Succeeding with direct mail can be a very complex task.

Understanding what makes a mail piece do well (or poorly) can be a bit mysterious.

What I’ve found is that there are MANY aspects of a direct mail campaign that need to be executed flawlessly in order to get a good response rate.

One of the most crucial aspects is the message that you are trying to deliver to your recipients.

As obvious as this should be – I consistently encounter a lot of cheesy, poorly written, and generally thoughtless messages in the ads, letters, and websites that people are using in their attempts to find motivated sellers.

Maybe it’s a lack of creativity. Maybe these people just don’t understand the psychology behind written communication. I’m honestly not sure…  but it’s hurting them.

For example, it’s not enough to blast out a message like this:




Will people respond to this kind of message?

Some probably will…  but not many.

Why isn’t this kind of message sufficient?

Because EVERYBODY else in your market is saying the exact same thing. There is absolutely nothing unique about this kind of mail solicitation.

If you want people to take notice of the mail you’re sending them, you need to look different. If you want to grab someone’s attention, you need to stand out from the crowd.

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Think about it – when you get a mail solicitation in your mailbox, what kinds of things stand out to you?

When you only have a split second to grab your recipient’s attention, you need to INSTANTLY show them why you’re worth paying attention to and ultimately, you need to move them to action.

I’ll admit – it’s not always naturally intuitive to look different. So how on earth do you do this? 

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to pull it off.

I’ve experimented with a number of different messages and mail formats over the years. After trying dozens of different approaches (some of which succeeded, and some of which FAILED miserably), these are my Top 3 postcard formats that have consistently produced the best results for me.

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(Note: To avoid stifling your own creativity, the examples below don’t contain the exact verbiage of my postcards. If you want more information on the precise words that I use in my letters, you can order them at the bottom of this blog post)

Template #1 – The Personal Letter

Why Does This Get Noticed?

This postcard takes the approach of “I took the time to write you this personal letter, so you should pay attention to what I’m saying.”

Think about it for a second – if you received a postcard like this in the mail, would you take the time to read it? My theory behind why this postcard has worked so well for me is that it doesn’t look like all the other junk mail that people get.

The goal with this postcard isn’t to be flashy. The goal is to be real. When a mail piece comes blasting out of the gate with “SELL! SELL! SELL!”, people don’t pay attention to it because that’s what everybody else does. As odd as it may sound, being down-to-earth is different, and people take notice of that.

Template #2 – THE FINAL NOTICE

Why Does This Get Noticed?

This postcard takes the approach of “You need ME more than I need you.” This can definitely strike a chord with some people (especially if it’s true – and they know it).

While this postcard has been slightly less effective than Template #1 in my rounds of testing (for reasons I can’t completely pinpoint), it still pulls in a lot of responses for me on a consistent basis.

Obviously, this template instills a sense of urgency and is likely to catch more attention than the generic, “WE BUY HOUSES” message that everybody else can’t seem to think outside of.

This concept of including a great, big NOTICE on the side of a postcard message was originally conceived in the 80s by Richard Roop, a real estate marketing wizard who has developed many proven direct response marketing ideas.

Obviously, the copy of the actual message should be written for your specific audience, but whoever you’re speaking to, it’ll be hard for them to ignore this kind of design.

Template #3 – The Double-Sided Message

Back Side:

Front Side:

Why Does This Get Noticed?

This postcard takes the approach of asking questions and getting the recipient to think a little. “What is your situation? Perhaps I can help you?”

One look and you will see that this is the flashiest postcard I have. The benefit of using this card is partially in the choice of words, partially in the hand-drawn graphics, and also in the fact that it’s double-sided (which means we’ve got two chances to make a first impression).

Side one is your big, bold, attention-grabbing statement.

Side two is the personal message (a similar approach to Template #1).

One thing that probably stood out to you when you first saw this postcard is the hand-drawn star, lines, and arrow…

Am I right?

Well, they work. In terms of “attention-grabbing”, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re more powerful than the actual headline and letter on the postcard. These graphics tend to do the trick.

Do QR Codes Ever Make Sense on Postcards?

It’s also worth noting, QR codes, while still a relatively underutilized and largely misunderstood technology in North America, may make sense in some contexts.

Why bother with a QR code? Because these can be used to minimize the action required by the recipient.

For example, when a QR code is scanned (which will happen automatically with the camera app on every iPhone), it can do any of the following things:

  • Send the user directly to a specific website URL
  • Automatically dial any phone number
  • Automatically send an SMS text message
  • Add contact information to the user’s phone
  • Play a YouTube video
  • Download a pdf
  • Generate a Calendar Invite
  • Give directions to any location

If you want your recipients to visit your website, call you, email you or any other number of things, you can potentially make this happen faster and easier if you give them the option of using a QR code.

The biggest trick is making sure people understand what to do with it (because many people won’t).

If you want to make it obvious, be sure to put some instructions directly beneath or beside the QR code on your postcard, like this…

postcard qr code example

QR codes are definitely NOT a necessity to a successful mail piece or campaign (and if they aren’t used carefully, they can detract from the central message more than they contribute), so if you decide to use one, make sure you’re using it for the right purpose and make it very clear to your recipients how they can use it.

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What Gets the Best Response Rate?

It’s difficult to know why some mail campaigns do well and others don’t.

The first time I tackled a direct mail campaign, I had no idea what I was doing. I got a list from a nearby county treasurer’s office, threw together a very basic postcard (similar to Template #1), and did a trial run, blasting out 106 postcards via Click2Mail.

To my shock, I had a whopping 6% response rate (which, in the eyes of most direct mail marketers, is pretty darn good).

Figuring it must have been a fluke, I tried another campaign two weeks later with 300 postcards. My response rate was 14%.

After trying this again and again and repeatedly getting a response rate of anywhere from 5% – 18% (and usually in the lower half of that range), I figured I must be onto something.

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After toying with a lot of different variables and sending out MANY direct mail campaigns since 2008, I’ve really started to hone in on why some of my efforts produced great results, and why others were far less effective.

I’ll be completely honest, I don’t think anybody really knows all the reasons why some direct mail efforts yield huge results, and why others are deeply disappointing – but there is absolutely some very strong evidence that we can learn from when we analyze our ongoing response rates.

My theories above are just that. Theories. I don’t know why they work, but they do. My conclusions are based on what I have seen and tried for a number of years.

The Message Isn’t Everything

As I mentioned earlier, the message of your mail is only one of many aspects that need to be mastered in your direct mail campaigns.

There are other, even more important variables that need to be fine-tuned too. That being said, this whole process isn’t even worth going through if you’re not going to pack a solid punch with your message.

Remember the importance of looking different. Be real and you won’t have any problems standing out from the crowd.

Want To See The Exact Postcards I Use?

As you can see, the examples above are meant to show you the format of my postcards, but not the exact wording. I do this because I don’t want to dictate what you do with your letters.

You may very well be a better writer than me, so I don’t want to imply that my postcards are the best letters ever written.

On the same coin, I have spent thousands of dollars and years of my life testing, re-testing, and RE-re-testing these templates to come up with the final product that I use today.

There is nothing particularly “magical” about the wording I use, I’ve just invested a lot of my time and resources to refine this type of written communication – to the point where I have a pretty solid grasp on how to get responses out of the right people.

You can do the same thing. If you want to spend years of your life and invest thousands of dollars into “testing the waters”, I am 100% sure you can come up with some postcard templates of your own that are just as effective…

…or you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration, and use the exact same templates I do (and just for kicks, I’ll throw in a couple of extra bonus templates, eye-catching graphics, and a video tutorial to help you along the way as well).

Note: When you sign up as an REtipster Email Subscriber, I’ll send you an instant $20 off “Discount Code” for this item, and if you enroll in either the Land Investing Masterclass or The Beginner’s Deal Finding Guide, you’ll get access to this item for FREE.

There’s no pressure of course – just want to make sure you’re aware.


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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Abdul, these postcards are usable for either land or houses (or any type of real estate, really). I’ve primarily used them for land deals, but they are worded in such a way that is 100% as applicable to other type of real estate.

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      Hi Mac – there are 5 templates total (including 2 bonus templates). The postcards are geared towards finding motivated sellers (not so much for buyers – though you could probably tweak them a bit to go in that direction if you wanted to).

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Will – good question. I would probably just use the same postcard to get their attention. When you get an interested seller on the line, you can get a lot more specific about what you intend to do at that point. It’s probably not worth confusing them on your initial contact through your postcard. Just keep the message simple and catch as many new interested sellers as you can. 🙂

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Rudy,

      Absolutely! Thanks for asking. You can find that blog post right here:

      Let me know if you need anything else.

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      Hi Trevor – I just use Microsoft Word to create and edit my postcards (as long as you’re using the templates provided on Click2Mail OR my templates above, it should work with their system). I only us Excel to edit my lists and upload them to Click2Mail (more on that here).

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    Great blog..

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Robert – thanks!

      1. I don’t use letters for this particular purpose, so I can’t help you there – sorry!
      2. For a number of reasons, I think postcards are more effective (I talk more about it in this post).

      Hope that helps!

  36. Robert Toussaint says:

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Kyle,

      On one occasion, I did send out offers for $100 to everyone, for every property, regardless of what it was. On the one occasion I tried this, I received zero responses.

      Admittedly, I probably didn’t test it thoroughly enough to know if it works (and I probably could have done a better job of basing each respective offer on the assessed value, or something to that effect), but generally speaking – I haven’t found this to be the most effective way to handle my offer process. Not to say it doesn’t work… I just like to make offers that are more educated (still ridiculously low, but at least they aren’t completely blind).

  41. Hayward Myers says:

    Sounds pretty solid, I’ll think I’ll give it a shot!

  42. Brian says:

    when where you mailing to get those kind of response rates? During the boom? I doubt those kind of response rates. Sorry

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hey Brian – it was actually in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011… not really what I would call the “boom” years, but whatever.

      Getting those kinds of response rates actually has less to do with the postcard template and more to do with the list. More on that here.

      Best of luck!

  43. Matt says:

    I am just getting started and would love to see some examples of post card mailers, I need some ideas for something dynamic in a few short sentences. I would appreciate anything you could send.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Matt, if you’re just looking for some examples, you can see them laid out in the blog post above.

      If you’re looking for the exact wording of my postcards, there’s also a purchase link above.

      Best of luck!

  44. Victoria says:

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  46. Tochukwu nwokike says:

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Tochukwu. Sorry for the confusion here (I’ve never heard of this issue before). I just emailed you the templates, the discount code, and full access to the REtipster Toolbox.

      If you need anything else, just let me know. Thanks!

  47. Marco Lerma says:

    Great Blogs!!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Marco! Glad you’re enjoying them!

  48. Tom says:

    Hi Seth – have you ever tried skipping the postcard and sending a purchase agreement as your first point of contact? I would think this would decrease your response rate, but also generate more serious leads…

    What are your thoughts on this approach?

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Tom, great question. I think you’re probably right. I have tried this approach on one occasion… I sent out about 400 letters with laughable offers enclosed in each envelope – and I got a whopping zero responses.

      That being said… just because I didn’t have success with it, doesn’t mean it isn’t feasible approach. Bad direct mail campaigns can & will happen to everyone eventually, and one try really isn’t enough information to draw a final conclusion. Back when I tried it (a few years ago now) I just knew that I was having success with my alternative approach, and since my approach had proven effective for me – I just reverted back to what was working.

      I think it’s certainly healthy to try new things, and there isn’t one right way to do this, so if you’ve given this method a try and it’s working for you, then you probably don’t need my advice in this area – stick with what’s working!

      1. Tom says:

        Oh man – brutal! I actually haven’t tried either method, I’m just trying to figure out how I want to do my first campaign. I’m leaning towards postcards though, because zero responses would shatter my already fragile self-esteem.

        1. Seth Williams says:

          Yeah man, I hear you. I remember it hurting when I got zero… it can happen, but it’s never a fun experience to endure.

  49. Matt says:

    Hi Mark,

    My first batch of postcards goes out today! (thanks for the templates and advice in this post).

    Hope I didn’t miss this:
    Do you make offers on every property that calls? Or just the ones that seem motivated?


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Matt,

      Just speaking for myself – I used to make offers on everything back when I first started, but these days, I am MUCH more selective about what I pursue (mainly because my time is significantly more limited). That being said… if you’ve got the time and money and you’re eager to learn, you can certainly increase your response rate (and learning process) significantly by making offers on everything you see. Just be sure to be thorough on your due diligence before you close on the transaction.

      Good luck!

  50. david says:

    Hi Seth,
    What about postcards for buyers any verbatim scripts to send potential buyers?I’m trying to build my buyers list.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi David, GREAT question. I’m actually working on a blog post right now which will cover that subject in great detail. I should have it published sometime in the next month.

      Thanks for asking!

  51. Adam says:

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Awesome! Good luck Adam!

  52. Cameron says:


    Are you by any chance still sending your postcard templates out??

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Cameron, they’re available right at the bottom of this blog post – but they’re not going out for free anymore. Sorry!

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    If you have your brilliant postcards, is it possible to send me some free. Its okay , if you are not interested.
    I really do love your article. Please write more and more. We really need this kind of stuff.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Charley! Unfortunately, I’m not handing out these templates for free anymore (I just don’t have the time to send out these files to anyone who asks), but as you probably saw, they are available for sale at the bottom of this blog post.

      I appreciate your interest!

  54. Dave P. says:

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    Love the blog. If you could send me the Promo code for your templates I would appreciate it!

    Thanks man.


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Dave, I just sent it to you. Thanks!

  55. Donald Lawson says:

    Although not in the actual business of trying to get listings, I’ve used postcards for years advertising my end of builders warranty inspections. Like you, I’ve tried a number of messages and designs, but at the end of the day, the ones that received the largest response were the ones with a simple message with an urgent call to action. “Your 1 Year Builders Warranty is about to expire!”

    Love your blog, keep up the good work!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      That’s awesome Donald, thanks so much for sharing your experience! That’s very interesting to see the commonalities of what works well in different kinds of businesses.

  56. Bryan Lawrence Vagts says:

    Dear Seth,

    Thanks for your brilliant ideas, you’ve been detailed and a lot of help compared to other sites similar. If you could send me the Promo code for your templates I would appreciate it!


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Bryan, I just emailed you the discount code. Thanks!

  57. Sean Tamman says:

    Seth, I am a BP member and new to your site! Im a big fan and I truly appreciate you and all your information. Your changing lives! Can you send me a promo code for your template?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Sean, thanks for stopping by! I’m pumped that you’re liking the site!

      I’ll email you the promo code in just a second.

  58. Joshua Cassell says:

    Hello Seth your promotional letter templates are awesome. It is a great marketing technique. I would like the opportunity to purchase the post cards at a discount.


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Josh – I just tried to email you the discount code, but it got kicked back to me. Give me your correct email address and I’ll try again!

  59. Diyan says:

    Hi Seth, I like the idea NOT inventing the wheel.
    I want to try and spend my $ if your postcard templates has high % respond.
    Whats the different with
    Could yous end me the discount code ?


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Diyan, I haven’t seen what yellowletters has to offer, so I can’t really speak to that with any real knowledge.

      Have you signed up for REtipster email list? That’s all you need to do in order to get the discount code.

      If you need any further help with this, just let me know.


  60. Tri says:

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    I’ve signed up but did not received your promo code. Could you email? Thanks.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Tri, I saw you purchased this item with the discount – so I’m assuming you got the promo code… but if you still need help here, let me know and I’ll email it to you.


  61. William Greenleaf says:

    Where do I sign up to get the promo code? Thanks

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi William, you just need to sign up for the email list and you’ll get an automatic “Welcome” email that contains the promo code. There’s an opt-in form at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

  62. Gabe Kempf says:

    Hey Seth! great templates. Thanks! do you have a voicemail transcription that you have recorded for the sellers to call into?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Gabe! If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to check out this blog post for some ideas/insights on that.


  63. Harold says:

    Would definitely appreciate seeing what your postcards look like.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      No problem Harold. Best of luck!

  64. Max Keller says:

    great article

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Max!

  65. Nate Johnson says:

    I would love to see your actual postcard!


    1. Seth Williams says:

      That’s awesome Nate! You can feel free to get it through the link above.


  66. Rich says:

    interested in your templates

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Glad to hear it Rich! You can get them right at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

  67. Terry Grimes says:

    Great information Seth! I have purchased your templates and am preparing to send out my first batch of postcards. Does purchasing “lists” actually produce viable leads or is it better to go with a geographic area mailing such as Click2Mail’s Every Door Direct Mail in the areas I have scouted?


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Terry, thanks for your purchase!

      And yes, I think buying the right list (and sorting it correctly) absolutely has a HUGE effect on the end result of a direct mail campaign – in fact, it’s probably the most important aspect that makes a campaign a success, or a flop. The best lists I know of come directly from the county – you can learn more about it in this blog post:

      There are also subscription services like AgentPro247, but you’ll want to be careful that you’re getting data that is current and accurate (which can be tricky sometimes). You can learn more about that in this blog post:

      Best of luck to you!

  68. Roy Morrison says:

    Please e-mail me copy of postcards. Your website is wonderful and helpful

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Roy – you can get them right at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

  69. Stanley Melus says:

    Hi Seth thanks for the advice and I’d love to save me precious time . I’m pumped .. could you send me the discount code to proceed with the check out process .

    1. Seth Williams says:

      No problem Stanley! I just emailed it to you.

  70. Joe B says:

    I would love the discount code as well!

    Just out of curiosity, do you at all offer a price or to pay off the delinquent tax on your initial postcard that goes out? Or do you like to chat about the property first then send an offer.

    Thanks! and my apologies if this was already covered.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Joe, have you signed up for the email list? You should get access to the discount code immediately after you sign up.

      1. Joe B says:

        I just received the code thanks!

        I assume I will find out about the offer question once I order the template!

        1. Seth Williams says:

          Ah right – as for the offer price, I don’t typically include this in the initial postcard, but in some cases I will offer to pay off their delinquent taxes (whatever they are) as part of the “hook” to get them to call me.

          This can be a little tricky though – because you don’t necessarily want to advertise on a postcard that they have delinquent taxes. Nevertheless, I include an example of this in one of my templates (the double sided template). You should see it if you get the package.

          Good luck!

          1. Joe B says:

            one more question for you and I appreciate your help and feedback tremndously. Very generous of you.

            On most county websites it says you must not use this tax information for commercial purposes. Have you ran into this? What is your work around?

          2. Seth Williams says:

            I can’t think of a time I’ve seen that with regard to tax delinquent information – but if I did, I wouldn’t consider my use to be a “commercial purpose “.

  71. Arvin says:

    can you send me a copy of you post card. thanks.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Arvin, thanks for your interest! You can download them through the link at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

  72. Roman Northcut says:

    Hi Seth, just bought the post cards. Great content!

    My first batch was last week and I sent letters. On day 3, I started receiving call backs, after 2 more days, I’m at 4% response rate. Not horrible, but I’m thinking its not that great either. I sent 300 letters, day 3 – 8 calls, day 4 – 4 calls. Does that seem a little low to you? Should I expect more calls in the next week or so?

    I’m sending out my new batch of letters this week (gonna try post cards soon) and I’ll be including the line from your post cards about recording set up for 24 hours per day. What do you say on your recording? Do you have an option to press “0” to speak to someone live (Answering service)?

    Loving everything I’m learning! Great work!

  73. Melanie says:


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Melanie – looks like you’ve been successfully subscribed. Thanks!

  74. Travis says:

    Hi Seth – How many postcard templates do you include in your postcard package? Also, have updated the postcard templates at all? Thanks, Travis

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Travis, there are 5 templates included with the package. And yes, I’ve updated them a couple of times since this blog post was first published (mostly just changing the fonts and formatting).

  75. Nigel Miles says:

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      1. Seth Williams says:

        Hi Nigel – did you sign up for the email list? The discount code should have been automatically emailed to you. If it never came through, let me know and I’ll get it to you.

    2. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Nigel – did you sign up for the email list? You should’ve gotten the discount code emailed to you. If it never came through, let me know and I’ll get it to you.

      1. Nigel Miles says:

        Hi Seth. Can you email me the discount code for the postcards as I have not received it yet. Looking to buy the postcard package today. Thanks Nigel

  76. Tawanda Rocafort says:

    I signed up to the email list a while back and I can’t find the discount code. Can you resend it to me? Also, does the discount code apply to the The Complete Package?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Tawanda – it does! Thanks for asking. I just emailed that discount code to you. 🙂

  77. Reggie M says:

    I just signed up to your email. I would love to use your post card could I get it .

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Reggie! I don’t give these away anymore, but you should have gotten a discount code when you signed up… if you want to use it and didn’t see it, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

  78. Evan says:

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      Thanks for signing up Evan! We don’t give these postcards away anymore, as they contain some pretty valuable intellectual property – but you should have received a discount code for them when you signed up. If you didn’t get it, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

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      Hi Darell, I just emailed it to you. Hope it helps!

  80. Darell Jones says:

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Darell, you should have gotten an email with a link to download them. Did you get this? If not, let me know and I’ll send you the files manually.

  81. Darell Jones says:

    Hi Seth I received the link to download the templates but I cant open them from my Android phone what should I do?

  82. Ervin Musabelliu says:

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Ervin, you can get them at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

  83. Frank Trigoso says:

    May I please see a copy of your postcard. I will love to do a Win-Win business with you. Thank you.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Frank! I appreciate your interest in the postcards, but I don’t give these postcards away.

      You can get the at the bottom of the blog post (above), and if you need a discount code for them, you can get it by signing up for the email list. Best of luck!

  84. Pankesh Jariwala says:

    New to real estate investment. Looking to purchase postcard package.

  85. David Nelson says:

    Hi Seth, can you please send me the postcards you use? I came from BP as well. Thanks….

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hey David! Thanks for asking… but I stopped giving away these templates a couple years ago because I couldn’t keep up with all the requests. You can download them at the bottom of this blog post though (and if you haven’t signed up for the email list yet, be sure to do it – you’ll get a $20 off discount code).

  86. Kyle knab says:

    Hi seth, love your website and blog im learning alot! Can you please email me ur postcards so i can improve my response rate?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hey Kyle – thanks! I stopped giving away these templates a couple years ago because I couldn’t keep up with all the requests. You can download them at the bottom of this blog post though (and if you haven’t signed up for the email list yet, be sure to do it – you’ll get a $20 off discount code).

      Best of luck!

  87. Milan says:

    Seth, what is your opinion on actually submitting an offer on the postcard instead of letter. Let’s say you do a search for 5 acre pieces of land in certain county and than just write: We would like to buy your 5 acre lot. Our offer is $1500 on the postcard.

    Is there anything wrong with this approach I’m missing Seth?
    Could it be unethical or illegal? Did you ever try it Seth? I would like to know your opinion.

    Thank you! Your website is an amazing resource!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Milan – check out this blog post, I think you’ll find the insights you’re looking for.

      Best of luck!

  88. Josh Stiffney says:

    I just purchased your templates and had two quick questions. Do you ever add your email to the postcard as well as your #? Also is there a reason you don’t specify that you will pay outstanding property taxes as well as closing costs?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Josh, I haven’t ever added my email address, but I know others who have and it seems to work out well for them in some cases (you never know… some people may prefer that method of contact, so it doesn’t hurt to give them the option).

      Postcard #3 sort of implies that the property taxes will be paid off, and Postcard #2 does say it pretty clearly. Keep in mind, if you want to make it clearer or be more straightforward about what you plan to do – don’t be afraid to change up the wording yourself!

  89. Curtis Bryant says:

    Seth, after reading a few of the comments – I saw that you said you have 5 templates for the postcards. I’m considering purchasing them but I am curious: which leads are these postcards generally geared toward? (Delinquent tax owners, code violations, expired listings, etc.)

    Thanks. Talk soon.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Curtis – great question. I’ve used these mostly for contacting delinquent tax owners – but the language isn’t terribly specific about this issue… so if you wanted to send them to other types of motivated sellers, it wouldn’t difficult to use the exact same copy (or make some minor changes to gear it more specifically to another audience).

      Hope that helps!

      1. Curtis Bryant says:


        Thank you for the response and also the templates! They have definitely been working with the type of system you recommended to have it automated. Another question for you, how often do you send out these mailers out? Once every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or month?

        Thank you for the help!!

        1. Seth Williams says:

          Thanks Curtis! I’m glad they’re working out for you.

          As for the frequency – it depends on how many mailers you’re sending out with each campaign and how much deal flow you’re able to deal with. For most people who are working a full time job and only have 5 – 10 hours to spare per week, I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 1,000 per month to start (because if you’re working with the right list and sorting it properly, you’ll be VERY busy). However, if you’ve got plenty of time and/or help, you could do a lot more than that. It’s really up to you!

  90. Lisa says:

    Hi Seth,
    I am interested in purchasing your postcard template. I am also a(n active) real estate agent. Are these templates investor-agent friendly?


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Lisa – I’ve never done it from that exact perspective… but from what I can see, I think it would work for this. It might require some slight revisions in the wording, but this wouldn’t be hard to do (you could largely keep the same format and copy). I know of one agent in particular who did this and they had some pretty good success with it.

      1. Lisa says:

        Thanks for responding!! Great to know.

  91. Austin says:

    Hey Seth,

    Thanks for the great information! I just created my first batch of direct mail postcards. Do you think it is a good idea to include branding or logos on the card? Also, do you usually put a return address or do you expect them to primarily contact you by phone or website?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Austin, I’ve included my logo one some postcards. It might help, but honestly – I haven’t seen enough evidence to suggest that it makes a big difference either way. I do have my business address listed on the postcard, but people rarely contact me that way. Instead, most people follow the instructions on the postcard, which tells them to contact me via phone or email.

      Hope that helps!

  92. Philip Pape says:

    Hi Seth, would you mind sending your postcard templates? I’d love to try this out.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Philip – I don’t send out these postcards on-demand like this anymore, but if you’re interested, they’re available right at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

      Best of luck!

  93. Jenetra Jackson says:

    Hi Seth,

    What file format are your templates in (Word, Power Point, Photoshop, etc.)? Is this something that can also be sent to a print company for mass production? Would this file format work for them?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Jenetra – they come in Word format (along with some images you can insert if/where you see fit). I’ve used these countless times with Click2Mail, which is basically a service that does mass mail production… so if you’re using that service (or one like it), I think the answer would be yes.

      Thanks for asking! Best of luck.

  94. Aileen says:

    Hi Seth I subscribed some time ago,.but I was not ready to start my marketing, hence can’t find my welcome email, can you please email the code for the discount..thank you.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Aileen, you bet. I’ll email it to you shortly.

  95. Jim Benson says:

    Please add me to REtipster Email Subscriber

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Jim – you’re officially on the list!

  96. Jenetra Jackson says:

    Hi Seth, how do you measure your return rate? I.e., do you figure the amount of responses every 30 days? Do you code your postcards and have potential sellers give that to you to track when they call/email/text you?

    1. Jenetra Jackson says:

      Hi Seth, just following up.

      1. Seth Williams says:

        Hi Jentara – sorry I missed your earlier comment. I measure it in terms of how many people respond per campaign. Since I only do one county at a time – it’s pretty easy to track.

  97. Stefan Garza says:

    Seth – Please send me a copy of your postcard. Thanks.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Stefan – you can get them at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

  98. Alfred Alonso says:

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    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Alfred – I’ll send it to you shortly.

  99. Denis Smirnov says:

    Hi Seth,
    What do you find the conversion ratio to be on these three templates? Thanks!

    I look forward to the discount code.
    -Denis from NJ.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Denis – I just sent you the discount code.

      The average response rate I get on these postcards is anywhere from 5% – 10%, and I’ve seen it as high as 18% when used on conjunction with the delinquent tax list.

      I hope that helps!

  100. Devon Stiles says:

    Hi Seth

    Please send copy of your postcard
    that you had the good response rate.

    Thank you

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Devon! Thanks for checking out this blog post. As you can see above, the postcard templates are available for purchase if you’d like them (if you’d like a discount, be sure to sign up for the email list and you’ll get a discount code for them).

  101. Jacob says:

    Another great post Seth. On your first template, I see that you are including your name as a signature. I’m a little torn on this. In some of your other posts, you mention forming a company, using a PO Box, setting up a new phone number for voice mails, etc. I assume this is to help keep your personal information anonymous (i.e., those angry people that show up to your PO Box looking for you). Given all this, do you still use your actual name on the post cards or are you using the name of your business? Thanks!

  102. John Spellman says:


    Thank you for the great postcard template, just purchased and downloaded!

    Do you have a script you sell for the call in message mentioned on the postcard? I have my phone number set up and wanted to send a script to fiver and was looking for effective examples – thank you!


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi John – I actually do! You can find it in this blog post:

  103. Miles says:

    Hi Seth, I just ordered the package and am wondering if there’s a particular order you send these postcards? I would think you’re not starting out with the Final Notice, but I’m wondering if you recommend sending Personal Letter, then Double Sided, then Final Notice to the same prospects?

    I have a large list of delinquent tax properties, so in your experience, would you expect that I’d get a better response from sending all 3 postcards to the same list of 100 people (with perhaps a week interval between), or would my money be better spent on sending the same postcard to 300 prospects? If the latter, would the Personal Letter likely be the best option?

    Of course I understand you can’t guarantee any results, just wondering from your personal experience what you think the best approach would be to start with.

    I was also wondering if you’ve seen a better response from using “To whom it may concern” vs their actual name. Also, for the personal signature, are you just inserting a jpeg of your signature in that space?

    Thanks for all the great info, it’s been extremely helpful 🙂

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Miles – great questions! In almost all cases, I follow the “one-and-done” method… I simply choose one of the formats above, send it out, and move onto the next area (I don’t hit them with a timed series of postcards). I do this because with a delinquent tax list (the type of list I work with most of the time), the list changes pretty rapidly, and it doesn’t make the most sense to keep hitting people over and over again after they’ve either lost their property to foreclosure or they’ve already paid off their taxes.

      I’ve worked with all of these formats in the past and had pretty good success with each, but I’ve probably relied mostly on #1 and #3. For whatever reason, I’ve just found that these seem to convert really well (assuming I’m working with a great list to begin with).

      For most of my postcard campaigns, I haven’t bothered inserting their personal names – and the response rate has still been great… so while it could make a difference, I can’t say with any confidence how much of a difference it has made, because I usually don’t get this specific in my postcards.

      As for the signature, if I include something more than just the text of my name, I’ll insert an image of my signature like you mentioned.

      Does that all make sense?

      1. Miles says:

        Hi Seth, yes definitely makes sense. Regarding the signature, I figure you haven’t seen a noticeable difference between using the text of your name vs an image of your signature?

        1. Seth Williams says:

          Not really, no (or if I did, I don’t know that I could tie it specifically to the signature).

  104. Chris says:

    Great Info!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Chris!

  105. Doug Polk says:

    Would you please send me your postcards for finding tax delinquent sellers? Also, my web builder is preparing a form for my post card respondees to fill out. It has a password that will be included in my Click2Mail Post Card. How much info should I require on the form? I’m going to target just land without improvements, and limit the total land value from $10K to $50K. That way my investment in one property won’t be over $5k . Should I offer to buy the deed, or to buy the property? Last year I bought two properties for just the tax bill and sold them both for a total of $13K profit. My previous email asked for help in screening my spreadsheets. Still have not received a reply. Thanks.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Doug,

      – I don’t give out these postcard templates for free. I’ve included several examples of what you can say above, but if you want the exact copy that I use, you can download my templates at the bottom of this blog post (again, see above).

      – You should include whatever information you want to know in order to make an educated offer on the property. Also, I wouldn’t bother with requiring your recipients to enter a password on your site – that will just give them more obstacles and will probably cause you to lose a lot of prospects.

      – Offering to “buy the deed” and “buy the property” is the exact same thing… so I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here.

      – I have not received any previous emails from you, but if you need some ideas on how to sort through your lists, you can find some insights in this blog post.

  106. chris G says:

    Hey seth! question i only plan to acquire property at this current time VIA the “subject-to” method because my capital right now is so low, would these post cards be a good start especially for property that is going up for auction at a later date or that is in the per-foreclose stage?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Chris – those aren’t exactly the kinds of opportunities/properties I pursue with these postcards, but I think there are probably several parallels between what you’re trying to do, and what I’ve done with these. You may need to reword some of the language used in these templates… but I don’t think it would take a ton of work to do this – maybe just a few tweaks here and there.

      1. Chris G says:

        Ohh I see i appreciate the feedback before I purchase them I have not bought them yet. I was under the impression that these postcards would be perfect for a subject to type investment. Do you think using the direct mail postcard method is a good way to acquire subject to investments from home owners who are delinquent in their mortgage payments ?

        1. Chris G says:

          Awe man no reply I’ve been waiting for a week to hear back lol

  107. David Abernathy says:

    Hi Seth,
    Good Information! We are new, so we’re like sponges trying to take it all in. Do the postcards we order have information you’ve put on them, we don’t need to do any creative thinking correct?

    Also, we want to market to those filing for divorce, do you suggest something for that area? I’m thinking about a letter instead of a postcard, something a little more personal. Any language you’d suggestion? Have any experience in this marketing group?


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi David – that’s correct. These are the exact postcards I’ve used for years.

      If you’re aiming for those filing for divorce, you may want to add an extra sentence to it to directly address that issue, but even that may not be necessary. The big idea is to help people understand that if they want cash for their property, you’ll make it very easy for them to sell… if they understand this message loud and clear, you should be alright.

  108. Winston says:

    How do we get the cards printed and what is the best way to mail them out?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Winston – personally, I would recommend Click2Mail. It’s ultimately the fastest and most cost effective way to get those particular postcards out in the mail. You can find a pretty good tutorial on how to work with Click2Mail in this blog post.

      Good luck!

  109. Debbie says:

    I just purchased the postcards but thought they would be more geared for the couples going through a divorce who are wanting to sell their house (after getting the list from the courthouse). The postcards were more geared in me buying their house. Could you please send the letters and postcards that you send with your wording in trying to get a listing from the couples going through a divorce . I was under the impression those were the postcards that I would receive. I would really appreciate that!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Debbie – I’ve actually never done a direct mail campaign with that specific purpose in mind… however, the postcards are worded to try and catch as many different potential “situations” as possible (I’ve gotten calls back from people in divorce situations before, so it can be useful in finding people in those situations).

      I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you were expecting! If you’d like a refund, let me know.

  110. Will says:

    Hey, I work for a builder sending out postcards to landowners. How would your postcards work with that? They seem kind of intense to be branded by a builder

    1. Seth Williams says:

      What’s your goal with sending out the postcards Will? Are you trying to buy the properties for yourself, or do you have some other plan in mind? If you’re trying to buy them outright, I wouldn’t think it matters what your end use is… the goal is still the same, to offer an easy cash sale to the people to don’t want their land anymore, and (I assume) you can offer that solution to them.

      If your goal is to do something completely different, then yes, I would think they could be reworded to fit your purpose (whatever that is).

      1. William says:

        Thanks for the reply, Seth. I connected with you on LinkedIn btw. My goal is to find land for the builder I work with who will then build custom homes on the property. Ideally we want 1 acre parcels, but will look at anything as I would like to eventually subdivide and do some small subdivisions. I have a post card that I have been using but I am working on tweaking it. I’ve incorporated some of the verbiage from your post cards. And yes, we can offer cash after the feasibility portion of the property is complete.

        1. Seth Williams says:

          That’s awesome William – I wish you all the best in finding those 1 acre parcels! I’m sure there are a lot of them out there to be had.

          1. William Miller says:

            Hi again. I’ve read numerous places and heard on podcasts that a good list is the delinquent tax list. I spoke with my county and they said it was basically illegal to give it out. Have you come across this? Any work arounds?

          2. Seth Williams says:

            More than likely, the person you were talking to at the county just don’t understand what you’re asking for (or they really don’t want to give it to you, and this is the easiest way to shut you down). Don’t sweat it – some counties are just impossible to work with. If you’re seeing resistance and you can’t get past it, just hang up and keep calling other counties. Check out this blog post for more info:

  111. Moshe H says:

    Hi Seth, do you find “To Whom It May Concern” works just as well as putting in the owner’s name or business name listed in the records? Or do you sometimes use “Dear ____”? I can see the benefit of not using it as sometimes it can be awkward, like “Dear Green Forest Holdings LLC,” 🙂

    1. Moshe H says:

      Sorry, forgot to include a second question, which is do you use your real first and last name on the postcards? In my case I’m not sure I’m totally comfortable with it.

  112. Josh says:

    Hey Seth,

    How many times will you hit the same property owner with a card and what is the time intervals between each time you send it to them? Do you change the postcard each time you attempt to reach them again? Thanks!

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Josh – when I’m using the delinquent tax list, I only hit them once. I may hit the same county again within about 6 – 12 months… but it’s not because I’m trying to hit the same people again, it’s because the list is filled with new motivated sellers.

      I realize not everyone takes this approach, but with delinquent tax owners… it’s a timing issue. If they don’t pay off their taxes OR sell fairly soon, they won’t be the owners of the property anymore. Just my take on it. Good question!

      1. Josh Fay says:

        That is great Seth, thank you. That does bring up another question. At what point in the tax lien foreclosure do you try to target the distressed owners? One of the counties I am targeting has a 3 year redemption period. Do you try to hit those distressed owners in the last year of their redemption period or would you target them at any point within the three years? Also, I was under the impression that the tax delinquency only changes once per year (given it is a multiple year redemption period) but your response indicated that new tax delinquent properties appear in 6 months. Is there a timeline that I am missing?

        I wanted to ask if you take monthly payments for mentoring? Your business model is very impressive and resonates with my style of thinking and skill sets. Your ability to convey strategies and tactics are impressive and I feel like we would get along well.

        1. Seth Williams says:

          Hi Josh – in the states where I’ve worked, I’ve usually had the best luck targeting people who are 2 years delinquent. The more delinquent they are, the higher motivation there will be… but it also means the taxes owing are much higher (and they usually include late fees on top of the amount they owe), and this can take a big bite out of your profit margin, and can end up killing many deals. For this reason, I’ve found it’s helpful to let some of their delinquent taxes add up, but not too much – and for me, 2 years has been the sweet spot (but I suppose this could vary in different areas around the country, based on how the late fees are calculated).

          I have done some mentoring in the past, but it isn’t something I allocate much of my time to (as I’ve got a lot of stuff going on these days). If you want more info on what I have available, you can see more info here:

  113. Rashaun says:

    very impressed you actually answered all of the replies

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Rashaun – I try!

  114. John Paul says:

    What’s your conversion rate? If 5% respond what percentage of those do you actually complete a deal with?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi John, I’d say the actual close rate is somewhere around 1%. It can vary quite a bit though – depending on a number of different factors (what types of properties I’m pursuing, how how my offers end up being, what market I’m working in, etc.)

  115. John says:

    Have you worked in California? Specifically Orange County? What are some things you suggest I do being a complete newbie to the industry?



    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi John – I haven’t worked in Orange County, CA before, but I have worked in California and it’s a pretty good place to find deals. Are you looking at getting into the land investing business specifically, or some other niche of real estate?

  116. Jake says:

    I just now heard your interview with Jake and Gino. It was really good!
    Can you please send the postcard you are using now?


    1. Seth Williams says:

      Thanks Jake! I’m glad you liked it. You can actually download the templates through the link above (and if you need a discount code, just sign up for the email list and you’ll get it sent to you automatically). I hope that helps!

  117. Sammy says:

    Hello Seth,
    Great blog you have here. Immensely informative. I’ve signed up and did not see the discount code. Could you please send me one? Thank’s

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Sammy – sorry about that! I’ll email it to you shortly.

  118. Carlos says:

    Hello, thank you for all the great tips on your video. Can you please send me a postcard? I’d like to implement some of your verbiage into mine. Thanks again

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Carlos – if you’re just looking for an example of what you could say – you can see it in the images above.

      If you’re looking for the actual, exact wording I use in my postcards, you can download those at the bottom of this blog post too (see above). Good luck!

  119. Joby says:

    Hi Seth,
    I bought your template package. Do you have a preference on which postcard to use? Do you decide based on the type of lead?

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Joby, over time – I’ve probably used #1 more than anything. The simplicity of the messages is probably why it works so well, because it doesn’t appear phony or flashy, it’s just basic, authentic and to-the-point (which people rarely do these days). Most of the leads I’ve used these with have been delinquent tax property owners… and I can’t say this has had a major effect on which ones I’ve chosen.

  120. Maurice Goodlow says:

    Please send me the exact postcards you are mailing so i can improve my response rate. Thanks

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Maurice – they’re available right at the bottom of this blog post (see above). Feel free to check them out!

  121. Rich says:


    I appreciate your post! Quick question about postcard #1 – what do you put on the other side? Do you put your return address? Or, do you just put the stamp and address? If you do put your return address, is it just your personal information, or a business name?



    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi Rich – that’s a good question. I do include my return address on the other side, but it’s NOT my personal information. I have a business name and a business mailing address (a rented PO Box through Pakmail), so the recipients won’t have any way of tracking down where I live.

  122. James B Wootton says:

    Help, Seth!

    I just now paid $67 for the Postcard Package; but the download message also offered to let me save my card info for future purchases. I did, but when I clicked “SUBMIT”, I lost my download page. Please send me the download.

    1. Seth Williams says:

      Hi James – so sorry about that! I just sent you an email with the information you need. If you need anything else, let me know!

  123. Dave Kornfeind says:

    Hey Seth, I signed up for the email list but don’t see the $20 off for the postcard package I’d like to purchase? Would you be able to send/resend the code?
    Thank you!

    1. Sorry about that Dave. I’ll get this info sent over to you shortly.

  124. Marco Derro says:

    how do i order the post card package, are they customiazable ?

    1. Hi Marco – you can order it by clicking the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of this blog post (see above). And yes, they come as a fully editable word document, so you can start by seeing how I word them and then change them however you want before sending them out.

  125. DAVID T says:

    Hi Seth, thanks for the info…would it be possible to get your postcard sample?

  126. TJ Kim says:

    Hi Seth,

    Love the content you’re providing! Showing value the right way!

    I have a question in regards to the postcards. Would you recommend writing the postcards by hand or just use your template and have them printed and mailed out?

    I also subscribed to your email list. Will the discount code come shortly after signing up?


    1. Hi TJ – thanks! I would definitely not recommend writing out each postcard by hand, the returns you’ll get on this kind of thing just aren’t worth it (not to mention, there are plenty of good handwriting fonts you can work with if that’s really important to you).

      And yes, you should’ve gotten the discount code immediately after signing up. If the email never came through (sometimes these get stuck in various spam filters), shoot me an email at and I’ll make sure you get it. Thanks!

  127. Kerry Gresham says:

    Like the site– extremely user-friendly and lots to see!

  128. Angela says:

    Hi Seth, could I also get a sample postcard emailed to me? Thank you

    1. Hi Angela, we actually have these templates for sale now as a way to help support the REtipster blog. If you’re interested, you can get the at the bottom of this blog post (see above). Thanks for your interest!

  129. Shereena Patrick says:

    Can I please see your actual postcard? Thanks

    1. Hi Shereena, thanks for your interest. That’s actually what the examples above were intended for. If you want the literal copy that I use, you can get that too, but it’s a paid item. That’s part of how we keep this blog working. Thanks for understanding!

  130. Roi Ford says:

    Hi Seth, I would also like to see one of your actual post cards.

    1. Thanks for your interest Roi, you can get them at the bottom of this blog post (see above).

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