Bill Watterson Comic Excerpt

Several years ago, I stumbled across this piece from ZenPencils and thought it was BRILLIANT.

As someone who moonlighted for years as a part-time real estate investor before finally quitting my job to be my own boss, this little comic strip (created by one of my all-time favorite authors growing up) spoke to me on a deep level. If your employment situation is anything like the vast majority of part-timers out there, I think it will strike a chord with you too.

Bill Watterson gives us an encouraging reminder that there are plenty of people in the world who do what they must so they can do what they love.

Take a few minutes and check this out – I think you’ll enjoy it…

Watterson Comic



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  1. David Ray says:

    Awesome strip. I see the occasional blog post online here and there about this subject but seeing it visually was a nice change of pace!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks David – I’m glad you liked it! Check out Zen Pencils for more cool posts like this!

  2. Lisa Pope says:

    Great post and reminder and to not give up on your dreams

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Lisa – I thought it was awesome too. 🙂

  3. Jamane says:

    Loved it, since I feel like that right about now! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Awesome – I think we’ve all felt this from time to time. You’re not alone Jamane!

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