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A closing gift is a great way to show clients, buyers, and sellers that you appreciate their business, and it also reminds them how helpful you were in making their deal come together.

A thoughtful gift keeps your name in mind and just might inspire your clients to mention you to their friends, other interested buyers, and sellers.

Not just any random gift will do, though. Aim for a closing gift that a new home buyer will find useful or one tailored to their interests. When your gift is right on target, they’ll remember it. And if it's terrible, they'll remember that too.

Here are some great gift examples and closing gift ideas (and a few that are not so great).

1. A Home Improvement Store Gift Card

This goes without saying, but moving into a new home often means lots of trips to the nearest home-improvement or hardware store. Whether the home needs a complete overhaul, a fresh color of wall paint or even cleaning supplies, a gift card to Lowe’s or Home Depot is an excellent choice for a closing gift. This is one gift card that just about any type of homeowner will appreciate.

2. A New Home Journal to Track Important Information

Moving into a new home and maintaining it over the years is a lot easier with all the important information in one place. New Home Journal by Laura Agadoni offers space to write warranty and manufacturer information for major appliances, pages to track paint colors and updates to any part of the home, and even pages for plotting the ideal layout for furniture in the living room. This gift should be much appreciated by any homeowner, whether it’s their first or third home purchase.

3. A Localized Gift Basket

A gift basket featuring goods produced by local makers is a special treat, especially for homeowners new to the area. Put together a basket of goodies sourced from local independent shops. Locally roasted coffees, artisanal chocolates, and baked goods, or even coffee mugs featuring the city skyline are all welcome gifts for a new homeowner. If your community has a shop that sells an array of locally sourced goods, they may be willing to put the basket together for you.

4. A Ring Video Doorbell

A Ring video doorbell sends an alert any time someone approaches, whether they ring the bell or not. It streams video around the clock, so it’s easy to track when packages arrive or when people approach the door. Homeowners can listen to and speak with visitors through the device, or even respond with a prerecorded message. Ring devices require a wireless internet connection; a separate subscription service offers additional features.

5. An Uber Eats Gift Card

Moving in takes a lot of time and energy. For some people, cooking a meal is not even an option during those first days of heavy lifting and unpacking. Your clients can order the food they want from the restaurant of their choice with an Uber Eats gift card. This is even a great idea for newcomers who aren’t familiar with local restaurants, as Uber Eats shows local menu options within the app.

6. Kitchen and Bath Towels

Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter most. Sets of quality bath towels and kitchen linens offer a nice touch for first-time homebuyers who may not have an ample supply of towels on hand. (I received a set of bath towels as part of a closing gift on a home purchase, and I used and appreciated them for years. Monograms are optional.

7. A Customized Welcome Mat

A welcome mat with the family name or monogram is another nice option for first-time homeowners. Take cues from your buyers. If they’re dog owners, a mat featuring paw prints offers a special touch they’ll appreciate. Etsy offers just about every doormat option imaginable.

8. Gardening Tools and Supplies

First-time homeowners may also be enjoying the chance to tend their own gardens for the first time. A set of quality garden tools or a gift card to a garden center are welcome and thoughtful gifts for those eager to plant. A cordless lawn mower is a helpful choice for a home with a tiny yard.

9. House Address Plaque

Every house deserves visible address numbers; after all, your new homeowners want to make it easy for friends and relatives to find their new place. Wayfair offers just about every style of address plaques imaginable, so it’s easy to find one that suits the home’s color scheme and the owner’s decorative tastes.

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10. Barbecue Grill or Grilling Tools

A pre-assembled barbecue grill or meat smoker is a nice option for homeowners who enjoy cooking out. Choose a model that has plenty of space to grill food for the number of people in the home. If they plan to buy their own grill, a set of quality grilling tools, as well as dry-rub spice blends, are good gift options.

11. Outdoor Accents

A home with a nice patio or backyard area means those new homeowners are bound to spend a lot of time outdoors. A fire pit is a great idea, especially if you’ve heard the homeowners mention they’d like one, while a set of patio furniture (or a gift card for such) may be a safer bet. A garden bench is also a nice idea for a yard with some relaxing green space or a water feature in the back. If the yard has a pond, a gift card to a pond- or garden-supply store is also a great choice.

Bad Idea: Anything With Your Photo as a Main Feature

A customized closing gift can be a great way to drum up more business, but plastering your photo all over the gift turns it into an obvious advertisement. No framed photos of you in front of the house, or a travel mug with your face and contact information on it. If you do want to leave your name and company information in a way others can find you, leave it on a gift in the form of a small tag or nameplate, such as “warmest wishes from John Smith of Smith Realty.”

Bad Idea: Anything Requiring Assembly

While patio furniture and a barbecue grill are a great idea for a couple who plan to spend a lot of time in their new yard, they don’t want to spend that time assembling gifts. They’re already busy cleaning, unpacking and decorating their new home, not to mention their usual workaday activities. Don’t give them more work!

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