Every so often, I get emails from readers who tell me about the success they're having in the real estate business.

One of those readers is a guy named Greg Srader. Greg has reached out to me on a number of occasions to let me know about some of the awesome deals he has done in the land investing business – and it has been truly inspiring to hear about what he has accomplished.

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  • Daniel says:

    Seth, I just wanted to thank you for the valuable information you are providing. I am a new land academy member on my way to my first mailer. I was hoping you could pass along my email to your guest Greg Srader, as a fellow Texan and new land investor I would like the chance to possibly speak with him in the future. Thanks for the great information.
    Daniel Browne

  • Madeline Fischer says:

    Hi Seth, Thanks for all of the hard work you do to share your knowledge and experiences with the rest of us! I have question pertaining to one of Greg’s remarks. He said that he only does cash deals because owner financing can be tricky in Texas. Right now I only work in Texas counties. Based on my preliminary research, I had determined that I could sell a property with owner financing using a land/executory contract as long as I included certain wording in my contract/purchase agreement. I’m wondering what Greg has discovered about Texas law that makes it difficult to offer owner financing in that state. Thank you!

    • Hi Madeline – that’s a good question. I can’t speak for Greg, but if you’re trying to figure out what kind of documentation you should be using and what it should say, I would definitely recomment working with an attorney, especially on your first deal. They’ll make sure you’re doing it right, and then you can replicate the process on your future deals. Check out this blog post for more pointers on that: https://retipster.com/land-contract-vs-deed-of-trust

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