investing in panama coffee farms

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Earlier this year, I decided to get into the coffee farming business through a company called International Coffee Farms.

Of all the things in the world – why a coffee farm??

There are a lot of reasons (most of which I explore in this blog post), but to sum it up in a few bullet points…

  • The money I invest with a company like ICFC goes to create fair-paying, socially and environmentally sustainable jobs for the local farmers in Boquete, Panama.
  • Aside from the upfront investment, owning a coffee farm requires literally nothing from me. I just sit there and get paid each year, for as long as I own the property and the farming operation produces a harvest.
  • There are literally no ongoing expenses to pay (no maintenance, no upkeep, no property taxes, no mortgage payments – zero). Any ongoing costs are covered by the revenue generated by the farming operation.
  • This investment is not tied to the US real estate market or economy. Even if the US economy takes a nosedive tomorrow, there is constant, ongoing demand for coffee around the world, which makes it easier to forecast the supply and demand for decades into the future.
  • The property is titled in my name. This isn't part of some REIT, I literally own it.
  • I can also benefit from the appreciation of the farmland (though in my mind, this is more of a side benefit. I wouldn't buy this kind of property solely because of the appreciation I hope to gain).
  • I chose to title my properties in the name of my self-directed Roth IRA, which means all of my income will be tax-free (which is kind of a huge deal).

In this episode of the REtipster Podcast, we sit down with David Sewell, the Founder of International Coffee Farms, to discuss all the details on how this investment opportunity works, why it makes sense, and what type of investors it might appeal to.

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