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Investing with full time jobIf your life is anything like mine – you probably know how challenging it can be to build your real estate business while holding down a full-time job.

If you have a family, friends, hobbies and a life - then you probably know it gets even more complicated…

Take ME for example. I’ve got several things on my plate every day:

  • I have a full time job (I work in commercial real estate banking) that usually consumes anywhere from 40 – 60 hours every week.
  • I have a wife and daughter – both of whom require (and fully deserve) some pretty substantial slices of my time each day.
  • Every week, I put significant time and effort into publishing content for this blog (and a few others).
  • I’m an active member of my church, neighborhood and a couple of local economic groups where I try to participate several extracurricular activities each year.
  • I have a handful of other hobbies and fun activities that I thoroughly enjoy spending my time on (and without these things, I’d probably lose my sanity).

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What Every Investor Needs To Know About Choosing the Right Real Estate Market

There’s a question I’ve heard from several investors over the past few months. The question is,

“How do I decide which market to invest in?”

It’s a good question – for many reasons.

Especially in an era when “virtual investing” (buying and selling properties without ever seeing them in person) really is a viable thing that anyone can do. With the abundance of property researching tools we have at our disposal (e.g. – Google Earth, AgentPro247, County Records, Virtual Tours, etc.), and especially for investors who are looking for vacant land properties, the sky is the limit.

Factors to Consider

Given that you can buy and sell real estate almost anywhere on earth these days, how should you decide where to do business? I’ve found that there are a few key factors to keep in mind: [click to continue…]


How to Deal with Nasty Sellers and Angry Responses

Angry Caller

It’s one of the most bizarre phenomenons that continues to fascinate me about the business of real estate investing.

As an investor who specializes in buying and selling vacant landI send out A LOT of laughably low-ball offers to people.

Given that I usually have to send out an average of 8 – 12 offers (sometimes more) for every single acceptance I get, it takes a lot of stamina to go through these motions, over and over again.

Nevertheless, the need to send out gobs of low offers shouldn’t surprise anyone. Let’s face it – if you’re expecting to buy a property for a small fraction of market value, it’s not going to happen without hearing the word “No” a lot more than you hear “Yes”. [click to continue…]


Real Estate Investing Advice That Should Be Obvious

Real Estate Investing Advice That Should Be ObviousToday I wanted to cover some Real Estate Investing 101 material that I think a lot of people need a refresher on.

Most of these things are fairly “entry-level” in nature, and most of us probably already understand and agree with them…   but for one reason or another, these concepts tend to get lost in the shuffle of our daily lives and people break these rules all the time (including me, believe it or not).

Whenever human emotion comes into play, a lot of people start doing some really dumb things (after all – emotions have never been the best decision maker). None of us are immune to it, so as a way to combat this kind of behavior, I thought it would be wise to establish some ground rules.

As we dive in, I want you to ask yourself – do you agree with this stuff? If so – are you actually following these principles? [click to continue…]


By Gerald Harris, SaveHouses.org


Vivid images linger in the mind for several days and influence the decisions made by real estate buyers. Wherever the buyers go, the photos remain etched in their minds and continue to excite their feelings and aspirations. In meticulously taken real estate photos, the best of the property comes to light. Therefore, good photos help real estate investors capture the attention of their target buyers and sell their homes quickly. On the contrary, property owners who cannot display the best images of their homes will have no inquiries (and no clients coming to view their property). [click to continue…]