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Top 10 Resort Towns for Investors

unnamed (1)Today I wanted to share with you a guest post from a recent acquaintance, Karin Gage. Karin is an Associate Broker and top producer in Park City and Deer Valley, UT and she has been involved in real estate for the past 30 years.

If you’re an investor with an interest in vacation homes or resort communities around the U.S. – Karin has some great insights to share here. Take it away Karin!

There are a lot of great reasons for purchasing real estate in a resort area. You can enjoy the convenience of owning a home or condo right next to your favorite ski area. By owning your own resort vacation property, you will have a place to stay, essentially eliminating the high costs of hotel stays. Additionally, many real estate investors realize that there is great income potential with these types of properties. Often, when these properties are rented out, the cash flow can cover the cost of ownership.

Recently, RealtyTrac released a report about the top 10 ski towns for investment opportunities. If you are interested in investing in resort area real estate, you’ll be highly interested in this report. [click to continue…]


How To Avoid The Guilt Trip When Sending Low Offers

Guilt Sending OffersEverybody knows that the key to success in real estate is to Buy Low & Sell High.

It sounds simple enough at face value, but let’s be honest…   in order to “Buy Low” – you need to send out a lot of low offers to a lot of people (offers that have the potential to anger and annoy a lot of sellers).

For many new investors, this is a MAJOR psychological battle because they’re afraid of insulting or disappointing people. They have to fight through a great deal of mental agony along the way…   agony that is completely unnecessary and can easily eliminated with a simple change in thinking.

Do you ever feel guilty about sending low offers to people? Do you find it difficult to offer someone a fraction of their property’s value when you know that the seller is in a tight spot and they need to sell now?

I’ve heard some people argue that sending low offers is sleazy or unethical (as if we’re somehow “taking advantage of vulnerable people in their time of need”). In my opinion, this is absolute nonsense and I’d like to explain why this is a completely misguided perspective (for several reasons) and help you to develop the right mindset for making offers without the dreaded guilt trip. [click to continue…]


5 Quick Tips to Sell a House Yourself

sell houseSelling you own house is a lot of work, between maintaining a well-staged home and keeping track of all of the showings, here are five tips to make selling your house easier:

1. Getting Started

Before you put up that “for sale” sign, make sure that the house is in tip-top shape. Rearrange the furnishings for better traffic flow through the home. A lovely fireplace, rather than the television, can be the focal point in the living room.

De-clutter your house from top to bottom. Any items that you want to keep but do not need on a regular basis should be kept in storage.

Invest in a professional cleaning service to ensure that the walls, windows, carpets and even the furnishings are deep cleaned. This will help to remove any stains and odors that may not seem obvious to you but will to a scrutinizing buyer (Source). [click to continue…]


Colorful speech bubblesHave you ever heard a profoundly inspirational quote that just blew your mind? They’re usually pretty simple (just a few words that are thoughtfully compiled the right way), but I’m always amazed at how some people are able to deliver such insanely impactful messages in just a few words.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever heard an insight from someone that really caused you to look at the world in a new way?

I love these kinds of quotes…  so much so, that I’ve actually made a little hobby out of collecting them over the past few months. As I’ve been encountering these little tidbits of wisdom, I’ve been writing them down with a cool little app that I found called InstaQuote (if you’re connected with me on Facebook, Twitter or G+, you’ve probably seen me post some of these over the past few months). [click to continue…]


phone fearA few weeks ago, I got an email from a new investor who was having some serious difficulty talking to prospects on the phone.

The funny thing was – he had actually managed to execute every other step of his process very well.

The only problem was – he was having an incredibly hard time carrying conversations with strangers on the phone. He didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what questions to ask, and when he didn’t have an immediate answer a caller’s questions, the conversations would get awkward and spiral out of control. [click to continue…]