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Email 101 for Entrepreneurs

Balloons key on the computer keyboardThis may sound a bit random – but with the sheer quantity of emails I’m getting these days, this is something I need to put out there (and it’s more of a plea than anything).

Here’s the issue: 

I am SHOCKED at the number of people who can’t write a stinkin’ email.

I’m not talking about the occasional misspelled word or missing punctuation mark – that’s something we all do and I can live with those. I’m talking about the overall inability to string together appropriate words and convey a simple, coherent, understandable message.

I get these kinds of emails all the time in my inbox and unfortunately, this issue isn’t unique to the world of real estate investors. [click to continue…]


Outsourcing Your Way to Success

I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of stuff I can’t do by myself.

Sure… I’ve managed to figure out the things I NEED to know in order to run my business, but make no mistake about it – I never would’ve made it this far if I had to do everything on my own.

The beauty of being a one-man shop in today’s world is that good help is fairly easy to find these days.

It may be surprising to some, but if you invest a little bit of time looking in the right places, there are all kinds of experts available to help with just about any task you can imagine. You can enlist their help RIGHT NOW – they’re literally just a few clicks away.

When I think about my businesses, there are a few things that have been CRUCIAL to my success – and all of these things involved components I didn’t know how to do, or that I simply didn’t have time to do on my own. For example… [click to continue…]

20 Life-Changing Books on Business, Real Estate and Personal Success post image

I have a confession to make… I’ve never been a big fan of reading.

I’ve started a lot of books in my life and never finished them, because when it comes to reading, I have a very short attention span. If a book isn’t well-written, easy to understand, and doesn’t deliver some intensely valuable content right out of the gate… I’ll never make it to the end.

At the same time – I have to acknowledge that reading is important. There are some books that have had a MAJOR impact on my life. Good books can change lives, inspire new ideas, give direction and build purpose and meaning into a person’s life.

I’ve come across a small handful of these books in my time, and some of them have inspired me to make significant changes to my business goals and thus, they’ve shaped my mindset and brought me to where I’m at today.

Today I’d like to show you a list of 20 books that have had a profound impact on the direction of my business and life. These books have meant a great deal to me, and I think you should know about them too. Here they are (in no particular order): [click to continue…]

Closing Real Estate Deals with an Attorney – When & Where is it Required? post image

When you’re buying and selling real estate all over the country, one issue you may eventually encounter is the fact that some states have very particular laws about who can and can’t be involved in the preparation and facilitation of a real estate transaction.

In most states, real estate deals are fairly easy to close (whether you’re closing it yourself or hiring a title company or escrow agency to handle it for you), but there are a number of states (mostly on the east coast) that literally REQUIRE the involvement of an attorney to close any real estate transaction… regardless of the purchase price, property type or the parties involved.

For the average real estate investor, this isn’t a “problem” per se (after all… who would know better about closing a deal than an attorney?), but if you’re involved specifically in the niche of land investing, this can present some issues… [click to continue…]


2016-06-09_21-45-38In this blog post, we’re going to cover something called IRS Form 1098.

This form comes into play for anyone who is selling properties via owner financing, and more specifically,

  • If owner financing is “in the normal course of the seller’s trade or business”.
  • If the seller is receiving $600 or more in interest payments from an individual borrower in each fiscal year.

Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need to be a bank or a hard money lender for seller financing to be “in the regular course of your trade or business”. Any person or entity that receives $600+ of interest payments (such as real estate developers, house flippers, land flippers, loan servicers or certain collection agents) from an individual borrower will most likely be expected to file form 1098 each year. [click to continue…]