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Wondering what kind of gift to get for the real estate professionals in your life? These thoughtful options are sure to please, as they'll come in handy for those mad dashes from property to property or for those days when the car doubles as an office.

1. Yeti Coffee Tumbler

If your favorite real-estate pro spends most of her time on the road, a Yeti coffee tumbler helps provide that caffeinated fuel to get from one client meeting to another. These tumblers are far more durable than most, keeping coffee hot for hours on end. They're also great for keeping iced coffee cool on a hot summer day.

2. Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth headset is a perfect gift for the real-estate pro that spends more time on the phone than a telemarketer. It's also a great way to ensure safety for the agent that takes calls while en route from one showing to the next. Tech Radar rounds up some of the best Bluetooth headset options for 2020.

3. Laser Distance Meter Pen

Save your favorite real estate agent some time estimating square footage with a miniature laser distance meter. The Prexiso laser distance measuring pen, which is slightly larger than an actual pen, makes easy work of measuring room sizes for square footage. This device measures up to 50 feet away, so it's perfect for home sellers.

4. Magnetic Dashboard Cellphone Holder

The cellphone is, by far, one of the most-used tools of the real-estate pro on the go. For those drives from location to location, a dashboard-mounted cellphone holder helps ensure hands-free phone use. It also comes in handy if using a phone as a GPS device. The iOttie ITAP 2 holds all sorts of phones in the perfect drive-time position, and since it holds the phone in place with magnets, it's just as easy to remove the phone when necessary. (For other options, check out this writeup by Wirecutter. )

5. Passenger Seat Car Organizer

Paperwork, phones, files and, oh yeah, paperwork! The real-estate pro that spends a lot of time behind the wheel will appreciate the High Road car organizer. This particular model has plenty of pockets for files, folders, loose paperwork, a tablet, sunglasses, you name it. It's also designed to easily swing behind the headrest for those client ridealongs. High Road also offers trunk and glove-compartment organizers, or even a fast-food tray for those meals on the go.

6. Rechargeable Flashlight

A quality flashlight is a must-have for an agent or Realtor searching for basement light switches and fuseboxes. A lightweight flashlight with adjustable beam focus comes in handy for broad or pinpoint coverage when needed. As an added bonus, the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 flashlight charges via USB, so it can be plugged into the phone charger in the car or even into a computer's USB port for a jolt of juice.

7. Combination Lock Box

A lockbox that stores spare keys under the door handle saves tons of time when it comes to showing a property, as there's no need to wait for whoever keeps the keys. The Master Lock 5400D looks a lot like a large combination padlock, except it has an inner storage area that holds up to five keys. This device comes in handy again and again, and it costs less than $25.

8. Portable Power Bank

Portable electronic devices such as tablets and phones run out of power when used frequently, so for the real-estate pro who's always on the go, this can be a problem. Enter the Aukey USB C portable power bank, which charges up to four devices at once in less time than if charging devices by plugging them directly into an outlet. This device charges most phones and tablets, while beefier models also support laptops.

9. Grafomap

san francisco grafomapIf you know anyone whose walls are in desperate need of new decor, get them a Grafomap! All you have to do is type in the location, adjust the frame to show what looks best, and you’ll get a beautiful map, which can be displayed in any one of several designs. No joke, it took me no more than 30 seconds to create each one of these…

Pretty sharp, eh? Designing these things is completely idiot-proof. Just pick your area, select the design parameters and you'll be off to the races!

10. Caffeine, in Gift-Card Form

For the pro fueled by caffeine, a gift card to a favorite coffee shop is always a welcome option. A Starbucks card is a great choice, especially if several nearby locations have drive-thru windows. If your favorite agent meets clients in local cafes or restaurants, a card for their favorite meetup spot sure to please.

11. Windproof Umbrella

Showing properties means dealing with all sorts of weather. A travel umbrella that won't turn inside out on a gusty day is a must-have for the serious real-estate pro. The Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella offers easy one-handed operation and closes small enough to carry in a bag, briefcase or purse. It's the top-selling travel umbrella on Amazon and also the top pick by Wirecutter.

12. Personalized Font

Everyone knows a hand-written letter can go a long way. But who has time to write an actual, hand-written letter these days? You do! That's right! With a personalized font from vLetter, you can type out a message with a font that looks exactly like your own handwriting.

If you want to get really fancy, the vLetter Pro package will give you a font that uses alternating variations of each letter in the alphabet (e.g. – so the letter “a” won't look exactly the same through the document).

After you see how cool this is, you'll probably want to send everyone a hand-written “Thank You” letter. 🙂

Do you know of any cool gadgets or tools that are useful to real estate professionals? Let us know about them in the comments below!

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