The Danger of Living in Safety

Fear is a funny thing.

In some ways, it's a healthy emotion. It serves as a protective mechanism that keeps us from doing things that may harm ourselves or those around us.

On the flip side, I've found that more often than not, fear can be a thief. When we let it take the driver's seat to every destination worth going, we give it permission to steal the joy and freedom we were born to experience.

Some people are TERRIFIED of living life. I mean really living it. This isn't something most people will openly admit to others, but it's a truth that lives deep inside many of us.

I know this because I spent years of my life living in fear… making HUGE, life-altering decisions in the name of “what if”.

Some of these fears were rational, many of them weren't – but ALL of them took something from me.

Does fear keep us safe? Sure it does… but safety always comes with a price tag and some os us willingly forfeit an untold number of amazing life experiences that were meant to be ours, all in the name of comfort and safety.

It can be extremely difficult to take bold leaps of faith – choices that are in direct opposition to the natural order that we're used to. Even when those choices are by all measurements the right thing to do, it still takes a tremendous amount of guts, courage and bravery to move ourselves in the right direction.

Buckham1For those of you who struggle with fear – I'm willing to bet you know who you are.

If you can't remember the last time you experienced true exhilaration in your life, I'd encourage you to start living boldly.

This doesn't mean throwing caution to the wind or making careless choices without thinking things through.

When I think back on the most amazing experiences I've lived through – almost all of them were the result of choices that made me nervous, but were still made through careful and thoughtful consideration.

I took special time and care to weigh all the consequences of my actions and I moved forward anyway.

Being cautious isn't inherently a bad thing – it just means we need to use our calculated precision to take very intentional steps OUT of our comfort zone. I realize this doesn't make the process any easier, but it also doesn't make it any less vital to living out a great story.

What are you afraid of? What choices can you make to start living the life you were meant for?

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  • Chad Carson says:

    Love this article, Seth! Well said.

    Your comment about exhilaration reminded me of the quote “Fear is excitement without the breath. ” Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath, a pause to get ready, and take the plunge!

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