Today, I'm excited to share a three-part conversation with Ajay Sharma, in which we explored the entire sales framework he and his team use to acquire land.

We're breaking down the whole range of what goes into a successful land acquisition process. This includes boosting your probability of success with every lead, using a proven script for any occasion, handling objections, and building a rockstar team that can implement these processes.

I divided our lengthy discussion into three parts: Lead Generation (Part 1), Seller Negotiation (Part 2), and Building a Team (Part 3). You can jump right into the part that interests you or listen to all three parts in order.


Part 1: Lead Generation

In the first of this three-part guide to land seller negotiation (see video above), Ajay breaks down his lead management framework, leveraging the phone call's power.

He shows how to identify and eliminate “deal killers” before even picking up the phone and demonstrates triple-dialing leads within the first 48 hours and scheduling appointments. Once a lead is captured, Ajay lays out his three-bucket system for managing warm leads.

But it's not just about the frequency; it's about the message, too. Ajay talks about why building rapport and working through objections over the phone are important, and what you can do when crickets over text sometimes happen.

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Part 2: Seller Negotiation

The real salesmanship happens in the second part of this three-part series. Ajay unpacks how to connect with the seller, present the offer, and handle any objections that might come up.

Ajay employs the “past, present, future” questioning technique. This helps uncover the seller's pain points and potential future objections. He also outlines the four common deal killers—certainty/risk, timing, partner/spouse, and price—and how to proactively address them during the conversation.

Ultimately, the goal is to help the seller decide whether to work with Ajay's team or not. Ajay underscores that the job of a land investor is about helping the seller achieve their goals.

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Part 3: Building a Team

Welcome back to the third and final part of the Land Seller Negotiation guide! This time, we're looking at the finer details of how to handle all of what we've discussed so far. And, you guessed it, it's all about building the right team and equipping them with the tools to succeed.

In this video, Ajay explains how to find the right people. He stresses the importance of a cultural fit test called a “road trip test” to see if you'd enjoy being around them for extended periods. When you find the right people, you also have to train them. Ajay is a firm believer in the “I do,” “we do,” and “you do” training process, which he will detail in this video.

Ajay believes that your team is only as good as its input. Without proper training and support, no lead generation strategy—no matter how brilliant—survives first contact.

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Your Turn to Implement Ajay's Lead-to-Deal Strategy!

Ajay's battle-tested strategies can transform your land investing business—if you do them right and play to your strengths. The better part is identifying which of his strategies makes sense for where you are in your land investing journey and whether they're the right tools for the job.

If you're ready to see results, check out episode 132 of the REtipster Podcast on combining these techniques with Callan Faulkner's cutting-edge marketing strategy. Advance your real estate sales and marketing game with two of the best minds in the business!

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