006: Callie Built a Full-Time Income in 11 Months. Here’s How She Did It…

In this episode, I talk with Callie McGraw about her experience in the land investing business.

In less than one year, she managed to generate the equivalent of a full time income while flipping land on the side.

She has a lot of other things going on too – as a full-time mother, she arguably has her hands full, but her busy life hasn't stopper her from making huge progress.

Here's our original conversation on YouTube:

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  • Neil says:

    I really enjoyed the interview with Callie! Any chance we can get a link to her buying site to see the results of Lead Propeller? Thanks!

  • JoshT says:

    Great episode! I found Callie’s story so interesting and valuable that I decided to re-watch the it with my wife. What I really like about your this site Seth is its authenticity. Callie is not some paid actor dressed in expensive clothes who tells you how easy it is to get rich of this system. She is a real person who has had to work hard to get a new business off the ground while contending with being a mother. I appreciate her candor about the challenges and successes she has experienced. Thank you for the great information and keep the episodes coming.

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