Something I don’t talk about nearly enough on this blog is the power of real estate video.

On one hand, I have to acknowledge – it’s a bit paradoxical that I love real estate video so much, because many of the properties I buy and sell are a LONG distance away, and they usually aren’t worth my while to visit in person or to pay someone else to get on-site video footage for me.

On the other hand, there are some properties (usually higher-end homes or tracts of land with unique, distinguishing features) that can absolutely benefit from a high quality, professionally compiled real estate video in the selling process.

When a property comes with a big enough profit margin, it can TOTALLY be a worthwhile investment (either in time, or money, or both) to get some great, on-site video footage and use it to compile a video listing for your property.

A lot of online listing websites are starting to recognize the important role that video plays in real estate advertising too. Sites like Zillow are now allowing users to include videos within their listings, and website providers like Lead Propeller are also giving users the option of embedding YouTube videos within the body of each new listing.

This expanded capability is something we’ll only continue to see more of in the years to come because videos are an undeniably powerful medium that can communicate interesting new perspectives of a property that simply cannot be conveyed in even the highest quality pictures or property descriptions.

The Components of a Great Video

If you’re an amateur videographer like me, or if you’re serious about improving the quality of your real estate videos, there are a few key components that go into the making of a great video:

1. A Property with Great Visual Appeal
2. Proper Lighting
3. Creative and Interesting Shots
4. Good Video Editing

If you don’t have all 4 of these areas nailed down fairly well, the end product may still be acceptable, but it probably won’t be quite as great as it could be.

When it’s all pulled off well, you can get powerful results.

The Best Tool I Have Today

Now – I’m certainly not a professional at shooting real estate videos, but I have been tinkering around with DSLR videography for a few years now.

Not long ago, I was able to get my hands on an AWESOME new piece of camera equipment, and it has allowed me to get some incredible moving shots of my properties. It’s called the Geranos 3 Axis Stabilizer and it’s sold by a company called Glide Gear.

Part of what makes this tool so great is that it’s insanely easy to use (seriously, my 2-year-old daughter could probably use it) and it has a MAJOR noticeable effect on the end result of your video footage.

Most video footage ends up be very shaky when the shots are recorded simply by holding the camera in your hands, but this tool is built to completely eliminate those unintentional shakes and give you a VERY professional looking end result.

Check out this video – I’ll show you how it works…

The price of this stabilizer isn’t necessarily “cheap” by most standards, but considering the fact that it can essentially replace several other types of camera equipment (like sliders, jibs, fluid heads and more), it’s pretty easy to justify this kind of investment if you’re serious about creating great real estate videos.

And like I said, keep in mind that I am purely an amateur when it comes to real estate video. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a “pro” at this yet – but as you can probably see from the video above, this tool really does make a difference.

For some more insights on how helpful this stabilizer can be, check out some of these other video reviews from YouTube.

Now here’s the thing – this particular stabilizer is built specifically for larger, DSLR and Mirrorless cameras up to 2.6 lbs (1200 grams). It’s GREAT if you’ve already invested money into an awesome HD or 4K camera with interchangeable lenses, but practically speaking – not all real estate professionals are on this level (and some are just looking for an easier, cheaper, faster way to get better virtual tours and walk-through videos of the properties they’re selling).

If you fall into this camp (or perhaps you just aren’t a big “camera nerd” like I am), Glide Gear also makes a smaller, lighter, less-expensive version of this stabilizer called the Leios. It’s designed for smaller cameras, like those on your iPhone, Droid and/or GoPro cameras.

If you want smooth, stable videos with a smaller price tag, this could be a great alternative that will get you a similar effect with a smaller camera, at less than half the price of the Geranos.

How Important Is Video – Really?

So let’s be honest… is a good video going to make or break your selling efforts?

In most cases, it probably won’t mean the difference between selling and not selling your property.

However, a good video will almost never hurt your prospects, and with most higher-end properties (e.g. – properties with a price tag of $500,000 and up), a great video can be extremely compelling to many buyers, and will most likely catch the eyes of many more in your market who otherwise may have never even seen or seriously considered your property.

My philosophy is – if a video is something you can justify doing at all, then it’s probably just as easy to justify doing it well – and the Geranos 3 Axis Stabilizer (or alternatively, the Leios 3 Axis Stabilizer) is an easy way to significantly improve the value of your property through the power of real estate video – whether you’re a professional or just an amateur like me. 🙂

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