I've had the privilege of being interviewed on several podcasts with other real estate professionals in the past – here's an archive of those conversations:

February 2018

Real Estate Investing Mastery #584: The RE Tipster talks land investing – Seth Williams

November 2017

LifeSelfMastery Podcast #13: How to flip vacant land with Seth Williams

June 2017

Real Estate Insiders Radio: Qualified Full Time Land Investor and Residential Income Property Owner

April 2017

Get Rich Education #132: Weapons of Mass Production with Seth Williams

May 2016

Simple Wholesaling #5: How to Find Deals and “Become the Bank” Through Land Investing

March 2016

Sharon Vornholt: From Employee to Full Time Entrepreneur with Seth Williams

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp #106: How to Build a Cash Flow Machine by Investing in Raw Land

January 2016

Get Rich Education #68: Best Real Estate Websites and Apps with Seth Williams

Wheelbarrow Profits with Jake and Gino #56: How to Find and Sell Land Deals with Seth Williams

December 2015

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever #466: Neighbors Misinform Your Potential Buyers and Drive Them Away

November 2015

Flipping Junkie Podcast #9: How to Flip Vacant Lots w/ Seth Williams

October 2015

Land Academy (Cash Flow From Land) #2: A Teaspoon of Effort is All It Takes

Invest Four More Podcast #20: Land Investing and Direct Marketing with Seth Williams

Coffee Talk with the Land Geek: Selling Properties That Aren't Moving Quickly

June 2015

Land Academy Podcast #11: Winning in the Land Business with Seth Williams

April 2014

Land Geek Podcast #49: Interview with Mark Podolsky

October 2013

BiggerPockets Podcast #39: Dirt Cheap Land Flipping and Reaching Motivated Sellers