Belize Real Estate Will Mitchell Interview

Earlier this year, I heard about this guy named Will Mitchell, who is one of the major players in the Belize real estate market.

Now – why Belize, of all places? Why are we talking about this?

Well… I’ve always been curious about what’s involved with investing in real estate outside of the U.S. Not just about Belize per se, but I think Belize is an interesting illustration of how differently things work in other parts of the world (in some ways that make the business easier for real estate investors, and in some ways that make it harder).

For example…

  • Belize (and many countries) doesn’t have an MLS system. Most deals happen by word of mouth.
  • Getting conventional bank financing is NOT something that happens in the regular course of business in Belize. Most deals will only happen if the buyer can pay all cash, if the seller will finance it, or if some intermediary (other than a bank) is willing to finance the transaction.
  • Direct mail marketing (which is a major source of our deals in the U.S.) is also not a thing in Belize. There isn’t nearly the same kind of public access to property ownership data, which makes this approach pretty unfeasible in almost every scenario.

Not to mention – there are a lot of other things to think about when you start working under a different government, with different tax laws, different values, different languages and more.

The United States is just a small sliver of all the real estate in the world and through this interview, I hope we can all become more aware of the opportunities that exist outside of our country.

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  1. Jason says:

    I live in Lima Peru but only invest in the usa. Although there can be tempting deals in developing countries, in many Latin countries ownership laws are not that clear or favorable and often property can be lost to a squatter, or stuck in legal processes for decades. I have many friends in Peru that want to buy land in the USA because these and other difficulties.

    1. Good to know Jason – thanks for sharing that! Sounds like Belize has a different type of legal system that (hopefully) makes it more ideal to own real estate there, but I have heard similar things about other Latin American countries.

  2. Annie Huston says:

    I just want to say that was an excellent podcast. I just met a lady and her mother who is from Belize.

    1. Thanks for listening Annie! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Mike Justice says:

    Belize is a Investor paradise!!!

    1. Good to know Mike! Are you investing there now?

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