deleted.
  40. minutes.io – Take notes quickly during meetings.
  41. talltweets.com – Send tweets longer than 140 characters.
  42. pancake.io – Create a free and simple website using your Dropbox account.
  43. woorank.com – Research a website from the SEO perspective.
  44. mixlr.com – Broadcast a live audio message over the internet.
  45. notes.io – The easiest way to write short text notes in the browser.
  46. ctrlq.org/html-mail – Send rich-text, anonymous emails to anyone.
  47. fiverr.com – Hire people worldwide to do things for as little as $5.
  48. otixo.com – Easily manage your online files.
  49. ifttt.com – Create a connection between all your online accounts.
  50. textexpander.com – Create pre-written snippets and generate long-form text with just a few keystrokes.

Do you know of any useful websites that aren't listed above? Let us know about them in the forum!

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