012: Supercharge Your Business with the Power of Story

Have you ever been captivated by an amazing story?

If you're a human – chances are, the answer is a resounding YES.

Most of us can easily recall the best books we've ever read, the greatest movies we've seen and fairy tales we heard as children that have stuck with us through the years – and there's a good reason behind that.

Stories are powerful.

They have the ability to make any message more palatable, understandable, easy to accept and digest.

Whatever business you're in, you can use the power of story to deliver your message, sell your product and change the world.

In this interview, I talk with my good friend Rob Hughes about how we can all leverage story to increase our impact in the marketplace. Rob is a certified StoryBrand Guide with a great deal of insight to share on the subject.

Here's our original video interview…

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  • Neil says:

    What good timing. I discovered Story Brand about 3 weeks ago (I don’t recall how, exactly — another podcast? Facebook ad?). Since then I’ve been tweaking my website and my very first blind-offer mailer using the Story Brand concepts. Today’s REtipster podcast gave me a few more ideas (“We recognize…” and “Imagine…”). This has all but assured my first mailer will have a 99% response rate — ha. Thank you both!

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